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  1. Thanks for the thoughts, Tony and Luke. I am interested in Placencia, Prado, and Hammer and seeing if they can develop into decent prospects. Prado seemed to get off to a pretty decent start this last year. Hopefully he can build on that start.
  2. Something I believe that would be helpful is Virtual Reality glasses Place a 3d camera behind home plate' punch the video image to roughly the same perspective as what a batter would see, record it and play it back through the goggles. Why would this be helpful? It would allow batters to study the pitcher's release angles they will be facing. It would give the hitters much better familiarity while in the batter's box imo.
  3. Is Prado injured? He hasn't been in the lineup the last few days.
  4. I can't remember a time when the Orioles Minor league system had so many different teams (Bowie,Denmarva, Aberdeen, Gcl) close to the top other standings. Usually it's just 1 or 2 teams with the rest all having losing records. This is a good a sign of an increase of talent in the Os system as any other Guage. Some credit must also be given to the previous scouting director Gary Raising on top of Mike Elias for saving a few good drafts the last couple years.
  5. It looks like Kansas City traded Homer Bailey for Merrill, whose MiLB numbers and reputation look very similar to Richie Martin. Would people prefer a player of Riches profile, or two lottery tickets that could be anywhere on the prospect charts?
  6. cnmilton

    Gulf Coast League

    It looks like Gunnar Hendersen is in todays GCL Orioles lineup. I believe this would be his first playing time in the Orioles system
  7. A bit off topic, but it involves an anecdote about Adam Jones. I have heard from a reliable source that Orioles Adam Jones had trouble entering Canada each and every time the Orioles traveled to Toronto because of Adam "Pacman" Jones getting into so much legal trouble. The Orioles team would travel to the hotel, while Adam and an Orioles official would have to stay at customs until the confusion was cleared up. I heard that scenario numerous times.
  8. Today in Rochs "todays lineup" post, he mentions that the Orioles have signed both Hammer and Roth, and that the Orioles have signed all their picks through pick 34 (35 picks signed)
  9. Roch didnt say what amounts that they signed, but that the Orioles have now signed all the draft picks through pick 34. Its in his todays lineup post
  10. One of the things that I liked that Elias did was his focus on up the middle talent. One of the things that the top 10 draft choices all seem to share is a solid defensive profile, with athletic range. I don't remember any of the drafts in the last 20 years with this much focus on up the middle players.
  11. Now that the majority of the Os draft have been signed, how much did Elias move the needle with this years draft class? Do you think he did a great, good, or adequate job? Were the Orioles able to make up at least a small bit of ground on the rest of MLB? Just curious to hear what the more experienced and knowledgable people think of the draft. Personally, from a arm chair qb like myself, it looked like the Os did a solid job adding athleticism and upside. But, again, that's a viewpoint from a normal fan.
  12. I predict that if Henderson is going to sign, it happens this week as well as Rutschman. I think a draft signing announcement will be a joint venture involving both Rutschman and Gunnar.
  13. Ruschmann has done it on the big stage of College World series, but I still am really enthralled with all I have read about Bobby Witt Jr. I think he will be a special player.
  14. The Os should attempt to sign Jose Iglesias. He would really solidify the Os infield, and provide quality defense for the Os young pitching. Also, he would not be blocking any prospects coming through thesystem as the Os don't have a ss prospect within acoupleyears offering ready for the major leagues
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