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  1. I thought it sounded like him.
  2. I'm with SG and the anti-acquiring Gonzalez crowd. I don't get why people think one meaningful year of him is worth giving up what it would take to get him. We aren't sniffing the playoffs next year so it doesn't matter that much to me in the long run what he contributes to this team in 2010. He's hitting free agency after 2011, no way he doesn't test those waters. I guess some people are just impatient and need that big splash, but I don't want to give up all those years of control on the guys to get him when over the next 2 years he isn't going to help us in the grand scheme of things. People have to see the big picture. Even if, for those 2 years, he is the guy he was last year, I don't think it's worth acquiring him.
  3. Haha, I would go to every Revs game if that happened.
  4. See, stay up late enough and you can get new info. Now it is time to crash.
  5. I hope it wouldn't just be assumed he was healthy. On another note, why the heck am I still awake?
  6. Here's hoping your guy is right! Certain things about the contract will determine how excited I end up being. For now I'll just hope for some confirmation in the morning.
  7. Come on Tex, come back where you belong!
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