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  1. I didn't take it that way. Although I do think there were still probably plenty of self-centered prima donnas in the 50s, 60s, and 70s. It was just much easier to hide it before the advent of social media.
  2. The more I find out about this story, the more I hope they name the players, that cheated even if they don't suspend them. Someone like Altuve will probably be on the HOF ballot someday and I don't see any reason why he shouldn't be blacklisted just like PED/steroid folks. Yes, it might be hard to differentiate between the players who were/weren't taking advantage of the trash can banging, but if they made the conscious decision to wear a buzzer...
  3. So let me get this straight. 1) Carlos Beltran allegedly has a Twitter burner account on which he's been vehemently trying to defend himself in the third person. 2) Carlos Beltran's niece has a Twitter account where she's broken several stories, including implicating Bregman, Altuve, etc., in the buzzer wearing scandal...but it's not really his niece...it's a former or current MLB player. Am I all caught up? For those who are still poo pooing this and saying that "everyone cheats" I think the difference is that 1) The Astros got caught and 2) This is a full on cheating scandal that seems to go deeper and deeper each day. Whether they admit it or not essentially the entire Astros organization conspired to cheat. And it's been proven that it wasn't an isolated incident. The more we find out the more I don't think the penalty was severe enough. And for these cheaters, like Beltran, Cora, etc. who have seemingly shown no remorse for their actions (see Cora's lack of an apology and Beltran's burner tweets), I really hope MLB comes down on them hard. I never want to see either one of them in an MLB uniform again.
  4. True, but I still think they have some work to do to rebuild the perception of the franchise. I wasn't suggesting Ng as a token hire either. I think she's extremely qualified.
  5. ...that it's a true changing of the guard? It's not like Ng isn't extremely qualified. I know we tossed around her name as a possibly candidate before the O's selected Elias.
  6. If the Astros really wanted to send a message they'd hire Kim Ng to be their GM. Between the Osuna acquisition and the terrible way they handled that situation with the female reporter they have quite a bit of work to do to rebuild their reputation.
  7. Why'd you have to go and bring religion into the discussion
  8. From a PR standpoint, Buck would make a lot of sense for the Astros From a practical standpoint...not so much. It just feels like time has passed him by a bit.
  9. You just insulted an entire (albeit very small) demographic
  10. Me too. I also think they should have taken a flyer on Jerad Eickhoff. The Padres just inked him to a minor league. Missed opportunity. Would have also preferred him over Hess.
  11. Let's see if this works... https://twitter.com/spacegauche/status/1217473369890787331/photo/1
  12. I created a pretty funny Alex Cora meme, but I have no idea how to upload a pic this site
  13. I'd still rather swim in a sea of Astro's fans than be locked in small room with a "Red Sahx" fan for five minutes. I went to a O's game years ago when they were playing the Red Sox and had a guy behind me screaming "Nohmawr" and "Pawtukit" for a solid seven innings. It took years of therapy to get over that night.
  14. Boston sports fans are THE WORST, with Philly and NYC fans a close second. Having both your major sports teams caught up in cheating scandals would humble any other fan base, but not Boston fans. They continue to double down on stupid. I'm really hoping that the Patriots get hit with a HUGE penalty too. Then I'll move to Boston, open up a world's smallest violin shop, and retire relatively young.
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