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  1. Not too sure it matters all that much? This year, the Orioles had the 2nd pick and took a player that they probably could have taken at 8 or 9.
  2. In Korea, where they ARE playing baseball, it became a sign of civic duty to wear masks. Their first death was the same day as the first death in the US. The death total due to Covid-19 in Korea is 256. The death total here, where not wearing masks has become some kind of a political statement is near 80,000.
  3. There have been 93 deaths among just NYC MTA workers alone. But we’re worried about people being told to wear a mask because it infringes on their rights?
  4. Schools and colleges were closed early as were shops and stores. People started working from home. This would not have played out the same if those places remained 100% open. As of a week ago, over 50 NYC subway workers had died. Just how many innocent people would you be willing to let die so we could all just ignore it.
  5. I come here for sports and now we have people posting links to Fox News??? i know 3 people who have died in the last week from Covid-19. I don’t know if I can recall anyone who died of the flu in my life.
  6. If he was a catcher or gold glove ss, maybe you could live with ineptitude a while longer. But first base??
  7. I give them about the same chance as signing Manny back.
  8. It wouldn't surprise me if this trade goes down tomorrow, but it also won't surprise me if Manny is back in an Oriole uniform on Friday night. If the Orioles really plan to trade Britton, Jones, Brach, Trumbo, etc, they probably should have started fielding offers in April. Not sure they could ever pull of that many trades in 2 weeks.
  9. If the Orioles actually do decide to trade Machado, it will likely be right up against the deadline. As a matter of fact, knowing this organization, it wouldn’t surprise me if it is 5 minutes too late.
  10. Whenever the Orioles score multiple runs in the first inning, they usually don’t score again.
  11. No one dislikes the Yankees more than me, but If Manny wants to play on the Yankees, he will be there next year, so why not at least get some of their young talent in return.
  12. This season already seems to be overly long. So long that I completely forgot Colby Rasmus was on the team at one point.
  13. Sisco still on earth.
  14. Finally those heads are rolling! Tillman rolled over to the DL!
  15. I wonder how many days will actually come and go before even one head rolls?
  16. Count mean as doubtful. After all, the Orioles have $3 million tied up in this guy.
  17. Even if it's decided heads must roll, it will be days or weeks or months for it to happen with the sloth-like Orioles.
  18. This has the potential to be one of those seasons where fans show up with bags on their heads.
  19. I believe Yunel Escobar and Brandon Phillips are still unsigned. Either would be a better hitter than 80% of this lineup.
  20. The same Wieters who hit .225 last year and is hitting .222 so far this season?
  21. I have lost hope that this will be a season that ends up even remotely close to .500. In addition, my dislike of the Yankees and Red Sox is so intense, I will probably just fade out rather than have to observe their summer long pennant battle.
  22. I live in Tampa and have seen a lot of Tim Beckham. You are now finding out why the Rays were ready to ship him out of town.
  23. How long before they ship Rule V pitcher #3 back?
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