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  1. He wrote a VERY nice review of DL Hall. He also mentioned the "other" Hall as his sleeper breakout candidate for the O's this year (as a minor leaguer and prospect). He sees Diaz as an average corner OF who won't hit for enough power to be elite. He thinks Mountcastle will be a good hitter but lacks defensive value, so he doesn't think he's elite, either. I DO believe that Law is skeptical of all current prospects just because the previous regime and "system" didn't really develop anyone of note, and seems to have TONS of unfortunate injuries. He has repeatedly said that he thinks the new order of Elias, et al, will will do a much better job, but I think it's more of a "waiting to prove it" kind of thing right now.
  2. Only if they can turn them into minor league coaches who can help develop the next generation.
  3. I would certainly hope they have their LISTS for both positions filled with 4,5, or more candidates. Mybe they've even set up some interviews. However, I HOPE (EXPECT) these lists contain at least a few people currently involved in the playoff runs of the Indians, Astros, A's, Red Sox, or other clubs, so a hire may not be likely or possible at all until after the World Series. Waiting...
  4. I also think that once rosters expand, we'll see less Davis and more Mancini at 1B while the try out some younger outfielders. I'm 100% positive that they will expect him to be better in 2019 (because how could he be worse), and won't cut him unless he actually is worse than this year.
  5. The problem here is that a REALLY dedicated analytics team could pull an outfielder into the infield to get around this rule change.
  6. Hey, I get it. Just because they can pitch or hit a baseball better than 99.9% of the planet, why do they deserve SO MUCH more than others who also have unique talents in other fields? However, what do you propose? That the BILLIONAIRE owners get to pocket that money? They're no more deserving of that money than the players. It would be nice if there was an easy solution. Also, for every selfish jerk of an athlete, there are guys like Adam Jones, who pour tons of their income back into the community and youth programs, building areas that are neglected or underfunded by everyone else.
  7. Out of curiosity, how do you think the rules could be changed to effectively ban shifts? Most proposals I've seen appear to have loopholes and gray areas.
  8. If they could do this, they potentially have the left side of the infield rebuilt within 2 years from one trade. OF prosepcts look good. Only need to spend $ on SP (as usual).
  9. I think Jones/Chang and Hentges/Oviedo would do it for me.
  10. Nunez or Dosch, with Beckham FINALLY moving back to SS, right?
  11. Honestly, Diaz is a HUGE prospect to get back for 2.5 months of Machado. A Top-100 guy who might be Top-50 this offseason. That's a better value than a comp pick next year, plus there are 4 other guys who might contribute in 2-4 years. Not amazing, but way better than letting Manny walk at the end of the year.
  12. This is about as good a return as I could've hoped for. If this is the return (even with Forsythe as salary relief) I'll be ecstatic.
  13. Yes, if he resigns with the O's in the offseason.
  14. That was my thought with an off day yesterday.🤬
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