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  1. For those that don't have it MiLB.TV just announced it will be free for the rest of the season and playoffs. milb.com/tv
  2. I believe Melewski tweeted earlier today that Vavra may be out with a hip injury.
  3. Tony, was Stowers at the alternate site last year? Don't recall if he was invited or not.
  4. He has a .999 OPS against lefties this year. Doesn’t sound like he needs platooning right now.
  5. The one strikeout was from Mayo, 2020 draft pick.
  6. mlrhode

    8/10 Moves

    Clearing a spot for Cowser?
  7. Tony, back to Tyler Wells do you think the Orioles tell him to come to spring training next year prepared to compete for a starting job. They took him in the Rule 5 because they thought he had starters stuff originally. Don't know if pitching more frequently in relief caused the wrist problem but I think his stuff is too good not see what it looks like as a stater.
  8. Yes, he’s on 7 day IL.
  9. Any word on the Vespi injury? he's been on the Bowie IL for a couplw weeks now.
  10. Tony, Jones hasn't been in the lineup the last 2 games. Any word on an injury?
  11. Eshelman is not on the 40 man roster and I think the rule 5 guys would be in jeopardy unless they really show something.
  12. Any guesses? Trade, free agent signing, waiver pick-up?
  13. You didn't mention him but I think Sedlock needs to be protected this year.
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