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  1. Gave up on another catchable ball going to the wall. Anyone else not sold on him? There’s also the arm issue...
  2. Can someone please remind me what Buck's issues was with Mountcastle in ST a few years back? Was it a cockiness issue?
  3. Heard Witt Jr. interview than ran on MLB Network today. Favorite players are Pedroia and Jeter. Hard pass!
  4. What was the story Roberts told Gary Thorne last night about one of his Yankee team mates? It was a great funny story but I'm drawing a blank on it now!
  5. Is it just me or was Caleb really late tossing his mask to receive the throw at the plate? He didn't look ready at all. Don't know why . . .
  6. Guess it depends on how you define a "good" game. My kids (and I) loved just being there to pay tribute to Cal.
  7. 2131. Also, Cal's last game. (The only good thing to come out of 9/11. Schedule was interrupted so last game fell in with our Sun tix plan.
  8. I think Cruz offers more value than just his bat. I'm talking about the obvious chemistry/affection that's there between him, Manny, and Schoop. To me, Cruz plays the part of mentor and big brother to those two. I'm worried that if Cruz walks, it may impact the performance of Manny and Schoop going forward.
  9. <p><p><p>Happy birthday</p></p></p>

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