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  1. Thanks, I just didn’t know if anybody knew why all the newer Baltimore road jerseys disappeared from the online stores.
  2. Thanks, but I was mainly talking about the newer Baltimore jerseys.
  3. I had a jersey question, has anyone seen any Baltimore road jerseys for sale online recently? I can’t seem to find any in the last month or so, did they get discontinued?
  4. Any one hearing anything else about a fan event soon?
  5. Thanks, we’ll probably park at OPACY.
  6. What’s the parking situation for fan fest? Is the Convention center and Camden Yards where everyone parks?
  7. You've got to think these are our untouchables: Jones, Markakis, Wieters, Matusz, Britton, Bell and possibly Arrieta So that leaves a package of Snyder, Tillman, Scott, Pie and maybe Waring would the Padres do it?
  8. Where do you guys think Avery and Hoes will start the year? Delmarva?
  9. That doesn't mean AM didn't hear from Boras on Wednesday....man how crazy is all of this? If we do sign him, I really hope a full NTC/3 year opt-out isn't included. If he starts declining in 4 years, or things don't work out, it would be nice to be able to trade him for prospects.....
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