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  1. I don't really have a clue at this point. I think it's one of the first two, and ended up picking the second one. Fifth has Tate too high, and I don't see Cumberland, Greiner or McCoy being this high, so that eliminates the third and fourth
  2. Am I just way off about Pop? Other than the chance he doesn't come back strong from TJS (low) isn't he basically a major league ready setup man at worst? Isn't that better to have in your organization than a 4th outfielder or a swingman?
  3. Yeah, this is getting difficult. I doubt Tate and McCoy are this high, so that eliminates those two options. Rodriguez and Stauffer would be the sexy pick, but I feel like those guys are too much of an unknown compared to the other options. My gut tells me it's Bannon and Pop because I know Luke loves Bannon and while Pop had TJS, the recovery rate is excellent and he has 8th/9th inning upside and is basically ready. McKenna seems to have hit a wall and I'm not quite a believer in Zimmermann, but I think they're defensible here.
  4. I went with Hall and Stowers, but I could have just as easily picked Pop and Sedlock. Pretty sure it isn't the other three choices. Tate's stock is way down, Stauffer doesn't seem like anything special and Bannon and McKenna don't have much upside. Didn't pick Pop and Sedlock because I think Pop was about here in the rankings last year and he had TJS. Also while Sedlock is showing signs of life, he probably has 7/8th inning guy ceiling
  5. I figure it has to be either Hanifee and Hernaiz or Stowers and Zimmermann. My gut tells me Tony and Luke aren't quite this high on Zimmermann, and I know they're pretty high on Hernaiz, so I went with the first one. Hanifee isn't anything special right now, but isn't he like 6'5 180? Real good chance to add velocity and that gives him that ceiling we so desperately love EDIT: Nevermind, apparently he's up to 215 according to MiLB. That's not especially big for a 6'5 guy though
  6. Huh, I really thought the selling point on Rom was the potential to add velocity. Doesn't seem like that's likely from the write-up
  7. Yeah, Mark Buehrle is probably Wells 99th percentile outcome, but wouldn't that be something if he got there I really hope Wells makes it to the majors. He sounds fun to watch
  8. I went with Rom and Akin. Tony loves his upside, and Rom probably has the most of anyone left. Also, I don't think people should be as down on Akin as they are. He was likely working on stuff, and when you look at his league-adjusted numbers, he was one of the best pitchers in the IL.
  9. I really don't see that happening. Gonna go with 99.99th percentile
  10. I should have looked at the other poll as well. My vote there locks me into Lowther and Kremer here, but I still feel that's a reasonable pick. I can see the argument for wanting Lowther in the org over Harvey, but it's a little tougher to do that with Kremer. Oh well
  11. This one was tricky but I ultimately went with Henderson and Baumann even if I prefer them in the other order. I'm pretty sure Tony and Luke are somewhat down on Kremer and I find it hard to believe they have Harvey this high. Sure, he was great as a reliever this year but the command needs to improve and he once again ended the year injured even if it was a relatively minor one
  12. I really thought Diaz would be the surprise faller due to a relatively low ceiling and makeup concerns. I also interpreted him staying in AA as the organization being a little down on him. I thought for sure at least Baumann would be higher than Diaz because of his enormous potential and reasonable floor, but I guess that means the surprise faller is probably Kremer.
  13. We don't have Statcast on Jones at a younger age, but I'd be pretty surprised if Hays isn't the better defender. I think Hays's ceiling is probably Adam Jones with better defense
  14. I don't think I know enough to make a top 30, but I'll bet the surprise of the OH list will be Diaz ranked much lower than the national guys. I get the feeling Tony and Luke don't consider him top 100 material
  15. Your scenario assumes literally everything goes right for this team. That's a lot to ask for
  16. This isn't the shortest Orioles books ever written thread
  17. I have no idea why Dwight Smith Jr. is getting playing time when we have DJ Stewart
  18. Gotta agree with Drungo. Other pitchers on the staff won't make it easier for Scott. Finding some control will make it easier for Scott
  19. 112.1 isn't a ton of innings. Wouldn't shock me if they call him up to get more innings if they don't plan on sending him to the AFL. Although when you look at pitch counts his workload is probably the equivalent of 130-140 innings, so I dunno
  20. Terry Crowley had a career OBP 95 points higher than his batting average and most of us couldn't wait to be rid of him as a hitting coach
  21. Playoffs? You kidding me? I'll bet most minor leaguers have had playoff experience at some point in their baseball careers, whether it's at a lower level of the minors, college or high school. These are the best players on the best teams in the country Second, I'll bet if you asked most major leaguers if they change how they play/prepare in the playoffs I'll bet they'll tell you that the atmosphere is different but they do the same stuff that worked for them in the regular season. I just don't think you can get to professional baseball without having been in some kind of athletic pressure situation, in most cases
  22. I'm not surprised, as I believe analytics suggest intentional walking someone is almost never a good idea, statistically speaking
  23. Eshelman is fun to watch. His picture is next to the definition of junkballer in the dictionary, but he works fast, knows how to pitch and the command is mostly excellent
  24. How can we call the O's family friendly entertainment with all this fisting?
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