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  1. I actually agree with everyone and guess I did a poor job of being sarcastic. Grayson is probably throwing fewer pitches in a game now than he did in 7th grade. One more inning would've been good to see.
  2. We have Grayson Rodriguez following the same MLB Pitch Smart guidelines my team followed... though it was a 13/14 team.
  3. So no Cubs Hall of Fame for Ernie Banks or no Red Sox Hall of Fame for Ted Williams? I'm not saying Mike Mussina is at the level of either of those players, though he is a Hall of Famer. And I know that both of these players had a much longer history with their franchises than Moose did with the O's. It's never occurred to me that his number should be retired. I just think that the bar you set seems arbitrary to me.
  4. If you can get the Burger, you make that deal every day of the week!
  5. Tanner Scott is a left-handed relief pitching version of Ubaldo Jimenez. Either really good or completely awful, and you know immediately when he doesn't have it. When you would see Bad Ubaldo, I used to say the pitching coach should have come out after 8 pitches and hit him in the leg with a crowbar. Tanner Scott is in the same territory.
  6. We paid half of that to hang out with Mac Sceroler for five games.
  7. The MLB draft moves so fast that I can't even keep track of what I think I'm supposed to be mad about.
  8. Was the 2009 Adam Eaton Experience too brief to get mentioned here? 8 starts, 8.56 ERA, 9 home runs in 41 innings, 1.829 WHIP. I get the shakes just thinking about him.
  9. For the record, I am not much of a fan of Brandon Hyde and can't think of a time when I thought he won a game for us. I just think he is a placeholder, the Stevie Wilkerson or Maikel Franco of management. That said, Dempsey is the last place I would go. That's been my feeling for decades. Now that he turns 72, I think it's best for everyone if he hangs up the metallic gray suit and calls it a day. Can you imagine how sick the players would get of hearing about the '83 Series?
  10. If this was an 11 page thread that ultimately ends with the yearly Rick Dempsey promotion, this is a very underwhelming thread.
  11. I guess we could look at this a different way. The O's are now 0-14 this year with Stevie Wilkerson on the roster.
  12. Replace Terry Kennedy with Mickey Tettleton and add Boddicker to the starting rotation. Probably Jose Bautista as well.
  13. On May 18th, the Orioles designated Rio Ruiz for assignment. Since that time, they've lost 13 in a row by a combined score of 90-46. Have the past two weeks been the curse of Rio Ruiz? Because for most of the past 25 months, I've thought the curse of Rio Ruiz was, well, Rio Ruiz.
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