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  1. I can't believe the Orioles are seriously considering Nick Gonzales at #2. This has to be a ploy to aid in their negotiations with Martin
  2. I don't see why he would. He's been pretty adamant that he believes he can fix things if given the opportunity. Guy really seems to want to prove he's better than the last few years
  3. In the article, they said he can hit 102 in games, but in starts he's more 93-96. 105 is probably max effort and sacrificing command. Interesting pitcher who probably has a nice bullpen future if he can't start, but then again I've just said everything I know about him. Control and command could be awful, the fastball could be straight...
  4. I really hope the actual Orioles and their farm system aren't this bad once the actual season starts. This simulation seems like a worst case scenario for the franchise
  5. So tell me about Matt Foster. What kind of pitcher is he and how will he help the Orioles?
  6. I wonder if OOTP doesn't believe in Means's low HR/FB%. He had one of the lowest in the league last year, but he also had a pretty great hard hit%, so maybe it wasn't all a fluke. The advanced pitching metrics hate him because of his low strikeout numbers and fly ball tendencies. Do you know if OOTP just looks at the FIPs and xFIPs of the world, or do they take into account things like hard hit% and barrels?
  7. Well drat. I don't see this pitching staff holding together well without Cobb. Plus this is going to make it harder to trade him
  8. My dad's a Pirates fan and I'm an Orioles fan. I take him to a baseball game every summer for Father's Day (he picks). We were going to go to these games before everything shut down. I kind of want to send him these sims, but his Pirates got destroyed so badly, I'm not sure it would help, haha.
  9. He seems way better than Marcos Diplan at least. Great pickup! I'm also kind of happy because he's a U of A alum, like me. Fun fact: Chris Sabo of all people is currently running their baseball program. He had the game-winning RBI in extra innings at my first Orioles game. August 29th 1994 vs. the Indians
  10. I always knew he was "complacent" Seriously though, I've always loved the guy since I got him as a fantasy baseball waiver wire pickup during his incredible rookie season. I was thrilled when we traded for him. Best of luck to Mark in his future endeavors. $30 million buys a lot of sunflower seed packets
  11. How in the heck did we get JT Brubaker for a song? This is a guy with incredible stuff who doesn't walk a ton of guys or give up a ton of home runs. Strikeouts are a bit lacking, and he's a bit old, but still the guy has done pretty well everywhere and he was 97-99 as a starter (though scouting reports I read seem to think he's more mid-90's as a starter and high 90's as a reliever) He's even a rare University of Akron baseball draftee. Go Zips!
  12. Were I running the show, I'd test all players for coronavirus upon reporting to Arizona and at semi-regular intervals. If they test positive, they go on the IL and can't be activated until they test negative. Obviously that's not a complete policy, but it's the jist of what I think they should do if they decide to go forward with this
  13. That's what made 5/6/2012 so magical. You knew the Orioles were going to blow it...and then they didn't. That was when I realized we might have something special that year
  14. Wow, our crappy rotation is snakebit. Pirates got another journeyman we can trade for? Also, FYI, your writeup didn't say why LeBlanc left the game
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