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  1. Fan was taunting him and he hit a double. On the next batter the ball got past the catcher but hit right back to him off the wall I believe. Means took off and was thrown out at 3rd.
  2. Wells is warming up for the 9th it seems.
  3. Should of just stays at 2nd, but I'll cut hit a lot of slack given he's an AL pitcher.
  4. Means gets a double in responding to that taunting Phillies' fan!
  5. Means strikes out Harper again, this time on a hook.
  6. Seems like we've done that too many times this season.
  7. I had no idea Mike Wright was even in the league. I'm surprised anyone would touch him without a ten foot pole.
  8. I really like how Hays does those little hops when he hits the ball hard.
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