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  1. Over at NSBB, Bruce Miles reported that Pie isn't getting traded.
  2. http://www.philly.com/inquirer/sports/15917802.html Hmmm....
  3. Peace, I don't know if you'd have any new info about this but do you think they will still trade Roberts to the Cubs?
  4. What a circus, the O's front office is becoming At this rate, there is no way Roberts get dealt to the Cubs.
  5. Ok, I wasn't sure... hopefully they show up with an update soon... also, to anyone here from NSBB, I am Aramis Fan over there
  6. Anyone else suspicious that all the insiders have been gone for awhile? Makes me thing the deal is done.
  7. Don't be heartbroken yet. The deal is not final yet...
  8. Phil Rogers of the Chicago Tribune: On hold over much of the last month, the Brian Roberts talks are on again between the Cubs and Baltimore Orioles. This deal is almost certainly going to happen
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