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  1. So we are going to miss out on Rocker and Leiter 😩
  2. The owners haven’t opened the books. There is more revenue than is let on.
  3. Both teams already know who the player is. They just can’t announce
  4. I don’t put much stock into these types of rankings but....3rd in the AL east. It reminds me of the University of Tennessee having a top ten national recruiting class every year, but it’s still only the 7th best in the SEC.
  5. The overall trade market was much hotter this year. More teams in contention, etc.
  6. “When you already have the ability to hit” is the key part of your statement, especially as it (doesn’t) relate to Davis.
  7. Bodybuilding doesn’t really help you hit a baseball.
  8. Alberto needs to be on a playoff bound team. Just a quality bat.
  9. Will the Os ever give this dude regular ABs?
  10. He has been the worst player in baseball for years. He should be open to an overhaul (no matter how you define that). And the shift hurts every hitter like him, and yet he is the only one setting records for poor play.
  11. He has stated several times he doesn’t think a swing overhaul is worth it, he has maligned the shift, his bad luck on hard hit balls. All smacks of a guy who doesn’t get it...
  12. The contract wasn’t even good on the front end. Ultimately we don’t know what the team would have looked like then or now if the money was allocated elsewhere. As far as I’m concerned he deserves the derision he gets, given his absolute stubbornness over the last few years to even admit his situation and make changes.
  13. Well instead of paying Davis, they could have extended their competitive window by paying.... literally anyone else (but let’s say any of Cruz, Markakis, Miller, Machado).
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