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  1. If ownership somehow fails to see after the last 2 seasons he needs to be gone this off-season, I'm not sure what's left to say.
  2. Considering he didn't get started until after Thanksgiving this shouldn't really surprise anyone.
  3. yeah but Kim to our knowledge was never an avid outdoors man like Buck. Hard to build chemistry if you don't want to hunt/fish on away trips during the season.
  4. I'm not sweating his walk or K percentages. The kid can flat out rake. I'd much rather have a team of players that have decent power but have good a OBP than continue to watch an all or nothing approach at the plate over the last 7 years.
  5. I think his SP chances have sailed. He's a RP with Closer potential moving forward. With as many injuries as he's had my thought was anything we get out of him now is gravy...
  6. Mullins has to be the most disappointing IMO. To start the year in MLB and then get demoted to Bowie.
  7. and yet Nashville has one the the most successful hockey franchises. Those fans are completely off the charts regarding their love of the Preds. Baseball would do extremely well in that area. Charlotte, Nashville, Portland, San Antonio, Las Vegas are way more viable than some of the franchises currently in MLB.
  8. You're right. As of now though they are at $31 million next year according Spotrac. I'm sure there's other $$$ involved so let's say they're somewhere between 50-60 in MLB payroll next year.
  9. Let's not act like Toronto is some juggernaut on offense. At this point in Bundy's career he's a #4-5 starter. He's averaging barely over 5 IP per game.
  10. seeing it's possible he may end up around 2.5 WAR and yet I can't fathom why they'd just DFA him.
  11. I thought the gnomes had no idea what Phase 2 was? I know Phase 3 is profit.
  12. you mean great-grandson, right?
  13. he should fit right in then
  14. Do like most people and just go with the stat that fit your narrative.
  15. terphoopsfan

    DL Hall 2019

    This is an excerpt from an article of Steve Melewski's as he was talking to Norfolk manager Gary Kendall specifically about Keegan Akin this year. Seems like Chris Holt has a certain plan he would like followed for developing secondary pitches in the MiL. Guess that would explain some of the walk totals this year. “We had him at Bowie and he’s really developed his secondary pitches and his breaking ball. His fastball is not overpowering, but he’s got good riding action and gets a lot of strikeouts with his fastball. I think with (director of pitching development) Chris Holt and the program they put him on, they wanted him to develop his other pitches. He’s making pitches in crucial counts that were always fastballs last year and now it’s maybe a 3-1 changeup where he gets a ground ball. A 3-2 breaking ball to a lefty hitter. Things he didn’t do last year. You have to utilize pitches in so-called fastball counts.
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