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  1. Another good win guys, keep it coming.
  2. Had it the whole way boys! Now, on to the Marlins.
  3. Still got out if it... nice boys.
  4. That was a terrible joke, pretend I didn't say it.
  5. Even if the pitcher was Female?
  6. Probably the first bad call the umpire made this game, he's been superb.
  7. These are mistake balls he would have crushed in the past.
  8. Jeez, this thread reminded me of the days when JTrea would take on the entire board.
  9. You got me beat. I have Civ 1, Civ2 (and Civ 2 variants: Call to Power, Test of Time). A friend had Civ 3 when I grew up and we played that and Civ 2 Hot Seat during the summers. That was a long time ago. Anyways, I got to get into the newer ones. I'll use that link Can_of_corn provided. Edit: I just remembered I did play Colonization a bit back in the day, that was fun. I might have to get that too. In fact a college history professor actually referenced that in one of my classes. It's funny how much I've learned from playing those games.
  10. I know that only too well. In fact I had a friend who had to throw the game away just so he wouldn't be temped. Meanwhile, I'm still on Civ 2. It's a great game but I'd like to get one of the later Civs. Not sure my computer can handle them though. Might be able to run Civ 4. I'll look into it.
  11. I remember hearing about those way back when I was a lurker. What do you think has changed since then?
  12. What Cora was thinking when he started cheating:
  13. Remember when Jeff Luhnow felt on top of the world after acquiring Greinke? Yeah, things have sure gone south all of a sudden in a big way, that's for sure.
  14. I'd be happy to go, but I need a ride. I live in Bethesda Frobby, so if you could give me a lift that'd work.
  15. Moose cracks me up, one of my favorite posters!
  16. 74/100. Missed some of the old guys, and forgot some of the more recent (Gibbons, Scott.... slaps head).
  17. O's84

    Gerritt Cole to NYY

    And the rich get richer.
  18. O's84


    Just to be alive, is something to be thankful for.
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