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  1. That's exactly what me and a few friends would do opening day morning the past few years.... Until my buddy texted tonight saying he couldn't find it. Hence the post. Thanks guys. Hopefully I'll find something.
  2. It is such a great movie/documentary yet I can't find a copy of it anywhere in the internet... Not even to purchase. It's a travesty. Anyone know where I can find a copy?
  3. Could this be a scenario where management thinks he will be successful if they call him up and with him being a free agent would demand a much higher price tag to re-sign? Sending him to Sarasota keeps his price tag reasonable and makes him a cheaper sign for next year if we are confident he can be successful going forward?
  4. Does anyone else get chills for the intro on MASN?
  5. 10 min..... come on Rays...finish this.
  6. I can't really watch the Rays/Skanks game. I really just don't like actually watching the skanks if i don't have to (basically unless they are playing the O's). I'm certainly following it on gamecast though. I have to pick my friend up at Penn station at midnight. He's a great friend I haven't seen in awhile..but really couldn't pick a worse time.
  7. Anlbdz

    Hoes is heating up

    http://www.milb.com/multimedia/vpp.jsp?content_id=23524277 quite a throw, and he wasn't even coming in on the ball.
  8. Anlbdz

    Guthrie is pure class.

    Now THIS....is an interesting read. http://sports.espn.go.com/mlb/columns/story?columnist=stark_jayson&id=2910803
  9. Hard not to root for him. He just seems like such an honest, sincere, and down to earth guy. I know the trade looks to have worked out well for us, but can't say I don't miss having him around. http://espn.go.com/espn/story/_/id/7849214/rockies-pitcher-twitter-friendship
  10. I watched a bit of this game on mlbtv.com and my favorite part was matusz burning a high fastball by Thome. He set it up well with a curve the pitch before. But the fact that Thome, old or not, was that far behind a 90ish mph fastball speaks to matusz being deceptive and cerebral. Certainly a positive sign eventhough it is only spring training.
  11. Flanny will be missed, no doubt. The post-game interview with Palmer is one of the most emotional/professional things i've ever seen. I've never seen someone so destroyed remain on tv. It's a testament to Flanny that a good friend would tough it out and say what he could. Truly one of the more startling moments i've witnessed in a while. RIP 46
  12. I was searching to see how Bryce Harper is doing and was not finding much information. Then it dawned on me to check his college's website. for those interested, here's the link: http://sites.csn.edu/dcabrera/baseball/2010/teamstat.htm They have played him at C, 3b and CF thus far and his power seems to be showing already. It also appears he isn't having an incredibly hard time adjusting to his new surroundings and opponent talent level. Anyways, I wanted to put this link up for anyone else interested in seeing how the wunderkind is doing.
  13. We've all been following the top 20 draftees and the last few that haven't signed. I haven't heard a word about this kid yet. In fact I couldn't even find the thread where he was announced. An internet search did not provide many answers either. Is he returning to school, did he sign? Is he an overslot type pick?
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