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  1. What happened to the players (including but not limited to: Mike Trout, Garrett Cole, MLBPA head Tony Clark, etc...) saying tell us when and where we are playing, we j8st want to work? Each and every single one of them that said that is now a stone faced LIAR!!!!
  2. According to MLB Rumors, the Orioles have also signed Isaiah Kearns, RHP Pitt-Johnstown. I don't know anything about him, but saw the signing on their website.
  3. One of my big problems is all of the college kids drafted have a lot of swing and miss in their games, and all of them struggled until this shortened college season with the bats. Did they start showing their true potential, or was it the lesser out of conference competition making them look better than what they actually are? Personally, I would prefer guys who can get on base over the home run or strike out players.
  4. Greg, I agree with your analysis. I didn't like the top 4 picks at all; would much rather have one of Martin, Lacy, Gonzales, or even Hancock at 1:2. Imo, a team in full rebuild mode cannot afford to roll the dice on every single pick (even with just 5 rounds). To me it appears that Elias bought 6 Powerball tickets and is staking the Os future on one of those numbers hitting.
  5. The problem with the grow the bats with this draft, is that there are major questions about every pick (outside 1st pick) whether the bat will play in the Majors. Every pick is Cadyn Grenier
  6. The Hobgood draft is looking light years better than this dreck. This draft has the potential to set the Os rebuild back several years. Good thing fans wont be at the ballpark, the boos could have been deafening this year
  7. With this draft, maybe Syd Thrift wasnt so bad. This draft is downright embarrassing
  8. What are the chances of a 2020 season? "Are we talking one in a hundred?" "Its more like one in a million" "So you're saying theres a chance"
  9. I am probably wrong about this, but Austin Martin reminds me of Dustin Ackley (Whats his MLB position, questions about arm strength, hopeful power develops while moving through the MiL system). Thats why I either go top College Are in either Lacy or Hancock, or try to go underslot and higher prospects at 30 and 39.
  10. Eric; Really enjoyed reading about both Hernaiz and Henderson. They both sound like good kids, and enjoyed reading about their professional baseball experiences before the unfortunate end to their MiL season
  11. I am a big proponent of drafting a SP with the 1st pick. I prefer Hancock over Lacy, reason being it is much harder to attract starting pitchers to pitching both Camden Yards and against the rest of the AL East. Bats will sign in Baltimore; the only starting pitchers who have signed in Baltimore are pitchers who had no other options elsewhere here.
  12. Reading some of the draft sites, skeptics talk about his frame, weaker competition, and the Coors field effect (New Mexico State University is at an elevation of 4700 plus feet).
  13. At this point (which can obviously change) for me the 1st pick is Hancock, Martin, or bust. I think these two players fit best into the Os farm system needs, but neither is a reach either.
  14. Thanks for the thoughts, Tony and Luke. I am interested in Placencia, Prado, and Hammer and seeing if they can develop into decent prospects. Prado seemed to get off to a pretty decent start this last year. Hopefully he can build on that start.
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