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  1. Nice feed by Ruiz. Galvis has a crappy SS arm for sure
  2. It sucks the trades haven't paid off as we hoped, but they were in their last seasons of team control and we weren't contending. It 100% made sense to trade them for the best package available
  3. Looks like he could be a solid innings-eating 4th-5th starter. Each outing he had one really inefficient inning that drove up his pitch count. If he can learn to avoid that going forward, the dude will be a life saver for the bullpen. I doubt his ERA will stay much south of 4.50 long-term though
  4. So do I unless Hunter Harvey somehow manages to stay healthy
  5. Cedric is really something out there
  6. That whole Ruiz at bat was some crap. I'd have been pissed, too
  7. Harvey's getting squeezed at the top of the zone EDIT: but the ump gives him a gift strike 3 outside
  8. Frickin middle-middle fastball
  9. Means threw 93 pitches. You could have maybe left him in for one more batter, but pulling him is defensible
  10. I think Santander can handle that for a game or two without being a total embarrassment
  11. This is starting to become more difficult than it should be to answer, but I'm still going to go with Hays. There are serious questions about Mullins. Hays is the better player by far and as such he'll probably get more opportunities if he struggles. The injury thing is real, but I'm not going to let one hamstring injury tip the scales. Before the season I would have said Hayes and three great games from Mullins and one injury doesn't change that
  12. Exactly, you can't leave many guys on base unless you're hitting them there and it's hard to score runs if you're not hitting
  13. I think it's also a play on words with the "Son of Sam" killer
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