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  1. Have not posted in a long time but, once I read all these comments I have to honestly say to anyone who is honestly better catcher then Wieters other then Mauer and Posey? Wieters is what he is which is a great defensive catcher who has good pop with his bat. Honestly what are we upset with Wieters about that he's not hitting .300+ or his 8 homers are not enough not even half way through a season? We have bigger worries (bullpen and 2nd base) to be arguing over this. Just pathetic.
  2. <p><p><p>Happy Birthday</p></p></p>

  3. It's cheaper to go see a Capitals game then go to Orioles opening day. I might pay that much for Opening Day Tickets if Orioles just won the World Series but, that ain't the case. If anyone has any extra tickets let me know I'll pay above face value but, won't give you my 1st or 2nd child for them.
  4. So pretty much if we don't have season tickets we are going pay a arm and leg for opening day tickets? This opening day is kinda crazy last two years I got Opening Day tickets togather didn't even cost what one LF Lower Reserve cost this year.
  5. Maybe that has change or always had been like that. But, I was able to get tickets last year for about 40 bucks a peice off ticketmaster for LF lower reserve and then year we played Tampa on that cold day I was able to get them off stubhub for about 20 bucks a peice. I get we made playoffs but, damn didn't think I have to waste a whole paycheck on Opening Day tickets.
  6. I was just wondering when do Opening Day tickets go on sale? I've bought them last 4 years through Orioles website. Now a Orioles rep e-mailed me saying it's been sold out and you have buy a plan to get them. But, I was online on 19th at 10am and won't let me find any tickets. I will not pay 150+ dollars per ticket for upper reserve on Stubhub. Anyone have any idea when they will be more available?
  7. No No No... Progress in this organzation in the SAME day? Something ain't right I ain't buying this for one second.
  8. I think it was pretty good return for Tejada. The guy could be good arm out of bullpen in near future. Control might be a little bit of issue but, has plus fastball and slider.
  9. Two questions about Rendon. 1.) His is agent Scott Boras? 2.) Who would you compare Rendon to?
  10. Ya you guys are right I edit my message Matusz shouldn't be dropped from the rotation I have faith in Matusz to get his stuff togather but, what is Juan doing to get this team on track? I havn't seem him make any changes. Is he considering doing anything different then the normal to perhaps spark the team other then going on a all-bourbon diet? I don't know maybe im just frustrated at him and his managing after last nights game.
  11. http://brittghiroli.mlblogs.com/archives/2010/07/samuel_said_no_demotion_for_ma.html So what is Juan considering to help this team do better?
  12. Berkman And Tejada I beleive they were the King Of Swing couple years back on a baseball card I have maybe that will be a nice promotion for one game HAHA!
  13. Forget the Cubs if were willing to take on some salary or add on go get Prince Fielder
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