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  1. I don't know exactly why, but it's fair to assume that they think he has more potential than whatever other stuff was available, right?
  2. If you view Shaw as a known quantity, then it doesn’t make sense. If you view him as a guy with a potential that you want take give a shot to unlock, then it makes perfect sense.
  3. They did get around a fair amount down there against other teams didn't they? I think they were seen, but I agree it can't be on the level of a minor league season.
  4. I do. They have Davis, Mountcastle and Mancini. There’s only so many 1b/DH you can have.
  5. So Davis cost of Nunez. Probably true, but I understand they have to keep Davis.
  6. Kind of different for a pitcher, no?
  7. If I were the O's, I'd contract Delmarva before Frederick just because I'd prefer that footprint in Frederick. Don't want the Nats to take it.
  8. LookinUp

    BA Orioles Top 10

    If you all tell me that Diaz gets traded this offseason, I would be zero percent surprised. Seems to have higher value to those outside the org than those inside this org.
  9. So, it's starting. The Yankees announced major changes this weekend. Got rid of two affiliates, added others. https://twitter.com/KyleAGlaser/status/1324857627537416192?s=20
  10. I can't believe how old that list is. Even the young guys are old. I'm getting old.
  11. Isn't it easier to stash a good arm at the back of the bullpen than an extra player off the bench? If so, that argues that any tough choices should favor keeping our pitchers over guys like Bannon, IMO. He's just as likely to be sent back to us, and not a huge loss if he isn't. That said, I agree with SG that we won't likely have that kind of roster crunch. Also, Hanifee and Peralta are the upside guys down that list, right? Anyone else? Seems like they're in a bit of a different category.
  12. I'm not trying to be morbid, but does this indicate anything about Peter's health?
  13. Am I misreading this or was the original argument about who has more value (Valaika or Nunez), but now about who has more value "to us?" Either way, the answer in both cases is likely Nunez. I think SG's argument is right. It's not about who is most versatile, it's about who is most easily replaced. Teams claim guys like Valaika all the time. Nunez is better at his price than what is easily claimed, so even if he's redundant on our roster without injuries, he's still the more valuable player to have.
  14. This threat title kind of cracks me up. Why would groups be lining up their bids if there wasn't a strong sense that the O's would be on the market? There has to be smoke somewhere, otherwise it's as worthwhile as me getting my 3 best friends together in an attempt to buy google.
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