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  1. I cant believe you guys are so blind to the players on other teams around the league.Dont get me wrong B. Roberts is a geat player aswell but when you look at the numbers he doesnt compare to Phillips. Roberts 290avg., 12hr., 57rbi., 50sb., a 377obp. and a 432 slug. percent.Now lets look at BP stats. Phillips 288avg., 30hr., 94rbi, 32sb, a 340obp., and a 485 slug. percent. Looking at those numbers which 2nd baseman would you take on your team.Better yet which player would you take on your fantasy team which really is your team.Lets look at how the fantasy guys look at it at teh sites.Phillips fantasy number was 2055 and Roberts was 1829.So anyway you look at it phillips was by far the best second baseman in baseball last year fantasy wise.He was ahead of all other second baseman in fantasy points.Thats Utley,Roberts, or any second baseman. Saying all this does have a point.Im just trying to get people look at stats and see just how good of a player someone is before they make crazy statements.Saying Bp would be the 3rd part of any deal taken place.nonsense. Also I hope the Reds trade for Bedard.But I do feel that Bailey, Cueto, Votto, and EE would be way to much to pay for Bedard.That would be to big even if the Os added someone else.But I still hope AM will come down a little on his asking price so he and WK can work something out.I mena a deal of Bailey or Cueto,EE or Votto,then a couple players like Maloney and Stubbs and I could even see the Reds adding a fifth like Keppinger if the Os will add a BP arm like Cabrera or Walker.I see this as being a decent trade for both sides.A little Heavy on the Os side but you got to give up something to get something.
  2. First off I never called anyone on this board a name.But you came out and called me a troll for what reason.I wasnt trying to be arrogant in anyway when I said I played D-1 baseball.I was just trying to say I knew the game of baseball.Then a poster said I didnt know as much as his 8 year old nephew knew. Also I never passed along any kind of misinformed judgements.I said most writers or stat guys are old fat guys,which they are.Now are there some that arent old and out of shape,sure they are.I was just stating that not all writers who come up with these numbers know as much as people like to give them credit for.And if you cant see that,Im sorry guys its all right there in front of you. Now on to my terrible grammer and spelling.I made a mistake on 2 or 3 words in my post that the poster came down on me about.I probably had a runon sentence or 2 aswell but it was readable.Im sure the Mods here dont care if you make a mistake while typing.Its not like I spelled 25 words wrong or my whole post was just one sentence.My post was just something someone thought they had to attack.Why?I dont know,but I wish I did.Most people know that after a period comes the start of the folowing sentence.So how could it be that hard to read. I would just like to be treated fairly here.I have never attacked or called other posters here names.I have been treated both ways since I have posted here.I have been accused of being arrogant for what reason,who knows.Its not like I said that since I have played D-1 baseball I know everytihg about BB and all should listen to me.So I never tried to tout myself in noway. You said this board is held to higher standards.I can except that but I know you were trying to take a shot at me and my UK board.But its all good I would love for you to come over sometime.Its good for a board to have a certain standard but to make every word spelled right and the sentence structure correct in every post is impossible.But hey thats all good.I have loved this board for the last couple weeks.Coming over here and seeing the rumors and reading the posts by the 95% of the great posters here.But I knew the honeymoon couldnt last forever adn it didnt.Tonight I ran into the 5% of bad posters on this board.Rivals has this same problem also.But Im not going to let you guys get me down.I still love this board and will keep coming back as long as I am welcome. Now to the topic.I feel that the O's dropping there demands of Bruce in a trade with Cincy will infact help the 2 ball clubs work something out.
  3. First off let me say what a class act some on this board are.Asking if I ever made it to class,my GOD this is a message board folks.Not a news paper were everything has to be spelled correct and in proper form.Please act like it.I dont have the time to sit and worry about if I spelled every word correct or if I typed a runon sentence.And the fact that half the posters on these boards do flat out scare me,get a life. Now to the poster who said playing D-1 baseball doesnt make me a expert.You are correct it doesnt.But I am a die hard Reds fan who has watched EE play probably 50 games over the last 3 years.I would like to know how many games have you watched him play live.Im going to guess 0, am I right.I thought so.I was just trying to agree with most on here about EEs D and how bad it was the first 2 years he played for the Reds.But some will not listen.Last year he improved by leaps and bounds.If you would have seen him play the 15 or so games last I did you would agree.This is why I said you cant go by what fat old tired guys write down about numbers.Watch and see no matter if EE is with the Reds or another team his defense will not be bad at all next season.He has improved his D alot and should get the credit for working hard and improving his D.But instead a guy over at a O's board is saying how bad he plays.Just reserve your judgemnet until you have seen the improvment,please. Now I still think that Bedard gets traded to the Reds before next season starts.I still didnt check my spelling or grammer.Maybe a english teacher or a newspaper editor can go over my post and correct everything. Also you can come over to my University of Kentucky basketball message I have and correct my posts there.Hey maybe this can turn into a job for you.I could probably find a correcting mod spot for you over there at wildcatsthunder. Merry Christmas and a happy New Year to all who post on these boards.
  4. I think people on these message boards look way to hard at numbers these so called gurus come up with.I mean they are fat old men who probably never played a orgainzed game of baseball in there life.Or if they did they were the fat kids at the end of the bench that never go into any of games.I played coillege baseball at the D-1 level in college for 2 years and think I can judge talent when I see it.Saying this I have watched EE play in probably around 50 games over the last 3 years.Sure he was terrible his first year and not good his second year.But last year in the middle of the summer he improved greatly.You guys look at numbers way to much.I say go watch some of these palyers and see what you think.Over the time I have watched EE he has grown leaps and bounds both on the offensive end and the defensive end.But to say hes below average by looking at numbers that really mean nothing is totaly bull.Sure like I said he will never win a gold glove but he is much better than most people who have never watched him give him credit for.
  5. Raypetty,its probably a good think you and I arent the GMs of these teams.But at least we would beable to make a trade happen pretty quickly. Now I see people post that EE has below average D,which in my opinion is not correct.EE has great range and a very strong arm.If EE can get to the ball he can catch it.Now his problem is with throwing the ball when he gets it.But last year he cut his Es down by almost half and never threw nearly as many ball away in 07.EE may not ever be a gold glove winner but his D is above league average for sure.
  6. As a Reds fan I would love very much to have Bedard in the #2 spot behind Harang and in front of Arroyo.But A deal of Bailey,Cueto, and Votto isnt nor should it happen.I know you guys are wanting 3 of these 4 Bailey,Cueto,EE,and Votto but its not going to happen.I could see WK giving up 2 of those 4 but not both Bailey and Cueto.I for one would love to see a deal of Cueto,Votto,Stubbs,Dorn,and Coffey for Bedard and Bradford.I think this is a fair trade on both sides.Talent going both ways and I believe the fans of both teams would be happy.I have a funny feeling that something will get done now that ths O's arent demanding Bruce in a trade.I believe AM starts out asking for 3 of the 4 but brings his asking price down in the coming days or in a week or so when he realizes that no one is going to give him that kind of return for Bedard.Heres to something getting worked out in the coming weeks for the fans of both teams sake.
  7. The Reds fans are very interested in dealing for Bedard,but for the right price.I dont see the Reds giving up 3 MLB ready players for Bedard.I can see the Reds giving up 2 mlb ready players out of Bailey,Votto,Burton,and Encarcion(sp) and a couple minor leaguers.So if the Reds could get Bedard for say the going rate here Bailey,Votto,Stubbs,and another minor leaguer I say the Reds fans would be happy.Well I know I would anyway and I am a diehard Reds fan.
  8. 2 great minds thinking a like!!!!!!!!LOL.I love these message boards,gives me something to do in the evening.
  9. I dont think this keeps the Reds from making a Bedard deal.I think it just makes it easier to include Bailey or Cueto in a deal.Volquez will not be flipped by the Reds.I just think WK made this deal to make it easier on him to deal one of there 2 young pitchers.I think if the Reds and O's do make a deal it will include Cueto,Votto,and 2 other minorleague players. I say this because it makes a lot of sense if you look at it from a Reds stand point.They have Hatteberg to play first next season.Then the Reds are planning on signing Dunn to a long term deal.I say he sign to be a first baseman not a left fielder.So there is Vottos replacement.Then they just traded for Volquez to take Cuetos place as a young up and coming pitcher.So that takes care of those 2.Then say they add a Maloney and Stubbs to the deal.They can draft guys to replace those guys.If I had to say anything I think this opens up the Reds more to make a deal for Bedard.I can see a Reds and O's Bedard trade on the horizion,well I hope I can anyway.
  10. Votto does compare to Helton somewhat.I think Helton had a little bit more power than Votto does and his D is better but that is the only difference in the 2.Votto has the ability to post numbers something like this.320avg.35hrs.100rbis. or more.Vottos D isnt has good as Heltons but it isnt bad.he plays good but not gold glove caliber D.His bat will make up for anything his glove fails for whatever team hes on. Cueto does compare to Pedro in his stature and his pitching style.They both are short power pitchers.His K rate isnt quite as high as Pedros was but his BBs are down compared to Pedros.Not saying he will be has good as Pedro but he could be.
  11. The state of Kentucky actually owns the Ohio river.Wonder why its named the Ohio river?Beats me.
  12. Most all the Reds and Bengal players live in Kentucky and not Ohio.Fort Mitchell is a great community and its five minutes form the City. No half the Cincinnati airport isnt in Kentucky,all of it is.The airportis actually all in Kentucky.They just call it the Cincinnati airport because its the city closest to it.
  13. I think Votto is way better suited to be a 1st sacker and nowhere in the OF.But he is way better with the glove then he is given credit for.When he came up last year for Cincy he was said to have terrible D,I didnt find that to be the case.I watch him play 4 games in person last year while he was at 1st,he has good, not great,not terrible,but good D.
  14. Yes university of Kentucky not United Kingdom,sorry for the mistake.Not sure who the reliever is but I was told it would probably be a young guy.
  15. I believe Loo is going to try and make a come back this season.He and the Reds have had conversations about it I believe. I tried to post it on the other board but it wouldnt let me.I dont know why it just said I wasnt granted permission to post it there.SOrry it was on the wrong borad.
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