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  1. It is a testament to how the regular season has gone for the parent club, that the first thing I look for in the morning is your summary. What a wonderful effort you have made, and from where I sit, most appreciated. You done good.
  2. Am I still waiting for my fifth cup of coffee to kick in, or is it really the case that Cam Bishop, Matthias Dietz and Blaine Knight, in a combined 24 decisions for Frederick so far, have 1 win?
  3. Also, can't forget the immortal John Stephens, who pitched for the Orioles in 2002. Wonder if he is still available?
  4. As always, Weams, you arrive to the rescue. Thank you.
  5. Knew I could count on Mr. Weams!  Also a very good man.

    1. weams



  6. My $1.00 - $0.98, based on personal experience. Really good man. Really good cause. Really good items. For someone born when Eisenhower was president, I have been so lucky and happy to win on items which bring back such good memories. For what it is worth, read about the charity which the auction supports. Made me feel extremely good , and I hope you feel so, as well. I would link the charity, but as I said, I was born in the 50s.
  7. Happy Thanksgiving, to those who make this such a great message board. Safe travels, and best wishes!
  8. Can't say I really have a huge interest in either team. I have been watching Messrs. Pearce and Machado. One has made me very happy with how he has played.
  9. This is just from personal experience, so take it with the appropriate grain or two of salt. Roy is a very good man, and his charity is a really , really worthwhile cause. I have been fortunate to support the charity, and even more fortunate this morning to look at my 1983 signed World Series bat, from the last auction. Win, win all around. Yes, we actually won the World Series, which is hard to believe after the trials and tribulations this year has brought. Keep up the good work, Roy. The work needs to be done, from where I sit, and you are doing it.
  10. Just a quick message. Been an Os fan since 1966. That season was a tad bit better to bear than this season. My favorite Os are Brooks, Frank, Eddie, and for personal reasons, my favorite is Jim. Roy has offered me the opportunity to enjoy what are truly treasured memories - the items have been great. To know that the proceeds of the auctions are going to help those who need a chance in life - easily, and truly, the icing on the cake. I have enjoyed these auctions, very much
  11. Good call on the Schoop jersey...and you get a second jersey off you win. Both together are probably worth about $400..Good luck!

  12. You have nothing to feel awful about. Thanks for your bids! Good luck in the auction and in your life.

  13. Just a quick, personal note. Want to say how much I have enjoyed these auctions. Roy has offered great items, for a great cause. Still smile every morning when I look at the signed Palmer jersey and the Rockwell print, signed by Brooks. Good memories, and it's nice knowing that kids who deserve an opportunity are getting one, through Roy's charity.
  14. You have nothing to feel awful about. Thanks for your bids! Good luck in the auction and in your life.

  15. Richard..Send me your email . I have a nice surprise for you. Thanks for all your support..some nice Brooks items are in our next auction....Roy

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