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  1. Just wanted to say that Weams and the fabulous D continue to be in my thoughts. Prayers and good thoughts headed from Florida. Love you both.
  2. Michael and D, don't know how much my prayers help, but damn if I am not trying.
  3. Don't forget the form fitting and comfortable chairs
  4. Michael, I'll drive up from Florida with slaw. Don't know how well it will keep. My family misses you very much.
  5. Keep fighting the fight, Michael. You are terribly missed.
  6. Why we love you, Michael. Why we love you, D. Why we love you, Roy. Why we love you, Jim.
  7. I've already rambled too much on this thread. Michael, I love you and I love what you have done for my family. You've fought the good fight, and the world is a better place because of you..
  8. Sorry - wasn't discussing his career, which was very successful. This is along the lines of what I remember (1987 article, which, lacking computer skills, I am unable to properly post). I am totally off topic, and apologize. TORONTO -- He has been called a flake, a jerk, a disruptive influence, a malcontent and an insensitive loner. But that's only April through August. In September, Doyle Alexander is a pitcher. Period. That's all the Detroit Tigers know him as. So what if his less-than-warm personality has caused problems in other places in other seasons. This
  9. I know I am dating myself, but was there anything likeable about Doyle Alexander? Asking for a friend.
  10. I know I am dating myself, but was there anything likeable about Doyle Alexander? Asking for a friend.
  11. Frobby summed up my sentiments, exactly. I have Weams and D in my prayers every day. This hurts.
  12. Here is my sophisticated analysis, utilizing advanced metrics, where and if applicable. Wow! Just wow! Carry on.
  13. I am 61. I have triplets who will be 9. Excuse me for rambling, or being incoherent. This is what Michael has done. Triplets born April 2012. My father, who adored them, dies 3 months later. My Dad and I loved Memorial Stadium, and had the best times watching the Os. 1966 on, this was where we bonded. Dad dies, need to make sure the triplets see a game, so the experience extends another generation. Fast forward to August 2012. To honor my father, I want to take the triplets to a game. Sure, everyone says, 4 month olds will remember this for the rest of their lives. Or not
  14. Hi, Michael. Stay Harrisburg strong. You know what you mean to me and the family. Your kindness and just plain decency mean the world. Wishing JustD and you good thoughts through this difficult time, and you are in our prayers. You are a good man.
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