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  1. I don't think Gary Rajsich gets enough credit for his draft classes. For Gary Rajsich, his classes include Trey Mancini, John Means, DL Hall, DJ Stewart, Austin Hays, Tanner Scott, Ryan Mountcastle, Cedric Mullins, Mike Yastremski, Hunter Harvey, Josh Hader, as well as several other players who have been in the Majors. One year his earliest pick was in the 3rd round. Some of his players drafted blossomed after being traded from the Orioles, but that wasn't Gary's fault. Again, he deserves more credit in my mind.
  2. For accuracy sake, I believe the Os drafted 21 players in 20 rounds. Also, according to the posted rankings from BA, Higgins was drafted by the Os at 257 but was the 230th ranked prospect entering the draft. So, Higgins was drafted later than he was ranked.
  3. Looking at the Minors, at the pitchers that were drafted in 2019, I would say that "it has boded well" is a really optimistic statement. I
  4. The Orioles 2021 draft reminds me a lot of the mid 2010s Ray Farmer analytics led Cleveland Browns drafts.... lots of draft picks which had a lot of industry professionals scratching their heads. Hopefully Mike Elias is much more successful than Ray Farmer
  5. Elias must be waiting for tomorrow for the high upside draft pick. He said in an interview Sunday night that the Os were going to be aggressive day 2. That didn't happen. Very disappointing draft
  6. I actually like this pick: sounds like a team leader type personality, has had a lot of success in one of the better College baseball conferences, has had success in high stress games, looks like a high on base guy with some speed, and at a premium position (CF). I will say that I still think Gary Rajish did a better job with his drafts than Elias has done so far. Also, I agree that the Os definitely need some higher end starting pitching prospects as Elias hasnt done much to add any during his draft tenure.
  7. Tony; What do you see in Blaine Knights Orioles future: Do you see him as a potential starter, or more of a bullpen pitcher?
  8. the ONLY reason to send a top prospect down, is if they are starting to lose confidence in themselves. Keep Henderson challenged in Aberdeen. Its similar to all the people asking for Mountcastle to be sent back to AAA earlier this season... the prospects can't figure things out if they aren't given the chance.
  9. For me, it all comes down to Ryans mental makeup. This is probably the first time he has ever struggled on a baseball field in his life. If he is showing signs of losing belief in himself, that is when the Os should sejd him down. Otherwise, these struggles are important for him to learn and grow from. Frustration is ok; loss of confidence in himself is not.
  10. Getting the feeling that Ruschmans bat was greatly exaggerated coming out of college.
  11. It also sounds like the Orioles are pretty excited about Joey Ortiz or at least Matt Blood is excited). Ortiz sounds like he definitely profiles as a Shortstop
  12. Is the Kjerstad draft choice going to be a mistake along the lines of Hobgood?
  13. Here is the game plan I would employ: Have a 3 man squad deployed every 3 days with 2 relief pitchers in the bullpen. Each pitcher would pitch 3 innings, allowing for minimal times battesface each pitcher. This scenario, through 162 games, would give pitchers around 162 innings on the year, saving some wear and tear on their arms.
  14. Personally, I enjoy what I have seen from Santander (both on and off the field). Having said that, if Santander can be traded for talent greater than the value the Orioles place on Santander, you make the trade. This team is still a little bit a way from contending; they are getting closer, but not quite there yet. Again, IMO, this team in this rebuild mode are doing the correct steps now so that these steps wont be needed to be done again down the road.
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