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  1. Damn. I was just about to comp him to Troy Glaus based on the descriptions I've heard. Nice pull.
  2. I'm on the Cowser side, but it's also worth pointing out that Stowers is also supposed to be a very good outfielder. Not saying he can more to CF as easy as Cowser (both better at CoF), but he apparently holds his own well out there.
  3. I suspect he already is by a fair number of people.
  4. Stowers would not be where he'll end up on Tony's list if he were in A or AA. It's because he did what he did in AAA and is ready for the next step. He's produced against better competition. That means his risk is lower, as it relates to experience at least.
  5. I really do like Westburg though. Can't wait for Tony's write-up on him.
  6. Gunnar: Age 20-120 days Westburg: Age 22-251 days
  7. All true. I think it came down to Tony's feeling that you can tell when a guy is a next level guy. Put 10 guys out there and who stands out? The answer to Tony was Mayo over everyone except the #1 prospects in baseball at their respective positions.
  8. One of the things that you probably have to deal with yearly with your write-ups is they're based on the information available at a point in time. People sometimes think you draw conclusions like "Gunnar won't be as good as Mayo." You certainly have you're opinions, but you also don't rule out one player taking a major step while another does not. Henderson has power and athleticism. That's a great combination. I think he has balance issues in his swing and most likely in his fielding too. I made a point like that in the minors forum when he kept hitting those oppo homeruns and got busted
  9. I'm predicting Tony has Stowers above Westburg. We'll see.
  10. Yeah. It's an art more than a science, particularly with a guy like Kjerstad who we are really uninformed about.
  11. It's REALLY hard to rank Kjerstad almost anywhere, right? No matter where Tony puts him, there's real "risk" that Kjerstad either greatly overperforms or greatly underperforms. Stowers is on the doorstep of the majors, has power and plays good defense. Risk is k rate. You can justify putting him very high, I'd wager.
  12. It's a snapshot after a single season. No doubt Gunnar could be above Mayo next year just based on Gunnar's performance alone. That kid could be special. He did have an up and down season though, both at the plate and in the field. If he's like some of the kids I know, the offseason can be used to really clean up the game. Not sure that applies as they get older, but there's nothing stopping Gunnar from being our #1 prospect next year. It might not be likely, but it's possible.
  13. 65, 65, 60. Awesome. Ceilings of 75, 75, 65. Not sure where Cowser, Henderson and Hall will fall on future grades, but I know their ceilings will be high. That's a nice top of the list. Really interested to see where a couple of the international guys fall too. Next year I'm expecting to see a name (or 2-4) really shoot up the lists like Mayo did this year, and I'm not just thinking about the #1 overall pick.
  14. It's Cowser, IMO, and those are 5 good players on that list. I'm thinking Markakis at the plate. Better range, less arm, in the outfield. Low risk, but pretty high upside player with high probability to start for Baltimore relatively soon and for a long time. He's here because his upside is comparable to the other guys but he has less risk. In fact, I'd wager that Tony's rankings of Henderson, Hall and Stowers will depend on how he views their risk as much as their upside, with Stowers' upside a tick behind the other two and thus probably the last of them to show on the list, IMO.
  15. My man! I got this one "right" insofar as Tony picked him 3rd too. That shouldn't be surprising since a fair amount of my own opinion comes from what Tony posts here. That said, the kid walks, hits for power, and has a cannon for an arm. Seems like a prototypical future 3B assuming he can continue to grow. It'll be real interesting to see the pecking order a year from now when the list is #1 overall pick, Mayo, Henderson, amongst others.
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