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  1. This got me curious so I took a look. Found it funny the O's have 2 of the top 3. Single-Season Leaders & Records for Strikeouts Rank Player (age that year) Strikeouts 1. Mark Reynolds (25) 223 2. Adam Dunn (32) 222 3. Chris Davis (30) 219
  2. And if he can improve maybe we can trade him only eating 90% of his remaining salary instead of 99%. Still saves us a few million dollars
  3. M.E. will not receive any punishment even if proof is found. They have sympathy for him. He gets to work with the Angelos family and has to try and figure out how to make the Orioles better while working with them. Sorry but he has been punished enough.
  4. I think it had to do with the Red's being just to the north. When my late wife and I moved there she made sure we had MASN as part of our bundle. However when we sat down to watch a game we got a notice about the game being a blackout. I am sure I could have subscribed to a package somewhere but shortly thereafter life went to hell in a handbasket and funds were just to tight. My wife lost her fight with cancer in Jan 2015. Kentucky, though beautiful was not the same so I moved back to Md. Now I get to watch/listen to my Orioles all the time now.
  5. Also we don't really have a decent 5th starter, our closer is out till June(?). However after 12 years in Kentucky and the O's being blacked out to me it s fun. This is my first year back in Md and I absolutely love being able to easily tune in a game on MASN or 105.7. So to some of us, win, lose or draw, it is fantastic. Do I think we are gonna win it all. Nope, but that doesn't make it any less fun.
  6. According to the article they are worth 1 BILLION DOLLARS!
  7. Do a Google search on Roy Firestone and you will understand. :thumbsup1:
  8. The Crazy Cuban Willy Miranda.
  9. Easiest question I have ever answered on here............. NO!!!!!
  10. And from recent interviews I would guess Jonesy would love to hear that explanation....LOL
  11. Just my opinion but there is no such thing as a player that is irreplaceable.
  12. unless the Orioles do like last year and run away with it. then who plays that last game doesn't matter.
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