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  1. Luis Apracio's career OPS+ was 82. Richie Martin's is 45. Belanger's career OPS+ is 68.
  2. I just want to say I think this was a brilliant thread idea. Thanks for bumping it!
  3. Diaz is on the come too. They'll give Santander, Hays and Stewart more time to prove (or re-prove) themselves early next year, but I fully expect Diaz to be a fixture by the end of next season.
  4. Because the change up and slurve were not part of his repertoire, at least at this level, last year.
  5. Now that school has started, while I'm extremely busy until about 8:30, it quiets down then. That's when I sit down for the first time. On nights like last night, I see the O's getting hammered and find something else. Yesterday it was Rodman's 30 for 30. A week or two ago it was the Nats. Or football, or often nothing I would watch at all because my wife got the darn remote first. lol.
  6. But it sure would be nice if our future TOR featured: 1. 2020 draftee 2. DL Hall 3. Grayson Rodriguez But a lot of different machinations would be huge improvements, obviously.
  7. Oh, it can happen, but the White Sox are 20 games better than Detroit at this point. They're not terrible.
  8. Prediction: Other than the head to head match-ups, this doesn't happen again this season.
  9. He does seem to have more power, but he's also got integration in mind, which tells me he's going to manage the people he brings in differently than Duquette or others ever did. It's not just about who he brings in. It's what is expected of the people here that's different.
  10. LookinUp

    Ryan McKenna 2019

    I also agree with it. Elias will assess that risk and the degree to which he even cares if McKenna is taken by another team. I think he'd fit squarely into Tony's vulnerable list. Has real value in the field and on the bases (when he's paying attention), but also very real questions about his hit tool. Personally, I say you keep him and give one more year for the hit tool to show up. He's valuable enough otherwise to take that gamble unless we're really able to upgrade from outside the org.
  11. LookinUp

    Ryan McKenna 2019

    My guess is that would be a fun, but really tough task. I expect Elias to bring in a bunch of guys most of us have never heard of before. Last year it was Ruiz, Smith, Martin, Nunez and others. I know that happens every year, but I'm guessing it'll be more than usual just given where we still are in the rebuild.
  12. As of today, I want us to get Hancock or Martin, though it's hard to pass over truly special bats.
  13. Never say never, but Detroit's remaining schedule looks a lot harder than the O's. We're looking at #2 next year I think.
  14. I agree that's what it is sold as, but again, I don't agree that it's true. Defensive data is highly questioned by position. The value of OF data vs. a SS's data vs. a catcher's data is huge. Similarly, there's huge differences in FIP, xFIP, etc., that are attempting in different ways to approximate a pitcher's value (performance). Again, they vary widely. WAR is old. It's better than what existed before it, and probably better in the aggregate in general, but at the player level I do not believe it when it says that an individual SS, P, OF, C and DH who are all worth 3.0 WAR are indistinguishable in overall value. That determination takes a closer look at the inputs to make.
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