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  1. I'm watching a lot more baseball than I usually do because it could be yanked away any day
  2. Tony, the world needs people like you who want to keep things de-politicized to take a stand and improve their reach, not to back away. If you make OH go away because you don't like their politics, they win. That's what they want. What they don't want is a hit to the wallet. Adjust your cable package and ad-block mlb.com. If doing that means Orioles Hangout is no longer worth maintaining for you, that's your prerogative but I'll miss this place.
  3. Well obviously it depends on what the 40% and 100% are, doesn't it? If we have a guy who's a 40 (scouting) runner, but always runs at 40 speed, that's less valuable than an 80 runner who sometimes runs like a 35 on routine groundouts.
  4. I don't think anyone thought Turner was going to be a player anywhere near the caliber he has become. Like, that has to be almost unprecedented
  5. At a minimum, Grayson is a better prospect than Kjerstad at the moment. You could argue for DL Hall and Hays and MAYBE Mountcastle as well. And obviously Rutschman is better
  6. Weren't we already going to have a season of AAA guys before COVID-19 happened?
  7. I was going to say C, but I think Elias and co. deserve enough trust that I went with a B. Obviously Elias knows more about the players than I ever will, but I can't understand passing on a guy like Martin who has a strong chance to be Dustin Pedroia as a super-utility player. I like our 4th and 5th round picks, but I don't like them that much
  8. Where are the over slots??? Aaaand there goes Fulton
  9. I think the Cardinals picked like 18 that year and said he wouldn't have gotten past them
  10. Martin would have signed. He'd have been insane not to
  11. I agree, though I think Martin will hit for more average and there's a chance for more power
  12. Agreed. I'm guessing Martin's 162 game averages are something like 300/370/450 with like 15 home runs, and there's certainly lots of room for him to be better than that
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