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  1. Yeah, I feel terrible for the guy.
  2. This sums it up. Boneheaded error, but let's keep things in perspective.
  3. Now this is a reactionary thread I can get behind.
  4. Scrat1

    Buck Stuff

    Talk about ingratitude. Have we become this spoiled?
  5. This is insane. I understand the frustration, but we could do so, so much worse than Buck.
  6. Wasn't even aware people felt this way about Manny. He can be hotheaded, but most of the time he seems pretty goofy and fun-loving. I can't judge too harshly on this though, as I always had trouble warming up to Brian Roberts for similar reasons.
  7. Yeah, I agree with this. Jones is the soul of this team. Machado is the blazing talent.
  8. No, of course not, because we're in a competitive window. We weren't--not at all--when MacPhail took over. I'm not sure what point you're trying to make. The two situations are not analogous.
  9. You're way underselling the haul that AM got. Again, Bavasi lost his job over this trade. It was unanimously viewed as a an absolute killing by MacPhail and frequently makes lists of most lopsided trades. You're diminishing what MacPhail accomplished with that trade. You're right. Not sure why I'm getting mixed up on that.
  10. You're right about Britton, who was drafted in 2006. Wieters was drafted in 2009, though. MacPhail joined the Orioles in 2007. You're wrong about the Bedard trade. It was widely panned (from the Mariners' perspective) by nearly all analysts at the time it was made. Here's Dave (future fangraphs editor) from USS Mariner. The trade was so bad for Seattle that Bavasi lost his job over it. It boggles my mind that you're using the Bedard trade as a means of criticizing MacPhail.
  11. I don't buy your first claim at all. Chen was already on MacPhail's radar and you have no idea what moves MacPhail would have made in the offseason. These past five years are built on MacPhail's foundation--Jones, Tillman, Davis, Britton, Machado, Hardy, Wieters. Take a look at the chart on the right: Four of the top five WAR leaders are players from the MacPhail era. That DD has added some garnish here and there doesn't change that fact.
  12. A 60-something winning roster that included Matt Wieters, Jim Johnson, Adam Jones, Chris Davis, Chris Tillman, and JJ Hardy. The team started winning because it had talent, talent AM acquired, not because DD "cleared out the loser's mentality." And even if you are going to put any stock into these sorts of intangibles, it seems odd to give that credit to DD rather than Showalter. Completely disagree with the mentality that taking risks with the knowledge that most of the risks won't work out somehow an indicator of a smart GM. If you know most of your risks won't work out, then you should probably stop making them. These risks are why we're paying Gallardo 20+ million dollars to pitch significantly worse than Kyle Davies. Don't get me wrong, DD's made some good moves--Brach, Cruz, Trumbo, extending Jones, signing Chen (though he was already being scouted by AM, so just as much if not more credit goes to MacPhail)--and he's a top 10 GM, but there's no way he could have done what MacPhail did.
  13. One of the great things about baseball is just how many acts there are to each season.
  14. You're welcome to search through the archives if you want, but I'm more or less one of the "DD bashers" and I was a fan of MacPhail's throughout his career here. I'm a process guy, and even when MacPhail's moves weren't working--Guerrero and Lee, for example--they usually struck me as pretty savvy. Sometimes you make smart bets and still lose. I was sad when he left, because even though we hadn't seen the results in the scoreboard yet, he was clearly assembling a strong core. I'm not sure I see the logic that MacPhail worked more slowly than DD and didn't get as much done. Of course he didn't. Andy was tilling a scorched wasteland. By the time DD came around the crop was ready for harvest. He still had to put in the labor, of course, but their situations aren't even comparable. Considering what we've seen from DD, I think it's incredibly specious that DD would have been able to assemble the talent that MacPhail did. A great deal of that talent came through fleecing people in trades. DD has skills, but that certainly isn't one of them. All that sad, DD has been a pretty effective GM. Though much of the team's core is MacPhail's work, DD has made his share of smart moves and ultimately they both can take a significant amount of credit for these past five years. Ultimately I'd prefer if MacPhail stuck around, as he was stingier with team assets. DD is not, and I hope we win big in the next year or two, because he's ignoring the rot that's once again overtaking the farm.
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