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  1. That's fine. Taking walks it taking walks. Even if you're pitched around it shows you're being a little more selective.
  2. LookinUp

    Gray Fenter

    I should know this, but does he have an injury history? I'm guessing so just because of his age/level and innings limitations.
  3. Ha. I was looking through to see who was closest.
  4. LookinUp

    Ryan McKenna 2019

    Absolutely. I don't think he'd be a particularly hard stash, especially in the NL with as much substituting as they do.
  5. Your ears must have been burning. I was just about to bump this thread. Lol.
  6. On this point, I'll agree to disagree. lol
  7. I used to love Dave Schmidt. Lol.
  8. LookinUp

    Ryan McKenna 2019

    I think you have to keep him unless you're convinced he's never going to hit. I'm not high on him, but I actually think it's a no brainer for this org.
  9. That's always a question, but physical maturity doesn't always mean loss of mobility. At least I think you can get power out of a swing without losing speed.
  10. Nats have Scherzer, Strasburg and Corbin. Mets have DeGrom, Syndergaard, Stroman/Wheeler/Matz I didn't do the math on WAR, but the NL has three teams where guys can shut you out on many nights. It won't be an easy road in either league.
  11. Yep. That's what he needs to become a highly ranked prospect. Rest of the profile looks good to me at least.
  12. LookinUp

    Luis Ortiz 2019

    Wow. I had no idea it had been that long. I kept waiting to hear how he was doing out of the bullpen.
  13. I totally agree that it's unlikely, but I could see a world where Cobb, Means, Bundy, Akin, Kremer, Harvey, Givens, Wojo and a couple others are an overachieving staff. I can also see where Severino, Mancini, Mountcastle, Hays, Santander, Stewart/Diaz, Nunez and a couple others hit/field enough, and I can see that bunch outperforming their pythagorean by luck, if nothing else. Then I could see adding AR if we're within 5 games in August. I think that's still a bad team, but crazier things have happened.
  14. LookinUp

    Ryan McKenna 2019

    His Fangraphs data is interesting to me: https://www.fangraphs.com/statss.aspx?playerid=sa875055&position=OF A few notes: 1. His game power is 30/40. (I assume that's now/future) 2. His FB% is over 40%. My theory is this could be telling us that he's hitting like a power guy in a LD hitter's body. This could be where a ML ball would make a big difference for him if he's a warning track power guy in AA. 3. His ZIPS 3 year projections have him at 1.1, 1.7 and 1.9 WAR. That's with projected OPS of .654, .693 and .700. So they're not really projecting much in the way of offensive improvement. His value is tied to speed and defense.
  15. LookinUp

    Ryan McKenna 2019

    I think you have a fair take, but I'm not sure I agree that a .730 OPS in the majors is his profile. If so, I agree that would be more useful. It's currently .685 in AA and .750 at all levels. He has some pretty significant improvement to make to get to .730 at the ML level, IMO.
  16. LookinUp

    Ryan McKenna 2019

    I get that when you add age, speed and defense, it's a decent profile, but pointing out league average offense in AA is, to me, essentially damning with faint praise. It's fine, but not for a top prospect. I think he needs to hit significantly better to have any significant ML value, and I don't have confidence that's going to happen. I mean, if we're happy with a 4/5th outfielder profile, that's fine. I just think you can find them essentially anywhere.
  17. I'd venture that most of us didn't. I'd start with "the O's have never really had a J2 presence before this year" and go from there. Probably didn't even have a Tricky league team, and certainly not one with prospects.
  18. Let me get this straight. Under my scenario (however very unlikely that is): 1. We have a Why Not season in 2020 2. Rutschman is killing A+ and AA. 3. The likely plan is to be in the majors in May of 2021, delayed only by service time 4. The O's promote him to help with a 2019 pennant race. You'd consider that a half measure? And unprofessional rebuild?
  19. If the O's have a "Why Not" type of season next year, he could get the Machado treatment and make it all of the way to the majors by August. More likely is the A+, AA and maybe AAA in August.
  20. LookinUp

    Ryan McKenna 2019

    I was curious what he's been doing lately so I decided to look up his splits. In the last 28 days, McKenna has: 24 games 85 PAs 71 ABs 13 BBs 21 Ks 3 stolen bases 3 caught stealing 9 hits .127 BA .262 OBP .389 OPS 9 total bases I hope the injury rumor was right. He's hit a wall.
  21. I haven't had time to go through this whole thread. The first few pages are pretty fascinating. What I'm not seeing is an effort to get speed back into the game. Pushing the fences back is fine (though cost prohibitive), but I think that more punishes awesome hitters than proactively adds speed to the game. How about they move the bases to 87 ft, or whatever the optimal number to get more guys on base with bunts and situational hitting while bringing back the stolen base. It wouldn't penalize the existing game much, but it would give teams an alternative way of attacking. Ok. Move the fences back too.
  22. It starts with KC. We need to man down against them as much as possible over the next 5 games against them. Aside from those series, things are very hard until 9/13, when they become very easy (for normal teams). It's hard to imagine we overtake Detroit, but it's possible.
  23. When going for biggest loser, fewer wins is most important. They have us by 2 in that column right now. That's where I'm focused.
  24. Really happy to see this. I understand and support slow playing most of the prospects. Not as much this guy. It looks like he's healthy and we all know he's good enough.
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