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  1. Like Frobby, I am a lawyer. Unlike Frobby, I wonder when the hell he sleeps, and how he writes great messages. On to Weams. As I have mentioned in previous threads, the man was so good to my autistic triplets. More than you know. So, the point of my message is, I gave to the Orioles Advocates in memory of Weams. They were so gracious in their response, another donation had to be made from the triplets. Here comes the difficult part of the message. I feel so good making those donations. Weams was such a wonderful soul, and I hope he and D can take comfort in making their m
  2. Beautifully written, Tony. We are all hurting. I believe Michael loved us, and we most certainly loved him.
  3. Bobmc, I have never met you, but I am a fellow Floridian - Melbourne Beach.  I just wanted to let you know how wonderful it was of you and your wife to make the trip to see Weams.  Michael meant a lot to my family, but I can't imagine what it meant to Michael to see you.  You done good.  

  4. I just want to let you know how much the love you extended to Weams and D. means, as an example for all of us.  It was so good of you to make the trip to visit them.  That's special, special friendship, and I am sure that he will never, ever, forget that visit.  Just want to say I admire what you have done.  As Weams and D have made our world better, through your kindness, you so much made their world better.  Kudos, and thank you.  I am sorry if this message is disjointed, but today was tough.  

  5. D, what a wonderful, wonderful man. So thoughtful, so kind. I am so sad, but I find comfort in how lucky he was to have you. Our family sends love and prayers your way.
  6. Could not have said this any better. I am so proud of Dee and Mike. I wish you could know what they have done, under such trying circumstances.
  7. The thoughtfulness, kindness and decency of Weams and D, under these trying circumstances, has shown through. Just my two cents. Much love and prayers.
  8. So, Mr. Tate is now the sole survivor from the Zach Britton trade?
  9. Just wanted to say that Weams and the fabulous D continue to be in my thoughts. Prayers and good thoughts headed from Florida. Love you both.
  10. Michael and D, don't know how much my prayers help, but damn if I am not trying.
  11. Michael, I'll drive up from Florida with slaw. Don't know how well it will keep. My family misses you very much.
  12. Why we love you, Michael. Why we love you, D. Why we love you, Roy. Why we love you, Jim.
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