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  1. weams

    <p><p><p>Happy birthday</p></p></p>

  2. What is there to say? He might contribute as a big-league middle reliever at some point. He also might not. Not really a lot to discuss.
  3. Yeah, that was the trend for a while. Matt Anderson went #1 at one point also. Then there was the trend of nobody taking relievers in high rounds, ever, and it seems like that's just now starting to thaw as the sabermetric consensus starts to correct itself on the value of leverage. One trend that just popped up last year was teams taking college relievers with very high picks with the intention of using them as starters (Tyler Jay, Dillon Tate, etc.) I guess the thinking there is that if the guy can't put it together as a starter, you know what he can do in short stints. This was something t
  4. Apart from guys like Brad Brach and BJ Ryan, who were never starters but were already major leaguers when the O's acquired them, I believe the answer you're looking for is Chris Ray. As others have said, though, it's a new strategy, so judging it on the past when they weren't actually employing this strategy is probably not a great idea. We've already seen Donnie Hart and Ashur Tolliver make the big leagues as relievers, and Hart in particular didn't look wildly out of place. It's not an overwhelming stack of evidence, to be sure, but again, this is a pretty new thing they're doing. Seems lik
  5. Subconscious bias is a very real factor in the hype industry.
  6. eb45

    Yermin Mercedes

    The reasons he's not at a higher level right now are named Chance Sisco and Jonah Heim. That's all there is to it, really.
  7. Unfortunately, I moved out of the area a couple years ago, and the IronBirds aren't coming to Auburn (the closest NYPL team to me) at all this season. I was going to make the trip down to Batavia to see them last week, but suddenly found myself carless after some guy ran a stop sign. So maybe I'll drive to the Albany area next month when they play the Valley Cats. From the film I've seen, though, Heinrich's got genuine plus power and he seems to have less swing-and-miss than you'd think. COF all the way so the bat's the carrying tool, but the upside is a major impact bat. McKenna doesn't have
  8. I don't know if it's so much that I'm low on Sedlock as it is that I'm high on Mountcastle/Reyes/Scott/Peralta. But to answer your question, I'm not completely sure he has any secondaries that can get outs at the big-league level, and his fastball probably doesn't play out of the pen as well as Scott's and Peralta's. I'm also of the opinion that an impact reliever contributes more to winning games than a middling starter. But I do like Sedlock and the more I think about it, the more I'm second-guessing myself for having him at 8. I wouldn't object to him as high as 5. Some other guys I feel l
  9. Don't forget Jaylen Ferguson in that outfield, and there's a non-zero chance Seamus Curran makes the team too. Should be fun.
  10. Here's what I've got: 1 Chance Sisco 2 Hunter Harvey 3 Trey Mancini 4 Ryan Mountcastle 5 Jomar Reyes 6 Tanner Scott 7 Ofelky Peralta 8 Cody Sedlock 9 Garrett Cleavinger 10 Austin Hays
  11. eb45

    Cory Jones, RHP

    That's got to be at least a couple ticks cold. Still hard to get too excited about a righty who must be topping out around 88-89.
  12. Brandon Snyder dominated Bowie at age 22. Markakis at 21. LJ Hoes didn't quite dominate but he did hit .305/.379/.413 at 21. And then there's Manny, who hit .266/.352/.438 at age 19. Schoop and Xavier Avery also put in okay seasons at Bowie at 20 and 21, respectively.
  13. Interesting note on the O's broadcast today that Stewart's closed his stance since his move to Frederick. I'd love to see some good side-angle video of him if anyone's at Frederick any time soon.
  14. One guy who does have a similar load to Stewart, at least in the "bat head pointing down" department is Paul Goldschmidt. His load is a lot cleaner than Stewart's, but he's got a similar situation where he needs to cock his wrists before he loads. I'm still not a fan of the setup Stewart's used since being drafted, but it's not unthinkable that he could hit with that weird wrist action, I guess. Chris Davis is another guy who moves his hands a lot in his load. So it's not like a weird setup is a kiss of death. But if you go and look at how his swing has changed since he was drafted, you'll not
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