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  1. If we could get someone like a Kyle Tucker from Houston, who are in need of starting pitching and have a lot of OF depth, sure I'd trade him. Not sure if Houston would.
  2. You added the 75k but forgot to add the corresponding 100k after 595k. So it should be: 595k - 820k 695k - 995k 795k - 1.17m
  3. I’d love Graeme Stinson if he’s available.
  4. According to MLBtraderumors, Zach Davies had another setback in his rehab, so the Brewers may be more motivated to get some starting pitching. Hope this happens, and we get back some decent prospects.
  5. Machado will sign with whomever offers him the most money or gives him the best shot to win a World Series (whatever his priorities are) regardless of where he gets traded. Two and a half months of playing with a team isn't going to get that team any more loyalty points than 6 years of playing with the Orioles did us.
  6. The game is being moved to ESPNU. Caleb got out of a bases loaded jam in the bottom of the second, and it is 0-0 heading into the third.
  7. Caleb is pitching on ESPN2 right now against Duke in the College World Series super regional
  8. Griffin has slightly more upside, plus maybe he could help us rise from the ashes.
  9. Kinda hoping Griffin Conine falls to us at 37.
  10. You may have gotten us this time, but your bacon sucks, and that will never change.
  11. According to this link, Alexis Torres signed for slot value. http://www.mlbdailydish.com/2016/6/12/11909596/2016-mlb-draft-draft-signings-tracker
  12. Rumor is the O's are interested in him. Supposedly it would take three young players to land him. Do we have the pieces? Who would do you think it would take, and would you be willing to give them up?
  13. Jim and Gaylord Perry pitched together on the Indians in 1974 and 1975 as well.
  14. If you really care about your beloved O's, as tough as it may seem to you, they will probably be better off in the long run if they can get some decent young prospects for BRob.
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