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  1. I have 2 words for you: Move Him Up. Um, sorry, I meant HUNTER HARVEY! 3IP, 1H, 0BB, 7K. There's nothing for him to achieve here. The innings went like this. 1st: not in any particular order, but single + stolen base put a runner on 2B with less than 2 outs. No problem. 2K's sandwiched around a neat field of a come-backer where Harvey looked the runner back and made the play at 1st. 2nd: 3 Ks. 3rd: 2 Ks and a weak infield pop-up. Move him up. In the top of the 2nd Garrett Copeland singled, went
  2. Thanks Patrick. I intend to be at Coney Island Wednesday. I'll be wearing an orange 'Baltimore Baseball 1954' hat.
  3. Both of my kids' nicknames come from that book. One is the Noodle-eating Poodle. The other is the Tweetle (renamed Sweetle) Beetle.
  4. I don't think I've ever seen an infield throw as man in the dirt as the O's do. Davis saves 2-3 E's a game with his picks. GREAT win. Big heart.
  5. I'm sure not missing Matt.
  6. Chris Davis would've had that. Why the bunt with 0 outs and a run already in scoring position?
  7. I like the matte black as well. My son pointed it out to me the first game we watched this season.
  8. He probably pulled every muscle in his legs on that. Good thing he had a few days off afterward.
  9. Yes, I think I'm starting to see the problem here.
  10. And it's pretty much guaranteed that there are men on base.
  11. This is my sentiment as well. I would ;have welcomed the Alvarez/Mancini combo in place of Trumbo. I have nothing against Trumbo, but I really like Alvarez, I think I might like Mancini, and that money could've been better utilized. I guess DD was never a swaps trader. Really glad to have Pedro back.
  12. I seriously do not ever want to see Tyler Wilson on the bump for the O's again. His stuff is just too hit-able.
  13. Yup. Didn't understand why they signed him either time.
  14. Thanks Tony. That's very encouraging to read.
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