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  1. Me too. We would have had a couple years of Haskins at least if we kept Edsall.
  2. Ohio State beat the #20 Cincinnati bears 42-0. I'd but shocked if Terps cover the 44.5.
  3. A lot of hype for this years team. I'm surprised no one on the OH is talking about them yet. Jay Bilas ranks them 5 in his rankings: https://www.espn.com/mens-college-basketball/story/_/id/28006190/jay-bilas-1-68-college-basketball-rankings-2019-20-preseason Let's see if they live up to the hype. They looked good tonight!
  4. This. I still think it'll be a good game though and close throughout.
  5. Skins have all the pieces needed to win and have a great team culture. Why would they trade Trent Williams or Ryan Kerrigan and ruin it? 🙄 Joking aside, that trade would have made too much sense for both teams. Trade deadline ended up being a dud.
  6. You're right. All of those examples are injuries to pocket QBs that won't affect their greatest assets, their arm and their decision making. If Lamar tears ligaments in his knee like RG3 did, it could be over for him. And it could happen at any time. But hey Vick avoided any major knee injuries so like Tony said maybe Lamar is smart enough to avoid the hits that RG3 wasn't.
  7. A win is a win but nothing there to be proud about.
  8. Classic Juju fumbling in the clutch
  9. Trash defense. Trading for Ramsey won't be enough either. Too many holes.
  10. If Raven's aren't willing to give up a Khalil Mack like return, then it ain't happening. Jags desperately need a TE and Ravens seem to grow them on trees so it could be a potential fit though. Two 1st round picks plus Hayden Hurst would probably get it done. Jags won't trade the best CB in football for less especially since just about every team has inquired.
  11. Wish

    The NBA Thread

    Hate to see that happen to anyone. Seems like he should make a full recovery though. This makes the East weaker but for us Wiz fans it should give us the inside track to the ECF.
  12. There's no way Bortles is better. McCown yes, Keenum maybe. Flacco doesn't get to throw to Diggs and Theilan but either way I agree, Joe has been awful. Can't keep making excuses for him. But part of the blame has to go on the front office. The O-line is fine but time to get this guy some playmakers he can work with.
  13. Raven's might have the best special teams in the NFL so there's that.
  14. Why is Joe throwing it so much? Run the ball! More than 6.5 yards a carry at the moment.
  15. Why isn't Buck Allen getting any love? He's better than West and Collins is a fumble machine that's why Seattle let him go.
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