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  1. I went with Rom and Smith as well, because I feel the Orioles are really down on Wells and that may have influenced Tony. My guess is Wells is either here or 19-20. I know Tony has ranked Rom relatively highly in the past and I've heard good things about Kevin Smith, so that's who I picked, but I'm less confident about this than any other pick so far
  2. I doubt you can find many farm systems in MLB whose 13th prospect's likely outcome is MLB regular
  3. I don't think the Giants thought they were getting anything more than a 4th outfielder who could fill in for a while when they claimed Yaz. Seriously, I don't think even his mom saw this coming
  4. Or a higher ceiling but with a lot of risk
  5. I think it's got to be Mayo/Baumler here. Wells wasn't even at Bowie, and Zimmerman didn't impress. I know Tony like McKenna less than just about everyone and Hall has a few question marks as a player. Given how highly other 2020 draftees have been ranked, I'm going Mayo/Baumler since I've heard slightly better things about Mayo and FWIW he was the higher pick
  6. I could have sworn I heard somewhere he had COVID
  7. I wouldn't exercise the option until pretty much the last minute. What if he falls down the stairs, rips up the ligaments in his leg and is a giant question mark for next year? Unlikely, but why gamble with 3 million dollars any more than you have to?
  8. Given how far he had fallen, I resolved never to pick Diaz and just get that one wrong because I figured he'd lead me astray too many times
  9. Well then, there's a pretty good chance I'm wrong and it's Mayo and Baumler
  10. Tony isn't high at all on McKenna, so that eliminates that option. I'm guessing Mayo will be ahead of Baumler as well, as everything I've heard suggests he's the better prospect. So that leaves Haskin and Vavra or Vavra and Haskin. Given that the club is playing Vavra in center field and that he's farther along than Haskin, who from what I understand is super raw, I'm going to go with Vavra and Haskin
  11. More depth is always a good thing, but given how many outfielders we have, getting more outfield depth is the least of my concerns for this team
  12. Yeah, I officially don't have a clue anymore. Every time I go with upside over current value, Tony goes the other way and vice versa. I guessed Lowther and Vavra since Vavra is more advanced than Mayo and plays up the middle, but it wouldn't shock me if Mayo is here. The 2020 draftees are getting ranked pretty high
  13. I know Tony thinks Akin is likely a reliever long-term, so I'd be pretty surprised to see him here. I also doubt Vavra is quite this high. So that basically leaves Kremer and Lowther, and I can't see how Lowther would be ranked higher than Kremer, so I'm going with Kremer and Lowther.
  14. Kind of surprised to see Westburg here, especially with a lukewarm write-up. I guess I'll have to wait and see what you say about Diaz, who I thought would be here
  15. You've got Baumann as the second best starting pitcher prospect in the write-up. One of Grayson Rodriguez or D.L. Hall is crying right now
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