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  1. He has been the worst player in baseball for years. He should be open to an overhaul (no matter how you define that). And the shift hurts every hitter like him, and yet he is the only one setting records for poor play.
  2. He has stated several times he doesn’t think a swing overhaul is worth it, he has maligned the shift, his bad luck on hard hit balls. All smacks of a guy who doesn’t get it...
  3. The contract wasn’t even good on the front end. Ultimately we don’t know what the team would have looked like then or now if the money was allocated elsewhere. As far as I’m concerned he deserves the derision he gets, given his absolute stubbornness over the last few years to even admit his situation and make changes.
  4. Well instead of paying Davis, they could have extended their competitive window by paying.... literally anyone else (but let’s say any of Cruz, Markakis, Miller, Machado).
  5. Man shaved beard. “wonder if he is on drugs” the internet.
  6. It’s not easy to hit when you are Chris Davis.
  7. Mine or the whole thread where we discuss whether he can bunt for the 100th time?
  8. No offense to you. But to think he is going to be anything other than sub replacement is delusional. He has been the worst player in baseball for three years now. What else does anyone need to see?
  9. Been lurking on this site since my parents had dial up internet. Not sure what I’ll read in the bathroom if it goes away.
  10. Guessing here but Tv money is why it won’t work. Also I think you are in the minority on it being a fun and exciting thing to watch.
  11. I’m no scout, but Rocker seems like the clear 1.1 to me right now.
  12. Elias just throwing numbers at the problem. Someone is bound to work out right? Right?
  13. Imagine penciling in Richie Martin as the SS in 2024. 😂
  14. I’m oddly cool with them taking any of about 5 of these guys. But Martin is at the top.
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