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  1. Escaped by the skin of their teeth. Just when I thought this team had turned a corner after some impressive wins.
  2. I don't know why you guys are still surprised when Terps start slow. That's kind of their MO. Just finish the half strong. Terps are a second half team.
  3. Terps won last two on the road. Let's keep the streak going.
  4. #4! Not to shabby. Higher than the 2017 and 2018 number one overall picks.
  5. False alarm. Big second half propels Terps to victory after down by 14 at half. Stix a big contributor with a double double.
  6. A lot of teams going up and down. Michigan rose to top 4 in nation now is 2-4 in big ten and unranked. Similar story for Ohio State. If Terps can hang on tonight maybe they aren't in so bad of shape.
  7. Terps other 4 losses were all to potential tournament teams. This would be the first bad loss.
  8. Slow start dooming Terps on road. Down 42-50 in 2nd half against worst team in big ten
  9. It sure is funny to me how hard it is to win on the road these days. I guess it has something to do with the home team picks the ball, and that the talent is more spread out these days. Hate to see Terps lose to unranked team on the road but Duke lost to an ordinary Clemson team on the road last night too, if that gives you any solace.
  10. My concern is, has the league now figured Lamar out? Are the Ravens going to be the next Rams? A one year wonder?
  11. This is why I said I don't care about home field I want to be healthy. Without a healthy Andrews and Ingram I knew we were done.
  12. I just don't see Dean Pees having any tricks up his sleeve to slow down Lamar. And it probably helps the Ravens that they know the Pees defensive playbook.
  13. Yeah. Can't let him get passed the front 7, because the ~200 and under pound players in the secondary don't stand a chance against him.
  14. These guys didn't get red for picking Saints 🤔 Vikings, Ravens, Chiefs, Seahawks
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