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  1. Oh hell, I’ll say it. This thread, this forum and the top 100 lists are neat, but I see 1 big big impact guy (Grayson R.), one very solid/above avg regular (AR), an electric arm I think will be hit and miss (Hall), an above average bat/fielder (Gunnar) and a few guys with solid /average potential (Baumann, Westburg/Ortiz/etc.). I think this org needs to stay the course on prospects but will need a very significant influx in FA talent to be competitive in this division. This farm system doesn’t really get us close on its own, IMO.).
  2. Actuall a tick or two lower than 2019, I think.
  3. LookinUp

    Coby Mayo

    Going by memory, but I recall he has a strong arm. That's Mountcastle's weakness.
  4. Exactly. IT's like original evals bias future opinions. You expect that some, and you don't want to flail at small sample sizes, but c'mon.
  5. I didn't know this, so I looked it up. Versus LHP - .195 avg, .313 OBP, .654 OPS Versus RHP - .360 avg, .394 obp, 1.064 OPS The one thing about his LHP stats is it looks like he walks a lot. 7% walk rate against RHP. 17% against LHP.
  6. I've actually respected Law, but I absolutely cannot imagine having Rocker that high after his dip in stuff and performance this year. That makes me question a lot of his evaluations.
  7. Honestly, I'll believe it when I see dominance at AAA. Don't get me wrong, I like that stat line a lot, but without elite arm strength/stuff, feel for the ball will matter a ton. For the life of me, I can't understand why baseball doesn't use the same ball at all levels. I guess it's because of cost, and I'd imagine the cost of baseballs really adds up for a whole team in a whole season.
  8. LookinUp

    Coby Mayo

    Wow. Not sure how good he'll be, but that's some impressive physicality. Large kid. Fast bat. Crazy rotation in the swing. It was a home run, so it probably should look good. Does he have holes? No idea. But from a layman's perspective, that was really impressive.
  9. I don't think most people think he won't be very good. I just see a number like 70, comps to Guerrero and Tatis and Acuna, and don't see it. Now if you, or fangraphs, is saying that it's total value, and that his defense and positional adjustments are a larger proportion of that value than it is for the other 3, I guess I can understand it a bit. However, when I think of those guys, I think primarily of guys who rake. I love the plate discipline and power, but I just don't think he'll rake like them. I sure hope he does, but I don't personally think he will.
  10. How do they have AR as a 70? Seems way high. I'd have him as a 60 personally.
  11. or Brady Aiken (2014), or Micky Moniak (2016), or Royce Lewis (2017). Or Bryce Harper/Carlos Correa. There are good and bad, but seems to be a fairly high bust rate depending on how far to go back. But sure, if you're lucky to see a generational talent like Griffey/Harper, by all means, go for it. In the absence of that, it seems like having the extra experience/data on a college player is advisable. And if that's true at #1, it would seem to translate to #2, #5, etc., where there needs to be a somewhat significant talent delta between the less experienced high school option and the
  12. LookinUp

    Blaine Knight

    The ball is a reasonable thing to speculate about. Either way, these guys just aren't getting it done. I hope they figure it out.
  13. LookinUp

    Blaine Knight

    Well, the story of that article was 1) he was good, 2) got all out of whack and 3) figured out what made him good and started doing it again. Hopefully that happens with Lowther, et al too. I just have this bad feeling that the O's are using advanced data and trying to make guys into something that they're not. It will work for some, but might screw guys up in the transition. I don't know. Just a feeling. I have no real evidence to confirm it.
  14. Well, that's not all they're saying. They're saying that it would be odd to spend above slot on the guys we picked and will likely pay above slot for. So they're concluding either that 1) we won't go far above slot, which means we operated on a tight budget, or 2) we picked the wrong guys to go above slot on. For the latter, I'll trust Elias over analyst types. For the former, if we're cheap in the end, I'll be upset.
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