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  1. Not to mention that a qualifying offer could be extended to Fister. A potential draft pick is another mitigating factor.
  2. I agree, there is a lot of upside with the top pitchers in our system. But at what point will they both be stretched out and developed to contribute 200 innings in one season for the major league club? Are we looking at 2015, 2016, or after that?
  3. And this is precisely the reason why I am cancelling my season plan tomorrow. If ownership isn’t willing to spend on this team than I won’t either. It is time to reallocate my resources...
  4. Yes, that much is evident . 13 straight losing seasons and counting!
  5. ON BASE %

    Pat Gillick Note

    At the very bottom of the article. "Retired general manager Pat Gillick, elected to the Hall of Fame last month by the Veterans Committee, thanked all the ownerships he worked for and singled out Toronto, Seattle and Philadelphia. But he omitted Baltimore." Gee, I'm curious why he would have omitted Baltimore. I'm sure it's just an oversight. I'm sure he was delighted to work for an owner such as Peter Angelos. http://sports.espn.go.com/mlb/news/story?id=6050180
  6. Couldn't Agree more. Orioles AL Aggregate Walk Rankings By Year (http://www.baseball-reference.com) 11 out of 14 - 2009 9 out of 14 - 2008 11 out of 14 - 2007 10 (Tie) out of 14 - 2006 10 (Tie) out of 14 - 2005 During the Terry Crowley era (since 1999) the Orioles have only been in the upper half of the aggregate rankings twice (1999 and 2004). And only in one year (1999), have their walks been above the AL average. This isn't intended only to attack Crowley, since player selection also is an important component. However, the Orioles have been a below average team for over a decade
  7. Posted on the Baltimore Sun approximately 10 minutes ago. http://www.baltimoresun.com/sports/orioles/bal-oscoaches1013,0,6530726.story
  8. From the Indians perspective that sounds reasonable. But from the Orioles perspective two draft picks might be a better return for Roberts.
  9. I told you Tex wouldn't sign here. Now we can finally move forward.
  10. It's highly unlikely that Tex comes to Baltimore. I voted no way. My vote is Anaheim. Not only do the Angels have the cash, they have few obstacles in reaching the postseason. Thanks to Bud-Selig's division alignment the Angels automatically have a 1 in 4 chance of reaching the postseason. And the three franchises in the Angels division are inferior to the competition in the AL East. In the end the Angels competitive position combined with a strong offer will be too much for Tex to resist. When Tex signs with another team I will be one of the first to say I told you so. Everybody on th
  11. http://www.baltimoresun.com/sports/baseball/bal-sp.connolly31oct31,0,3570293.column Nobody's perfect but I am happy to see Gillick retire as a world series champion GM!
  12. Bigbird, is this per Peter Angelos or Andy MacPhail?
  13. Yes, congragulations to 3 time World Series Champion Pat Gillick. I almost started an appreciation thread for him. I am so happy that he gets to retire with the World Championship! Hey Angelos, looks like Gillick gets the last laugh! :wedge: Also, congragulations to ex Orioles Jamie Moyer and Jayson Werth. Way to go guys!
  14. And if I wanted to win, I would look at Angelos' track record. It's not Stockdill himself, it's that fact that Angelos has not changed his ways and is still micromanaging and overrulling his baseball executives. If I were a premium free agent this is one franchise I would steer clear of. In fact, I would have my agent negotiate a limited no-trade clause of 5-6 franchises. And the Angelos Orioles would be on that list. Between the incompetent ownership and the AL East the Orioles are not a destination for a free agent that is serious about playing for a contending team. Again, I hope th
  15. There is no way to spin this. If the dollars were close somewhere else I would choose not to play for the Orioles if I were a free agent like Tex or Burnett. From the perspective of winning I would prefer to sign with a team with an owner less involved in operational decisions.
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