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  1. Trey is literally on fire!
  2. I don't think Eades is very good so that at least cancels some of that out.
  3. But but but.... Manfred said the balls weren't juiced.
  4. Wynns is even getting involved in the long ball! Shouldn't there be a reduction in pay if you give up a HR to someone like him.
  5. Still the dumbest move (or non move) I've ever seen a manager make. May somebody spiked Buck's drink that night, Oy vey.
  6. They'd have to avg. just over 7 Run's a game for the last 5 games. Unlikely, but with this pitching staff you can't rule it out.
  7. Eades got away with a couple, but he hung one too man.
  8. Somehow we got out of it.
  9. Ruiz, come on man your D is killing us.
  10. And the Ruiz Error comes back to bite us.
  11. I'm glad this is a meaningless Sept game and not a play off game, because I don't think I'd have any fingernails left.
  12. Wait a second, I didn't think you lived in Delphi.
  13. A really nice pitch by Hess and the D blows it, this team smh.
  14. Davis comes through with a go ahead tater.
  15. Line out DP, sometimes it's better to be lucky than good.
  16. Harvey has been shutdown for the year.
  17. Feels like we've blown a million leads against Toronto.
  18. Armstrong is anything but, tonight.
  19. Thought is was gone for sure.
  20. Hays with 5 RBI's tonight, 9-7 O's.
  21. Villar puts us ahead 8-7.
  22. Hays gets us back in the game with an Earl Special.
  23. Shepard is serving up meatballs tonight. Not even Hays could save him there.
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