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  1. Chiefs fan here. Don’t worry, no one is looking forward to playing the ravens again.
  2. The Os paid all the wrong people from that 2014 team. 😩
  3. Not sure why all the hate for Buck, they could do a lot worse.
  4. I’m nothing if not a prisoner of the moment.
  5. Give me Martin, or a pitcher. Power is cheap these days.
  6. Phillies were .500 bc Nola, Arietta, Elfin, Pivetta all had down years. Their FA pickups actually had pretty solid seasons. Harper and Realmuto both hit, Mccuthen did while healthy. As a team they scored 100 more runs this year.
  7. Right, but Hoerner went well before the Os were back on the board. They never really had a crack at him.
  8. He is OPSing .759 vs righties. I haven’t seen enough to say I’m out on him.
  9. Jeez that field looks like it’s in rough shape
  10. He went for a 26 year old catcher in AA. Elias got all he could for Cashner.
  11. This is the plan working though right? DD took him with the plan to carry then stash him. Him struggling at ML level early on shouldn’t have diminished his prospect status, which had always been projection based.
  12. Controllable relievers on the market... 1. Kirby Yates 2. Givens??
  13. Just FYI Fansided is known for pumping out these type of poor articles, written in a way to pop up in google searches. I’d steer clear of them.
  14. Strikes me as a DD move, not an Elias one. And somehow I mean that as a compliment to both guys.
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