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  1. Castro strikes the side out.
  2. Nice to see good defense.
  3. Damn, I thought it was this guy for a second:
  4. O's84

    vs. TIGERS, 9/15

    Jeez, that was a bad bunt.
  5. O's84

    vs. TIGERS, 9/15

    Heads up play by Alberto done to perfection. Bunt single scores Smith JR. from 3rd with 2 outs.
  6. I've been searching for that play for awhile but have been able find it. Thanks!!
  7. I see what you did there.
  8. This is how Bundy feels like just happened:
  9. Sure, the odds are he might have gotten him if he had covered. With that being said, the defense has done way more to screw him tonight, and that's not even arguable.
  10. Yes he should have covered, but Severino should have caught that and the innings over. Even before that the defense had repeatedly let him down, and drove up his pitch count. This year Bundy has had plenty of the times where he has been bad, and it was all his fault. Not tonight though.
  11. If Ruiz had thrown out the runner at 1st, the inning would have been over even before that.
  12. Yep, immediately thought the same thing. It's freaking broadcasting protocol, and on a national game they don't do it.
  13. Bundy deserves wayyyyyyyyy better than what this defense has done for him tonight. They have been downright pathetic!
  14. Our defensive tonight has been awful.
  15. "Home Run" Bundy almost made an appearance there.
  16. Low IQ baseball continues. Nothing new to see here people.
  17. Don't worry Davis, Hyde would have PH for you regardless of what had happened.
  18. Exactly! ,,, Manny who? .... Hays easily better and worth a $300 million contract. In fact, just put him in the HOF anyway, screw the rules, we know it's just a familiarity.
  19. Screw the sac fly, get out of the way for the Earl special!
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