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    2019 Atlanta Braves

    Markakis with a 2B, albeit with a lucky bounce. But Nick's my man, so I'm happy about it .
  2. No, Dipper9 is right. That was the year we beat Papelbon and the Rays beat the Yankees on a walk off HR by Evan Longoria.
  3. Even if Wilkerson doesn't play another game in MLB, his mark will still have been immortalized. Not too shabby for a fringe player.
  4. So you're saying 2020 will be the "Why Not" year?
  5. One of the great catches I've ever seen. You don't see something very often where you just stare and say to yourself, "What just happened?!" and that's what happened here. Just was a really special moment.
  6. This time has a low baseball IQ, but that was a even a new low for them.
  7. I mean you lose you lose, but like that. I mean it shouldn't be as surprising as you normally would given this team, but even so, Really, Really, Really?!
  8. Wow, one of the most inexcusable plays I've seen ends the season. What a disgrace!
  9. Even if we lose, that play will live on in history. Just amazing!
  10. What did I just see?! What did I just see!!!
  11. Givens giving the game away.
  12. The high tag cost us there.
  13. Mad props to Mancini and Villar, really tenacious AB's.
  14. Almost rather have anyone in the line up over Nunez there.
  15. Well guys, we gotta have a comeback. Got the top of the lineup up now, let's do it.
  16. He was still dealing though. I'd rather he got beat on his best pitch rather than the breaking ball.
  17. Watch E-Rod got his 20 win now. Awful decision by Phillips to go to the breaking ball. He doesn't have any command on it and he hangs it middle in.
  18. Phillps had been mowing the Socks down with his fastball and he went to his breaking ball. Fine if it's in the dirt, but he hung it a little.
  19. I think for 1 more inning, and if there is trouble in that inning they lift him.
  20. Evan Philips coming in with the bases loaded 0 outs, and get out of it with no damage. Nice job, kid, nice job.
  21. After a great start when he got here, Armstrong has been just as bad the other way.
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