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  1. Totally off-topic and I'm not even sure why I'm posting this, but Snutchy, we just named a cat Snutchy (inspired by your posts here). Hope you don't hate cats! By the way, a simple web search showed your posts at OH as among the top results for a search on "Snutchy", so it appears that you've cornered the market on that name. Except for our cat. I'll try to post something more worthy next time.
  2. So glad to see that Jones chose the Buffalos and not a soulless team like the Giants! They are a classy and fun team with a tradition of interesting foreign players. They split their games between the Osaka dome and the outdoor park in Kobe (maybe 30 miles away). The park in Kobe is an ideal spot to watch a game for those of you who are ever a threat to visit and Kobe is one of the nicest cities in Japan. Used to watch Ichiro there when he was with the Oryx Blue Wave. Back in 1990, Oriole Jim Traber (anyone remember him?) went to the Buffalos after his last game in the MLB in 1989 with the Birds. I lived near the stadium where the Buffalos played at the time and caught a lot of games. Traber was very predictable in going to certain bars after the games, so I would frequently go to the same bars with some friends. Traber loved to talk and tell stories. He's teammates clearly loved him even though they didn't have the foggiest idea what he was saying or doing half the time. I think he's actually a radio talk show host nowadays in his native Oklahoma. After a few beers, Traber was also predictable, he would want to go eat Korean barbecue, so on more than one occasion, I tagged along. I was 22, so all of this made a big impression on me. I'm pretty sure he was above 250 pounds at the time. The ladies at the restaurant would tease him about his size. The other famous heavy American baseball player from that era was Randy Bass, who helped the next-door team (the Hanshin Tigers) win their first championship in 50 years. The waitresses would tease Traber and call him Randy, though I think the meaning was lost on him. When the Tigers won that championship, the fans in Osaka had a mini riot and threw a giant statue of Colonel Sanders from KFC into the dotonburi river off Osaka's most famous bridge. Why? Not sure, but it was some kind of an homage to Bass. Ok, I've rambled a bit. Good luck Adam!!! Katobase Jones!!
  3. More fights with Josh Donaldson? I'd kick in a little extra to see him get pushed around.
  4. Does anyone have general advice for visiting a Keys game? How clogged does I-70 get from the Balto Beltway on a summer weekday night? Less than 1 hr? Any concession stands or other experiences stand out? I saw that they have a ton of promos this year, including a visit from the actor that played Stanley Hudson on the Office. Seems very random, but what the heck? Reminds me of when I was a college student in the late 80s. Drove through Pittsfield, MA one night and a middle-of-nowhere roadside bar had a marquis that said "Tonight Only: Jimmy "JJ" Walker" followed by "$1 Bud specials." I kind of regret not going to that show.
  5. Like the enthusiasm in Hyde's comments about a bunch of our players, but I am also getting the sense he is going to be "talking his book" (to use an investment term) more than Buck ever did. Nothing wrong with that. It's maybe just a stylistic difference.
  6. Hey, I only know the word treacle because of Spinal Tap, so that's good enough for me. Enjoy.
  7. For me, it's less about the individual announcer / color guy than it is a couple of cardinal sins that grate over the course of a season, most of which have been discussed here, but here's how I'd capture it: 1) Hyperbole. Many baseball fans have an analytical mind, and there's no way faster to alienate analytical types than to hand out superlatives daily, when undeserved and just to fill in time and try to add punch to the show. Demper is the king of hyperbole (perhaps that's a bit of hyperbole itself, but it's hard to argue). You lose credibility when you name six or seven different players who hit the longest home runs in the league. It's mindless and it insults viewers who have a deep love for the thinking part of the game. 2) Unctiousness / effusiveness: a cousin of hyperbole, a constant flow of positivity and smaller compliments becomes grating. Hunter does this; and I'm sorry to digress, but the few times I've encountered Hunter out of the booth he is a real sourpuss, so hearing the constant treacle is annoying. I'd rather he announce more like Walter Mattheau; which is close to his personality off-set. Or at least develop a wit, like Thorne. A good wit covers up a lot of other things. 3) Bad habits of jargon / failure to mix: Someone pointed out that one announcer constantly uses the phrase "punch out," and while it's a small thing, it would be thoughtful if the announcers could self-audit a little bit and try to develop a more expansive way to describe things. They are well paid for it. 4) Tabasco: Palmer does a great job of avoiding the treacle and dabbing on the hot sauce. He never humiliates players or coaches, but he does point out flaws and offer insights that educate us. Most viewers are always trying to understand the details of what can make a player / team better. How can you possibly learn that when the tools of the announcer's trade are 1 - 3 above? I know I said it wasn't about the individuals and then I digressed to mentioning several, but EVERYONE could improve with a little self-analysis. I wonder what the editorial instructions are to the MASN crew about club image / maintaining non-critical views? Does anyone know this? I get the sense that Palmer (thankfully) operates outside the rules because he is Palmer. It'd be great to see some active work by everyone on scaling back on the first couple of items.
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