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  1. Gary Throne is the play by play, so he doesn't have the excuse of being infected by Jim Hunter.
  2. Yeah, hard to succeed in the Majors with a career 4.2 K/9.
  3. 3 run shot for the O's!
  4. I'm done. Don't care if I miss a comeback. Not watching anymore of this trash.
  5. They still might but the odds have just plummeted like the 1929 stock market.
  6. And more clownery. I'll say this about Hyde, I'd go absolutely mental if I had to manage this team.
  7. Pathetic and absolutely unacceptable.
  8. That breaking ball was absolutely filthy.
  9. The Jays are in a giving mood so far this inning.
  10. The bullpen is leaking again, sigh.
  11. The key factor you're missing is veteranosity. Davis brings that to that table in spades.
  12. Buchholz is being taken behind the woodshed tonight.
  13. Villar with a solo shot.
  14. Well that probably ended it. Hope Williams is okay though.
  15. Oh look, Chris Davis struck out again. I'm shocked.
  16. I'm happy we got the lead but Jesus, how many baserunning mistakes are we going to make.
  17. If I were the manager of a NL team and had Davis on it, I would PH for him with a pitcher.
  18. Davis strikes out. In other news, the sky is blue.
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