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  1. I'm not sure why playing the game at a high level would make you a better judge of talent than any stat head. Anyone who's read Ball Four knows that there's a good deal of players that are essentially primates.
  2. Lee vs. Sabathia Hamels vs. Burnett Martinez vs. Pettitte This is going to be epic...two former Indians aces/CY winners, two old Yanks/Sox rivals going at it one last time on the biggest stage...games one and three are the ones I'm really looking forward to. Teixeira vs. Howard, Rollins vs. Jeter...this is going to be a good series. As much as I wanted the Angels to win, I have to admit this is much better.
  3. You mean like when they bought that first world series, THEN traded Hanley for Beckett and Lowell, didn't win, THEN bought Dice-K and won, THEN traded for V-Mart and didn't win. Their championship team was already in place before adding big pieces. Oh, and they tried to trade back for Hanley this summer, but the Marlins weren't having it.
  4. If Jeter were an Oriole, he'd only be in third place on the hits list. So yeah, the accomplishment is blown way out of proportion. He'd be behind Ruth if he hadn't played for other teams, likely Dimaggio if not for the war, and Gehrig still if not for his illness. As for Jeter vs. Cal..the stats point to Jeter, but it seems to me that Jeter shouldn't be a shortstop at this point. In addition, someone pointed out the suppressed offensive era that Cal played much of his career in, in addition to winning two MVP awards nearly a decade apart. Not too mention Jeter's tendency to take a day off every once in a while
  5. I saw a few Jawbreaker fans in this thread...well Thorns of Life is no more, but Blake's new band the forgetters, is just beginning, and features Kevin Mahon of Against Me! on drums...I cannot wait to hear it
  6. I wish him all the best--I've always heard stories of him working hard. I hope he becomes the ace we all new he could be, and we all start pulling our hair out over here for letting him go. Good luck Daniel, even though it doesn't look like you've changed a bit.
  7. Seriously, they're only 6 games out and have been without Kazmir and Percival the whole season (and yes I know Kazmir has been released) and Burrell has hugely underperformed the entire season as their sole offseason signing. BJ Upton and Navarro have also greatly declined. They're also 3 games under their pythagorean. Look for Burrell to have a resurgence and Price to get better next year, and fight the Sox and Yanks down to the end once again if not make the playoffs.
  8. I really want to know what kind of "burden" the young guys are going to have to shoulder without Lackey. On the opening series, Guthrie would pitch against Sabathia, Bergesen against Burnett, and Tillman against Chamberlain. After that, the orders all out of wack anyway. We're not competing next year. MacPhail didn't say this, as you implied, but I will. It would be foolish to invest in aging free agents before we are ready to compete, simply because that 29 year old could be 31 or 32, as Tex would be, and on the downside of his career, wasting a couple seasons at 20MM per. Any psychological advantage is ridiculous. Just look at Texas, Florida, Oakland, Philadelphia, or another team that threw it's prospects to the dogs and not only survived without vets giving the kids counseling and holding their hands but flourished. And don't tell me that Texas has Millwood because we have Guthrie, and Philly had Abreu because we have Roberts.
  9. A shorter schedule would be something else to look into with realignment. The season is just too long.
  10. Migrant Redbird: It looks to me that those "slumps" Holliday and Pujols were in added up to a .900 OPS between them...just sayin'
  11. This is an awful article. Aside from claiming Steve Stone was grown in our system, it also insinuates MacPhail signed Bradley and Soriano, and that it was Mark Grace that won that World Series, not Johnson, Schilling, and Luis Gonzalez's 57 home runs. The Cubs fans need to chill out. They're dealing with down years from Soriano, Bradley, Fontenot, and Harden. And still only in second place.
  12. Yeah, I think when MacPhail sees Bell, Snyder, and Arrieta on the farm and Matusz and Tillman becoming more comfortable every day, he's not going to run out and pay 100MM for a 1b, 3b, or frontline starter until he sees what he's already got. Does this not make sense? For someone that complains about how awful the present team is, JTrea, you certainly don't offer a great way to fix it. A big bat doesn't make this team into a playoff contender, and neither does one ace. The young guys have taken a little longer, and it's going to take a little while still. Are you dying and wish to see a championship team before your last breath? Because you're trying to rush into things like Duquette and Flanny.
  13. I wouldn't think Tillman and Matusz would be necessary, but Arrieta would have to go in their place, and it would have to be Reimold over Snyder. But Johnson and Glaus would make a HUGE difference, simply because of who they're replacing in the lineup. Adding Hardy would be another huge offensive step. A pitcher such as Webb would help the starters' ERA and protect the bullpen. We'd be hugely improved from 3 smaller signings and a small trade, and keep all of our pieces intact. Would we make the playoffs though? That hinges on Guthrie, Tillman, Matusz, Wieters, and Jones improving from this year, in addition to the new guys.
  14. I'd like to see a return to Montreal at some point, they deserve a winner in that city before taking their franchise away. In addition, Portland, Las Vegas, Oklahoma City, Richmond, and Puerto Rico could all get looks as well as the other cities mentioned.
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