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  1. Good guys win, let's sweep 'em tomorrow.
  2. Gameday is right, it was outside.
  3. A dribbler infield hit, a walk, an error, and somehow we got out of that unscathed.
  4. O's84

    100 wins!!

    I know, it was said in jest.
  5. O's84

    100 wins!!

    Unfortunately we then have 222 losses.
  6. He most have been cross contaminated by the Orioles, because that was really dumb.
  7. A nice comeback from a shaky start, well done Bleier. O's Win!
  8. Come on Bleier, don't blow this.
  9. That was when we would face Phillip Rivers.... and now Rivers is in his late 30's, God that is sad.
  10. Well nothing like gimmicks to distract people from their mediocrity... except it really doesn't, sorry Terps.
  11. When was the last time they were good, the Ralph Friedgen era?
  12. Well done umpire, with 3-0 count like it should have been the likelihood of a game tying walk is very high.
  13. Should have been 3-0, umpire made an awful call.
  14. Well boys, were putting the game in Davis' hands.
  15. Way better that Vin Scully ever was.
  16. Davis has a 3 game hit streak. That's like the average player having a 15 game hit streak.
  17. Long relief or spot starter probably, though he could be replaced with someone else without that much trouble.
  18. PA was getting up there and sooner or later the sons were going to take over. Odds are the sons would have seen some of their father's shortcomings (Refusal to spend in the International market, Painstakingly slow in approving things, stepping in and signing "fan favorites" ie. Chris Davis contract, etc.) and would have gotten someone good to fix things, maybe not as good as Elais but good (and given them much more autonomy of course). I'd still take that hypothetical option in going for it in 2015 and not sitting on your rear, even if that meant not getting Elias. But it can be hard to predict future. Maybe we do that and we don't win. Maybe the guy we hire next for rebuilding botches it. Perhaps that's the silver lining but we'll never know. Of course we won't care about that if Elias brings us a contender and wins the World Series. And that's something I think we can all agree on.
  19. In the end, I can get can behind letting those guys go. But only if you improve the team in other areas. They let them go and did nothing which was a travesty. That's not what you do when you were in shouting distance of the World Series.
  20. Good guys win, now let's take the series tomorrow.
  21. I was okay with it, Tony was ok with it and some others were. I think there were more against it than for it but I don't know the percentages. I just think you got to go for it and Miller was a shutdown multi inning weapon. The thing I didn't like was them not signing him back.
  22. He just won AL player of the Week: "For the week, Mancini slashed an incredible .462/.484/.846 line."
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