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  1. It’s a real shame his bullpen moves affected the Os ability to score runs too!
  2. I actually agree with this. I also agree that what Elias is doing is probably for the best long term.
  3. Good point. If the first four picks to the way Callis has it, then I’d draft Lieter. This org needs some high floor pitching prospects.
  4. 5. Orioles: Jaden Hill, RHP, Louisiana State Hill pitched just 21 2/3 innings in his first two years at Louisiana State because of a strained elbow in 2019 and the shortened season last spring. Yet he's similar to Rocker with less slider but more changeup, nearly as much physicality and better athleticism. https://www.mlb.com/news/mlb-mock-draft-first-10-picks-for-2021
  5. So we are going to miss out on Rocker and Leiter 😩
  6. The owners haven’t opened the books. There is more revenue than is let on.
  7. Both teams already know who the player is. They just can’t announce
  8. I don’t put much stock into these types of rankings but....3rd in the AL east. It reminds me of the University of Tennessee having a top ten national recruiting class every year, but it’s still only the 7th best in the SEC.
  9. The overall trade market was much hotter this year. More teams in contention, etc.
  10. “When you already have the ability to hit” is the key part of your statement, especially as it (doesn’t) relate to Davis.
  11. Bodybuilding doesn’t really help you hit a baseball.
  12. Alberto needs to be on a playoff bound team. Just a quality bat.
  13. Will the Os ever give this dude regular ABs?
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