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  1. “I sat there with my wife and said, ‘Babe, we’re going back. We’re going back to D.C.,’” Harper said. “If they offer me anything close—I want real money though. I don’t want deferred money. I wanted them to understand that. If they would’ve deferred a little bit of it, I would’ve been fine with that.”
  2. I pin their problems less on draft misses and more on their unwillingness to spend like the dodgers. Their lineup should have a core of Turner, Soto, Harper, Rendon.
  3. Who cares. They also signed Soto who is on an early HoF track.
  4. Horrible timing for it too…
  5. “He may not be a guy that plays more than 100 games a year, best-case scenario,” Moore said at the time. The GM emphasized that the Royals “love Mondi to death” and have no plans to move on from him but simply “can’t, obviously, count on him as an everyday player.”
  6. I haven’t watched many games this year, what happened to Fry?
  7. Jim Bowden ranked his top 50 prospects on the Athletic, O’s had two.
  8. Fair point. This whole exercise is subjective, but I feel like our list of top guys isn’t as impressive as the Braves/Dodgers/Padres from recent years.
  9. 1 seems high. I see two potential all stars and then….
  10. Because those level of guys, who are still that far away don’t/shouldn’t stop you from filling a gaping hole on your ML team. Not only that but one literally can’t have enough SS types. Look around at actual contenders… Seager and Turner, Tatis and Machado, Lindor and Baez.
  11. Right- moved him at his absolute lowest point of value. Having said that, it was still too little
  12. New thread: Why Colton Cowser is our best prospect
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