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  1. I tip my cap to you sir.
  2. O's84

    Henry Aaron: 1934-2021

    A true legend has left the mortal world and we are all the poorer for it. But at the same time, we are blessed to have had him for all those years. RIP Hank Aaron.
  3. I agree, he'd probably try and punch Aaron Judge.
  4. I'm 36 and most of the ballplayers my age are retired. Pretty soon every ballplayer will be younger than me..... I've got to do something about this. Does anybody know where The Fountain of Youth is?
  5. I vaguely remember someone composing verses of praise of Wieters, in an almost humorous manner.
  6. Zimmerman with the hair and stache looks like he could have been playing from pre- 1900
  7. They should have a clause put in that anybody working with Russo, or having an interview done can't sue if they have their eardrums blasted off.
  8. That ball looked like it was out of the park period, can believe it didn't go.
  9. There's Something About Mary ..... I mean Stewart.
  10. Hehe, yeah I'm pursuing all of the FMJ stuff lately to life my spirits. Hands down comedic, had me lMAO over and over again.
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