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  1. I don't know man. History aside, I feel like if Tampa got their hands on the same guys, the careers would have been much more successful.
  2. If this is how MLB did things, there would be many fewer prospects in the minors. See Drungo's rants about this. We all know the way things are set up. To expect the O's to manage personnel contrary to the incentives built into the system is an exercise in futility. These guys will be brought up 1) when there are no more excuses not to or 2) when they're needed. The system does not incent a team to bring guys up to get us from 72-75 wins. That is not considered a need.
  3. LookinUp

    DL Hall 2021

    I enjoyed that. Gives hope that he’ll improve his control in a pretty meaningful way. If so, his prospect status moves up somewhat significantly.
  4. Really interesting that the guy who wrote “Smart Baseball” gives a qualitative reason for a numerical ranking when others are quantifying the FVs of actual people and ranking accordingly.
  5. I think we have Felix and Harvey, and to a lesser extent Leblanc, for two* reasons: 1. To cover innings, especially early in the season, while the next group of guys proves themselves in AA/AAA and/or gains a year of service time, and 2. To trade. #2 fits into the rule of large sample sizes. Eventually guys like this produce over relevant time periods and you can get a real good trade for them. That doesn't mean it'll happen with these two, but when you're rebuilding this is the type of two-sided move you make in hopes of buying some time for your young guys and gaining some additional prospects. * you could also argue Felix is here as a leader, but I don't think that's a principal reason to have him here.
  6. They'll learn about Lowther this year, but if anyone thinks they're going to see an effective Hernandez/Harvey and still jettison them, you got another thing coming. If those guys are serviceable, they'll be on the team until they can be traded or just stink. That's just reality. They're not going to just cut potential trade assets because they like a young guy in a lost season.
  7. I *think* he's a NY guy. Has a disappointed history with Harvey is my guess.
  8. Hall certainly has great upside. His profile has taken a knock for a couple of years because of control concerns. Hopefully he can harness that stuff because he has probably the best swing and miss stuff in the system. The other guys are being over rated by you though, I think. I think Kremer/Akin might have #3 stretches, but really don't profile as #3 types. Kremer has a shot. Akin does not, IMO. If there's another guy with great upside that we know about, it's probably Baumann. His arm talent is next level. Several of the other guys, though I like them, kind of have to hit the Dallas Keuchel-like inside straight. Not impossible, but not highly probable.
  9. Yeah. The whole thing about Gausman coming out was that he had a great change up to go with the FB, but didn't have a average or better 3rd pitch (slider). I was always disappointed in his change/splitter junk. I think it went backwards with the O's, but it was his calling card for a little while. The idea that he just came up with it is weak sauce.
  10. This is true, but both the union and the owners have incentive not to promote the youngest players, whether that coincides with playing the best guys at any age or not.
  11. The idea that he needs to prove something in AA is funny to me. Dude is coming to spring training, right? The O's will know in a week if he's as good as the guys we have now. They might not know every detail he needs to improve upon, but with the way they're using video and data, I'd bet they already know what he needs to work on. There might be reasons to send him down beyond service time, but they've likely already identified those reasons.
  12. I'm going to assume that AR is pretty obviously the best catcher in spring training. If not, I'll assume it's close. He's not going to stink all of the sudden. So assuming that, I want the extra year of service time. That means I'd bring him up pretty much when eligible for the extra year. If I delayed beyond that, it would be because 1) the AA season starts later and I want him to get his feet wet (weak reason, IMO) or 2) I'm trying to maximize Severino's value for a trade (also pretty weak). In a perfect world, Severino starts out like a house of fire. We call up AR in May/June and Severino gets more bench time and eventually traded.
  13. I don't think this team has an obvious light's out closer candidate, like say, George Sherrill. Hopefully one of these no names turns himself into a Flat Breezy type of fella.
  14. So do you trash the strategy altogether? I'd say no. I think it's a player by player consideration. I want to see some more of Mountcastle, but I think the bat has the ability to play for a long time. Still, I'm not saying definitely lock him up. I'm saying the conversation should be had by smart people re: if and/or when.
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