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  1. Eshelman is not on the 40 man roster and I think the rule 5 guys would be in jeopardy unless they really show something.
  2. Any guesses? Trade, free agent signing, waiver pick-up?
  3. You didn't mention him but I think Sedlock needs to be protected this year.
  4. It does but I think Trezza is wrong that he needs to be protected this year.
  5. Based on Elias’ comments that Sedlock was “dead in the water” until they implemented their pitching development program in the minors this year I would be surprised if he didn’t get protected. Also does Wells have to be protected this year? Don’t recall seeing him as rule 5 eligible this year.
  6. Jim Callis @jimcallisMLB · Sep 3 Can't find the tweet, but someone asked me what baseball the @MLBazFallLeague would be using. I checked & it will be (as usual) the minor league ball, not the major league/Triple-A ball.
  7. mlrhode

    Ryan McKenna 2019

    He's not in the starting line-up tonight.
  8. mlrhode

    Luis Ortiz 2019

    Ortiz hasn't pitched since July 2 at Norfolk and is listed on the 7 day IL. Do we know what the injury was?
  9. He didn’t have that option.
  10. Santana has been on 60 day DL since June 1 with right rotator cuff strain. Would never pass O’s physical
  11. mlrhode

    Austin Hays

    They're at 40 now. Will have to make a move for Hays and then another for Hardy.
  12. mlrhode

    Austin Hays

    I think Aquino or Rodriguez get DFAed before either of those 2.
  13. Orioles had a 1 1/2 game lead on July 31, 2014. I wouldn't say they had the division well in hand.
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