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  1. Kind of you to say. It's lost a chunk of folks to teams and is amateur/draft-centric at the moment. Not sure it scales back up to where we've had it on the pro side but it's been fun and I'm thrilled it's helped so many folks get gigs with big league clubs.
  2. Has been a while and wanted to check in!
  3. I like Henderson a lot -- great talent for where they got him. Looking forward to seeing what he does in full season ball.
  4. For my money he's probably the best overall college hitter in the class and will be an average defender at 2b, long term.
  5. It's a huge hill to climb but moving on to Elias has been great. Time will tell if the org can catch up with the likes of the Yankees, but at least it's moving forward and not stuck in neutral.
  6. Risk is tied to certainty in projected grade, so a 50 moderate doesn't mean he's less likely to "bust", it just means that there is greater certainty that 50 is the true outcome grade. 55 high would leave room for up to a full downgrade on the grade depending on stated factors.
  7. I am on the Cape right now and everyone I talked to last night (okay, it was only four or five scouts) could not believe Baltimore did not move Britton. One had a previous connection with the Orioles so I discount his choice words some. I guess Baltimore is hoping Britton's value is higher in the off-season.
  8. I have seen him over the years, but not this spring. Liked him a lot in HS with Team Elite (big GA travel club) as projectable low-90s arm; showed CB/CH; very loose command. Stuff didn't tighten at ASU, still very loose feel. Project for dev staff.
  9. Have heard he isn't set on UNC-W, but the fact he'd only have to stay there two years means he has some leverage. https://2080baseball.com/2017/06/2017-mlb-draft-positional-previews-middle-infielders/
  10. This is a useful reference page for AFL action -- links to all team/league stats, schedules, rosters, plus links to the 2080 player write-ups and videos. www.2080baseball.com/2016afl
  11. The TV strikezones are not accurate, they are uniform across all hitters. But, yeah, the technology is there to call balls and strikes electronically if that's the way the sport wants to go.
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