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  1. Not surprising. I think there's a big gap between Means and everyone else. Almost as big of the gap between Means and Alvarez. As much as I like Means I can't believe we're even having this discussion. Alvarez has 27 HRs,, 77 RBIs, .681 SLG%, and .422 OBP% in less than 300 ABs. That is absolutely nuts. If you project out his numbers his season is significantly better than Pete Alonso's, who's going ot win the NL ROY. I'm amazed that this list doesn't even have Sonny Gray in the top five for NL Cy Young voting. That's just crazy. He has most definitely been better than Strasburg and Flaherty and should finish third. The writer definitely seems to have some "name" player bias.
  2. This is probably a debate that's better reserved for the MLB board, but I don't think Mauer a slam dunk HOFer. Especially when you consider he only caught 100 games five times in his career so he really should be compared to other HOF first basemen and designated hitters as much as he is the catchers. For context, I'm a supporter of less is more when it come to HOF inductions and I didn't believe Edgar Martinez was worthy so I might be in the minority.
  3. Agreed. And I'm keeping my fingers crossed that a few more rookies (Mountcastle, etc.) make the roster next spring. If they're able to plug 2-3 players into their lineup who might be part of the future plans it will so much more fun to watch, even if they're losing.
  4. I love Means, but what Alvarez has done in fairly limited ABs has been amazing. Means should finish second.
  5. Honestly, this is what the majority of 105.7 is to me. I can live with Scott and Jeremy, but everyone else is unbearable. And they add insult to injury, but having non sports guys like Ed Norris, give their unqualified opinions on the local teams. I'd rather stick hot pokers in my ears then listen to a minute of Ed Norris, Jerry Coleman, Mike Preston, etc.
  6. Great idea. I'm pretty sure a lot of their contributors already do podcasts too, albeit independently. Seems like it would be pretty easy to transition those to something under the company's umbrella. The only sports-related podcasts I listed to are the Mina Kimes show and fantasy-related shows (i.e., baseball and football) on CBS Sports. Kimes in particular is a cut above most analysts / journalists, especially when it comes to football. Everyone else comes across as hot take/angry talk radio to me.
  7. Agree with this and I didn't mean for my comment to be a knock against Tony and OH. That approach wouldn't work for him because he'd be limited to local advertisers. I was thinking more about national platforms like Spotify, Pandora, Twitter, Facebook, etc. All, for the most part, free, but they still find a way to turn a profit.
  8. I give the Athletic a year before it folds. In the era where EVERYTHING online is free people aren't going to be willing to pay for sports-related content. They should just open up the website, make it free, and pay the writers with ad fees.
  9. Kinda hard to book a last minute flight from Siberia to Baltimore
  10. I'm fine with that as long as he's full committed to staying in his lane.
  11. The bigger question is how Brady has dodged the firing bullet. It's pretty amazing when you think about it and the amount of turnover within the organization within the last year.
  12. 2019, 2020, and 2021 are his arbitration years.
  13. ...all those acquisitions were made after the rebuild was complete. We're not there yet.
  14. ...here comes the "a good manager would have converted Wilkerson to a full time pitcher" argument. This is beyond ridiculous. Even if Hyde made some questionable decisions why waste the time and resources looking for a new manager anyway? Even if they bring Casey Stengal back from the dead it's not going to make a difference next year. We're in for at least another season of excruciatingly painful baseball.
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