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  1. Just to factual....here is the Oriole ranking for the last 12 years. Another frequent poster mentioned that our offense has been terrible for the last 12 years...... I picked what I think are 3 important categories to be considered. You can study any others you would like to consider on MLB.com historical stats. The numbers represent MLB rank Year............Average..........OBP..........Runs 1999 7 9 13 2000 13 19 19 2001 29 28 26 2002 29
  2. Cliff Lee is very good.........Oriole Hitters not so much
  3. Ride that fastball David......He has an A+ one right now.
  4. If you say it is BS then it must be so. Duquette comment was that a coach has very little to do with what occurs during a game. A hitting coach may be able to notice a flaw but a player still has to correct it. Do you honestly think that Crowley has not noticed that AJ keeps diving over the plate to swing at breaking pitches in the dirt. Do you think he has not noticed that Scott has developed a bad habit of pulling his head out as he begins to swing. I read in the paper that Jones came in early before the double header to work on his hitting. I am sure Crowley was right there with him.
  5. At least you come up with a different suggestion. Crowley is 63 years old so I am not sure he wouldd accept such a role. If he is canned he is paid through the end of his contract so $$$$ do not really play a role short term. My guess is he just retires and walks away. Two other thoughts. People seem to think Crowley philosophy is wrong, (because he wants hitters to be aggressive), so why would you want him working with young hitters. Second, do you really believe if we brought in a hitting coach who told the players from day one to be more patient it would translate to the field. I
  6. I have read through the 20 pages of this thread and it seems like many want Crow fired just because the team has stunk for 13 years. The term lynch mob was used by RShack which pissed people off but basically the term seems fitting to me. I can understand people wanting change because enough is enough, and while I would not do it, the fire him because our track record is terrible is certainly one way to go. There is another group, who seem to think they know that Crowley's approach to hitting is the reason we stink. That to me is just plain ridiculous. Everyone wants a patient approach be
  7. I really think blaming coaching for hitting, pitching and base running is really stupid. At the end of the day it comes down to players. people that talk about approach and how our guys ineptness, is the fault of Crowleys approach really IMO show a lack of knowledge. A hitting coach, can occassionally change a players style but in a large part they are there to help a player work, and point out what is going on. Look at Luke Scott. It is clear he is not staying on the ball. Think Crowley does not see that. Of course he does. Now if you want to fire DT, and Crow because of results, then
  8. Pretty obvious answer to that question, but that will not stop him.
  9. One bad inning......okay if you say so.
  10. He is hitting well at AAA but bottom line he is just a better option than Lou. Lou really adds nothing to the team.
  11. I would have called him up after the Yankee series.
  12. Thorne mistakes Reimold for Atkins once a game.
  13. Welcome Drew. Your are correct. I really think AJ needs to relax. He looked exasperated afgter that last DP.
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