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  1. Losing a close game is way better. Could've done without the poor managerial decision but it is what it is at this point. At least the game wasn't essentially over by the third inning. That would've been terrible. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  2. This Sox offense is just brutal to pitch against.
  3. Anybody calling game over has an awfully short memory. How many Sunday's ago did we come back from 7-1 in the 7th? Not like it's 9-0 or something. Grow a pair.
  4. I saw that tour with Sting also. Very cool show. Also got to see James Taylor a few years back at the Borgata. Very pleased to be able to say that, his voice was a smooth as ever.
  5. That quote from Zimmerman makes it sounds like we are 20 games under .500 but still beating the mighty Nats. What a crock. Nats division is garbage.
  6. Agreed re Worley. The guy just pitches well whenever called on. Just stick him In there what can it hurt.
  7. Well there you go. Holy hell that is crazy.
  8. Also; Ghostbusters was mediocre at best. I didn't find it funny at all other than a few lines by Leslie Jones. They completely neutered McCarthy and Wiig for the PG13 rating (at least I guess that's why) and neither of them were funny at all.
  9. Really have to wonder hat Hollywood execs are thinking sometimes. Some of those mentioned above by Frobby were absolutely DOA. Warcraft and TMNT looked awful right from the start. So did the Alice movie. I guess they make enough internationally in turds like these to keep it going. I would think Tarzan in particular would do well overseas.
  10. It was fast. Just ten pitches in fact. Should be fine for the rest of the series.
  11. I disagree with your disdain for Jeeps as I stated earlier, but I fully agree with your assessment of van v SUV. A van is so much better for a family of 4+, it's laughable. Ease of entry being the main reason. The stigma is real but I got over that long ago. We have a 2010 Town and Country that we just paid off and it's not getting traded for a while yet....
  12. Just make sure you get her this with it.
  13. Also the hard top not as hard to remove as is being said. Storage is difficult but getting it off/on takes 2 guys and 10 minutes once you know what you are doing. Last time I did it my 65 year old father helped me so you don't need super human strength or anything remotely like that.
  14. I don't do it but I've heard this as well.
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