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  1. I wish you luck and offer prayers to hopefully aid your fight against this disease. Until you are back FT, you will be missed.
  2. I'm very disappointed it ended this way today. Just curious: Would Akin have pitched in this game?
  3. Thanks for the responses and the list. I think they'll go with a lefty. Zastryzny makes sense or Akin, hopefully but doubtful.
  4. Where can you find the complete 60 man roster (I know they don't have 60 on it.)? I can find the 30 man roster and have been looking but so far have come up empty on the 60 man roster.
  5. Here's a couple more: ernie whitt - 90s catcher who might be a stretch nelson briles - mid/late 70s pitcher tommy harper - mid 70s outfielder
  6. I think the Os don't have any ideal leadoff hitters on their roster. DJ Stewart has shown the ability to take a walk, a little power, and some speed. I also think he has shown the ability to hit at the ML level as much as Austin Hays, who IMO should be lower in the lineup (like 5th or 6th). Aberto could be a good second or third hitter.
  7. How about DJ Stewart? His injury now has more time and rest to heal, making him likely for the opening day roster.
  8. This is a pretty interesting topic. I contribute Lonnie Smith and Rich Amaral to the list.
  9. I didn't look at it everyday but I did review it. It's very useful because it's an audit of activities for the ML roster contenders complete with what happened to them in the end. I'll probably review it again once the minor league rosters are announced, which I guess should be next week.
  10. Thanks! It reads like a person's name and I couldn't think of an O's farmhand with that name.
  11. What is Turner Ashby Knight? Edit: Found it! It's a high school in Va.
  12. That was lame. Wish I hadn't wasted my time watching it. I guess that's what you get when you're team has expectations for a poor season.
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