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  1. He's "slumping" with like a .700 OPS for the month of July. If that's his slump, I want him in Baltimore
  2. A stress reaction isn't a fracture. That's good to know
  3. Burch looks pretty good on paper. Can't complain for half a season of Galvis
  4. Shawn Armstrong is a a dime a dozen type reliever. Getting cash for him is a-ok with me
  5. Trading Mancini just makes too much sense, "spiritual leader" or no.
  6. Didn't know that. Still, I think there's a good chance he's significantly better than anyone we've ran out there so far this year
  7. Yeah, Watkins didn't seem especially off or anything. He was bound to have a start like this eventually. Nobody here thought he was going to have an ERA in the mid-1's forever.
  8. He'd probably have to pitch well for half a season with his underlying numbers backing up his success before he'd have any trade value
  9. Yeah, I've been excited all day to see what he'll do tonight
  10. This was exactly me in softball, at least after the league switched to reduced-flight balls. Never knew there was a word for it
  11. I'm from the area and I'd never heard of the guardians of traffic statues until the Indians changed their name
  12. Should have gone back to the Naps to make it clear their team name is honoring Nap Lajoie Or the spiders. I like the spiders
  13. I think he could be a decent 3-4 IP long reliever on a good team
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