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  1. I am excited to see our prospect list after the 2021 season. I’d bet we have a couple exciting international guys by then.
  2. Batman is hurt. I believe Lowther was hurt, but is back now. Zimmerman has apparently impressed though, tonight notwithstanding.
  3. Really wonder what Roch's username is. As for Nunez, I like Interloper's comment. In the aggregate, I'm not too worked up on this topic. It's what good organizations face every year. It's why we end up with guys like Nunez almost every year. You lose them sometimes. That's part of the system. It is what it is.
  4. His baseball story is better than 99.9% of guys have. Got more than a cup of coffee. Good for him. Has a live enough arm that there's a non-zero chance he can perfect or develop a chance and end up more valuable. I wouldn't give up if I were him.
  5. From the article, here are a couple of things I found interesting.. Guys Duquette/Rajisch drafted/acquired - Mountcastle, Hays, Stewart, Mullins, Nunez, Sisco, Akin, Kremer, Means, Scott, Tate, Harvey, Santander, Mancini, Grayson Rodriguez, DL Hall, Baumann, Diaz, Hader, Yastrzemski, McKenna 2013 draft produced 11 major leaguers. That's crazy good, even if many aren't going to be studs. I think player development has always been the issue here. Our draft guys weren't served well by that side of the house. It genuinely seems like that's the difference between Elias and the predecessors.
  6. This org has about 10 guys on the way to the majors. The terms would have to be ridiculously good, right?
  7. Nice catch by Stewart there. Almost hit a railing, I think.
  8. We certainly appear to have COF depth. I'm not convinced now is the time for those trades, but if all goes well, I agree that at some point we'd want to use those bodies to upgrade other positions.
  9. I'd much rather have Lowther than Nunez. I'd be mad if the O's traded Lowther for Nunez unless we were desperate for a RH bat in the middle of a serious playoff run. Even then I'm not sure I'd do it. I think Stewart's a real asset. Gets on base. Has some pop. Is left handed. Decent enough in the outfield. I like him. On talent, I think he's superior to Stewart, and as I said above, I like Stewart.
  10. I hate to say it, but if the team feels like they can save, say $10 million, by keeping Davis as the 40th man in case of another COVID shortened season, I couldn’t blame them. You could certainly argue that’s a better use of resources than maxing out the 40th spot. Hopefully that doesn’t happen for a million more important reasons.
  11. Seems like this is an opinion as much as a fact, but I don’t know. I *feel* like a lot of guys work through injury issues and eventually stabilize as relatively healthy. I also feel like many never get over the injuries.
  12. On talent, I think the Os want Hays, Santander, Diaz in the OF, Mancini and Mountcastle at DH/1b, Mullins as 4th OF and Stewart off the bench. Until Kjerstad arrives. add Rutschman and you’re waiting on Ps to arrive while figuring out ss, 3b and 2b.
  13. Oh hell, I'll bite. I don't have a citation from a publication comparing classes, but remember it was a big improvement. Do you have a citation saying we were still at the bottom?
  14. I think the bolded was true 3 years ago. Two years ago it changed. This year was "who knows?" I wouldn't be shocked if this upcoming international class is top 10 or even top 5. It's a stated goal and relatively cheap to do. I expect it has already changed.
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