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  1. I couldn't stand Luke both for his obnoxious spouting of political views and for the fact that he lifted weights to such an extreme that he got injured all the time
  2. Steve Kline - he was a horrible pitcher, acted like a jerk and criticized his teammates. Doug Jones - I just remember him blowing save after save. He basically threw junk. Brian Matusz - I'm not sure but he may have the worst season ever for a starting pitcher after showing promise in his rookie year and being a high draft pick. So disappointing.
  3. Just in general with high school pitchers. They almost always get injured and need tommy john or worse.
  4. I really thought we should have drafted Anthony Rendon in the 2011 draft. He was hyped for years as the best amateur in the country and was considered a sure thing. I never understood taking a high risk high school pitcher over a sure thing. I understand he had an injury at the time, but look at him now, 6.5 WAR last season.
  5. So painful. Long season. Defy expectations. Overcome injuries/absence from 3 all stars. Sweep the Tigers. Then get swept by the f ing Royals?
  6. If we could just win this game, I really think we can break their momentum
  7. Ernie Johnson is an NBA guy. I love Cal, but he is not a good color guy. TBS is pathetic.
  8. JJ has had some real good at bats this series
  9. I am so sick of the same commercials. If I hear that Born Free truck commercial again . . .
  10. Are you kidding? What is he supposed to do? The team is not hitting and the the breaks are going to Kansas City. Not much Buck can do about it.
  11. There's no way KC can win 8 straight in the playoffs. They're not that good.
  12. Their bullpen is due for a bad outing. I'm calling for a big inning.
  13. I remember this Guthrie when he played for the O's. Can't put guys away.
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