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  1. I agree with all that. It's just puzzling to me that if a team liked a guy, they wouldn't try to sign him when he's freely available in favor of waiting for the Rule V so they can have the privilege of paying an extra $50,000 for him and having to keep them on the MLB roster all year. I think I posted a while back saying I thought a team might take a chance on Peralta in the Rule V, but that was before I knew he'd be a minor league free agent at year's end
  2. I think if they have years next year like they did this year there's a good chance they have their MLB debuts in 2022
  3. Yeah, if he was just a minor league free agent and teams weren't pounding on his door, not sure why they'd grab him in the Rule V
  4. I too read the summaries everyday. Here's a long overdue thank you from me!
  5. Can you tell me how you knew before this season that Mullins would be fantastic this year? I want to work for a MLB front office
  6. I think relying on Dorrian or Mundy for anything at the major league level is a pretty big stretch. Dorrian is basically a non-prospect and Mundy is reeeealy going to have to hit to be a useful major-leaguer
  7. Let's not kid ourselves. There's a zero percent chance Rodriguez and Rutschman start next year in the majors unless they change the service time rules
  8. You know who else had like 4 good starts this year? Spenser Watkins
  9. Akin struck out three batters in six innings yesterday, good for a 4.5 K/9 Can you show me one pitcher who has had success in MLB over the past couple of years with a 4.5 K/9?
  10. Well, first of all I think the chances someone picks him is probably like 10% tops. The probability he sticks on a MLB roster all year is probably like 1% I just have a hard time seeing him as a MLB 3rd baseman. And I think we could find people of about equivalent skill to those you listed on the waiver wire/FA pretty easily. Besides, We've got Henderson and Westburg rapidly ascending the system and Mayo is looking like a stud. Dorrian is a stop-gap at best
  11. I would be shocked if anyone claims Dorrian and doubly shocked if he sticks all year. He's not the kind of player people take in the Rule V, and he's not close to being one of our best prospects
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