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  1. Yeah that's what I usually go with. Just didn't know if there was a new pregame deal that I wasn't aware of. Thanks for the quick responses guys. We're going to try Frank and Nic's.
  2. Thank you, all three of those look good. Also I know there was talk of the $5 Natty Bohs pregame deal ending, is there any where inside the stadium to get cheap beer before the game starts? Gonna have to get in a little earlier than normal to get my gnome.
  3. I assume Fed Hill is a neighborhood, not a specific restaurant. How far of a walk is it?
  4. Going to game 2 tonight. I'm a DC area fan, so pretty much am only in Baltimore for O's games. I do the whole Pickle's pregame scene usually when I go, so have no idea what other options there are within walking distance of the stadium. Don't want anything too fancy, just want a place where we can grab a bite to eat and a few beers. Any suggestions will be greatly appreciated. Here's to a sweep!:beerchug1:
  5. Funny this thread appears today. I was running late for the game today so walked in right during the anthem and didn't have time to stop by for my 5$ beers, glad I didn't waste the time. That was an awesome deal while it lasted.
  6. Offensively very weak compared to previous years. Let's see 7 strong Tilly
  7. No explanation was given on tv.
  8. Britton throwing 97 sinkers against lefties...pretty unhittable
  9. Yeah I was curious about that as well.
  10. Never thought I'd see Davis look this bad. No idea what's going on.
  11. The home plate ump is horrific.
  12. Drive by the billboard everyday on my way home from work, love it. Lived in NOVA my whole life, love DC and its sports teams but will never switch from the O's to the Nats. Not sure how any self respecting sports fanatic could switch teams.
  13. Wow Lough's defense already on display!
  14. Well this is almost as good as the Matt Kemp trade.
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