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  1. Personally, I enjoy what I have seen from Santander (both on and off the field). Having said that, if Santander can be traded for talent greater than the value the Orioles place on Santander, you make the trade. This team is still a little bit a way from contending; they are getting closer, but not quite there yet. Again, IMO, this team in this rebuild mode are doing the correct steps now so that these steps wont be needed to be done again down the road.
  2. After reading the Steve Melewski article about this years Orioles International signing class, it looks like all but 100000 has been used. Obviously, I dont know anything about any of these players, other than Basallo and Hernandez both being considered around the top 30 best amateur International prospects this year. I was wondering if a much more experienced poster has any thoughts on any of the "rumored" Os signings and potential?
  3. Tony, I just wanted to thank you for taking the time to do write ups on all 30 of the OH Orioles 2020 top 30 prospects. It's very enjoyable to read your educated opinions about the Os farm system.
  4. With Tony earlier stating that DL Hall struggles with both command and control, I am thinking the Baumann has surpassed Hall on the Hangout prospects list. I also think Gunnar has moved higher on the list. Baumann and Henderson is my guess.
  5. Aaron Sanchez is still only 28 years old, but is coming off shoulder surgery. With the blue Jay's, I remember him being pretty dominant at times. I also remember him having an almost continuous blister problem when he pitched. Sounds like he may be pretty inexpensive (which fits the Os offseason free agent plan). Is he worth signing and taking the risk?
  6. Your point is valid, but to be fair its actually been longer than 28 games. Anthony has been really hitting well (and playing decent defense) since being recalled the middle (last 93 games) of last season. A lot of national media pundits were thinking he was a breakout candidate this year (during Spring Training and before the shortened season)
  7. What do you think Santander could garner in a trade return (considering he is under team control for 4 more years)? Do you think it would be a pretty decent return? Santander (and Alberto) are my two current favorite Os, but if someone would really offer up a really nice return for either player, the Os would have to consider it considering how many holes are still in the farm system
  8. If the Orioles picked up most of Cobbs contract, could they get a decent prospect return (like a top 20 prospect and a lottery ticket prospect)? How qbout Givens, Alberto, or Santander? Could they get decent returns for these players? Are there any other players that could potentially return a decent prospect or two?
  9. In television terms, it's what is referred as a "world feed". It is standard operating procedure for the Olympics, as well as other events (overseas soccer between different countries comes to mind).
  10. Not to get too technical, but MASN's announcing crew will be heard each and every game (home and away) this year. Not to get too technical, but each city's "home" television crew (the director, producer, tape room, cameras, etc...) will produce the show that will be taken by the away team's television partner, with the television feed going back to that away teams town where graphics, their announcers, their ads, etc... will be added.
  11. What happened to the players (including but not limited to: Mike Trout, Garrett Cole, MLBPA head Tony Clark, etc...) saying tell us when and where we are playing, we j8st want to work? Each and every single one of them that said that is now a stone faced LIAR!!!!
  12. According to MLB Rumors, the Orioles have also signed Isaiah Kearns, RHP Pitt-Johnstown. I don't know anything about him, but saw the signing on their website.
  13. One of my big problems is all of the college kids drafted have a lot of swing and miss in their games, and all of them struggled until this shortened college season with the bats. Did they start showing their true potential, or was it the lesser out of conference competition making them look better than what they actually are? Personally, I would prefer guys who can get on base over the home run or strike out players.
  14. Greg, I agree with your analysis. I didn't like the top 4 picks at all; would much rather have one of Martin, Lacy, Gonzales, or even Hancock at 1:2. Imo, a team in full rebuild mode cannot afford to roll the dice on every single pick (even with just 5 rounds). To me it appears that Elias bought 6 Powerball tickets and is staking the Os future on one of those numbers hitting.
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