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  1. This is like being a kid on Christmas morning. After weeks of anticipation and buildup, you open all your presents and ask "is that it?"
  2. How many pennies on the dollar did ATL get when they dumped Gausman? What actual asset did the Reds get for Gausman?
  3. The center-piece of the Gausman trade was dumping O'Day's salary. Slot money was a throw-in since ATL couldn't use it.
  4. Many OHers were critical of the Gausman trade when it went down. In hindsight, it was a clear win for O's. $$$ saved made trade worthwhile. Getting a prospect like Zimmermann was a bonus. Give this trade a year and see how it shakes out.
  5. Former KC 1b coach, Rusty Kuntz, is looking for a gig.
  6. That was a great trade for the O's. Dollar savings aside, Zimmermann is a legit prospect and the O's got a lot more for Gausman than the Braves did when they dumped him and, most recently, when the Reds dumped him. I'm hoping this trade works out equally as well.
  7. I say they should remove first 10 rows in outfield, move fences back
  8. Whammer


    Agreed. I don;t see catching situation as a priority. It's all about the pitching. If you throw a ball waist-high middle of plate, it doesn't matter whose catching.
  9. Anonymous scouts thought Hobgood was a first round talent.
  10. Went to see a fight the other night and a damn baseball game broke out.
  11. Kinda like all the rumored suitors we had for Givens a couple weeks ago.
  12. Cashner got shelled last night. 5.2 IP, 7 ER, 5 BB.
  13. Hired Elias, Sig, Koby Perez. Signed 27 players during international signing period. I'd say decent investment so far.
  14. Gausman is not underperforming. He's performing like a #4 - which is what he is. A 98 MPH FB means nothing at the MLB level if you can't locate.
  15. I didn't like the trade after Gausman's first few starts with Braves last year but it now appears to be a fair deal. O'Day will probably never throw a single pitch in a Braves uni, Gausman is regressing back to the Gausman we knew and the LHP we received (Zimmerman) looks like he may become a valuable member of the bullpen. Even trade, nothing to complain about.
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