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  1. Anonymous scouts thought Hobgood was a first round talent.
  2. Went to see a fight the other night and a damn baseball game broke out.
  3. Kinda like all the rumored suitors we had for Givens a couple weeks ago.
  4. Cashner got shelled last night. 5.2 IP, 7 ER, 5 BB.
  5. Hired Elias, Sig, Koby Perez. Signed 27 players during international signing period. I'd say decent investment so far.
  6. Gausman is not underperforming. He's performing like a #4 - which is what he is. A 98 MPH FB means nothing at the MLB level if you can't locate.
  7. I didn't like the trade after Gausman's first few starts with Braves last year but it now appears to be a fair deal. O'Day will probably never throw a single pitch in a Braves uni, Gausman is regressing back to the Gausman we knew and the LHP we received (Zimmerman) looks like he may become a valuable member of the bullpen. Even trade, nothing to complain about.
  8. One thing is certain, no matter what happens, we'll all be greatly disappointed.
  9. KC got nothing for Diekman. I expect we'll get a couple 18 y.o. lottery tickets for Givens. I'll be surprised if anyone else gets traded.
  10. Gausman (2-5, 6.21 ERA) on mound tonite in a huge game against the Nats.
  11. First visit to Tides game on Monday 07/01. Walked up to window and scored 2 front row seats b/h visitors dugout for $15/each. Parking was $5 and the stadium is a bit off the beaten path - quite some distance from the downtown area bars. Guess we're spoiled going to games at the Yard. Beers not cheap. $11 for a 16 oz. Can of Heinekin. Food consisted of standard fare, nothing to crow about. There was one BBQ stand that looked pretty good however. Tides were awful. Witherspoon got rocked by Gwinett. Gave up 3 taters in 4+ innings. Tides batters were outmatched. Don't think Mullins or Mountkastle hit one out of the infield against multiple Braves pitchers. Rest of team looked like typical anonymous O's rejects. Swung at bad pitches and struck out at an alarming rate. All in all, great night at the ballpark. Highly recommended if you're planning a visit to Va Beach this summer. Remember to always buy a game program if you go. They have give aways after every inning.
  12. And the Braves have paid O'Day $9MM+ to rehab. Yet to throw a single pitch with the Braves.
  13. Remember the time the O’s had three runners on third base? 3B tagged the two guys, tags Brady as he was sliding into the bag and then looks at the ump and shrugs his shoulders. When I was done cussing, I laughed so hard I nearly peed myself.
  14. I know one thing. After all the bitchin and whining by the players union about collusion, if Harper walks away from $300M to sign a short term deal with the Dodgers, he's going to have some splaining to do.
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