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  1. Yeah. Wish I knew how I voted, if I voted. I didn’t post in this thread.
  2. Would signing Franco be exciting? No matter what they do, it's not going to double attendance this year, that's for sure.
  3. It's ok by me if you vent. I completely understand it. I accept the vision, so I'm not whining about the near term results. I'm embracing them as part of the bigger plan.
  4. My interpretation, we'll definitely end up with 2 guys. My guess: pitcher first. However, while I understand draft and stash can tax a 40-man roster, certain rosters are more easily taxed than others. The 2020 O's would seem to be a fit.
  5. I can't imagine there are many equals in terms of depth and insight anywhere in the public domain. Really nice list, Luke.
  6. The only point I'm making is they didn't seem to value him that highly. Seems like a worthy flyer for our player development guys though.
  7. Sounds like it, but Dodgers also a possibility.
  8. So the Tigers valued 38-39 guys higher than this guy. Wild must be an understatement if he really does have a 60/60 top two pitches.
  9. Same. Kid sports so I'm not available. I wanted to go too.
  10. Pretty sure I'm agreeing with your post. I actually like threads like this because they demonstrate just how far away this team really is. I happen to think Drungo is slightly pessimistic (or maybe just incomplete) because he doesn't address potential internal help from Hays, Mountcastle and others, but even with crazy additions, we're probably still 150-200 runs away from where we need to be. So, yeah, this thread helps demonstrate that a rebuild and new foundation is the way to go.
  11. I think if you want to blame MLB, you need to blame the revenue sharing model, not the fact that they gave one of the richest markets in the country (DC) a team. Teams like the O's tank and rebuild because their revenues simply don't support paying a large premium for talent. They can do so, but it has to be just right. The Yankees can have bad years, but they can always justify a thread like the one another poster put out there re: winning the world series. They're always "only" 2-3 major free agents away. The only constraints they face in this revenue model is the soft cap that taxes their payroll.
  12. The Broncos are going to win 10+ games next year. Love what they’re doing.
  13. I give the guy a certain amount of credit. He has strong opinions. Had passion about this baseball stuff and tried to build his own thing when it became clear this place wasn't for him. Now he's into politics, so I pity him. (kidding, sort of) I'm glad he has a thing.
  14. Right. It reflects a gravitas about his scouting/player development chops. At some point, this process will have to include bringing in some high quality talent through FA or trade. Even Tampa isn't fully home-grown.
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