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  1. I agree , A position Player has more impact day to day than a Pitcher.
  2. Never mind ,I answered my own question. No it doesn't .Sorry.
  3. Since Philly signed wheeler, that gives us Number 39 Doesn't it?
  4. You Forgot D. Smith, He should also bring maybe a decent prospect
  5. Ooops That would be Pitcher
  6. Or he could show up this spring with a little Tweeking and be the picture we hope he can be (Glass 3/4 Full)
  7. Bundy's Value is down right now but some Team may see something the Old Regime didn't (which is what I am hoping the new Management will do). So At this point I would say the Bundy's Value is similar to Gausmans maybe A little better.
  8. jem709

    Wellington Castillo

    Did I read correctly that he has been suspended for 80 Games?
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