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  1. According to Keith Law, Lino and Simon's ceilings are "really, really low." https://twitter.com/keithlaw/status/219206241199730688 Also, Kevin Goldstein on Lino: "New Philly C Garbriel Lino: 19 yo Venezuelan with plus defense potential and some raw power, but not sure he'll ever hit." https://twitter.com/kevin_goldstein/status/219198911607345154
  2. DD on the trade: Source: http://sulia.com/source/S-64541/?source=twitter&guid=d1aa847d-1ea2-4ba0-892d-007eeaa942ab
  3. Little late with this comment but it I'm not mistaken, Matusz's glove had "Brady Anderson" stitched on the side. Anyone else catch that?
  4. We might be able to give him away to the Reds.. Gregg is mentioned here. Nothing really substantive though. Baker taking time to mull closer options
  5. Just thought I'd share Cespedes pimpin' his first professional homer. I'd love to see him do that in an O's uniform. [video=youtube;i_xDVWfTkuc]
  6. Before people ask, the source, Scott Swaim broke the Pujols to LAA news as well as a few other notable signings this offseason. As for Bobby... yuck is right. http://www.baseball-reference.com/players/a/abreubo01.shtml Clearly in decline.
  7. According to Connolly, the minor league pitcher is Jarrett Martin. http://www.baseball-reference.com/minors/player.cgi?id=martin003jar
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