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  1. Man this news hits WAY too close to home. Last year my cousin went in for a routine colonoscopy (at 50) and found himself in surgery a week later. And he's just now wrapping up chemotherapy. Prior to the procedure he showed no symptoms. As I result I decided to get my first colonoscopy at age 45 (some insurance companies will cover it at that age). You can't be too cautious. Wishing Trey a speedy recovery and be sure to get checked folks. Annual physicals, colonoscopies after age 45 or 50, etc. are an absolute must. And the procedure wasn't as nearly as bad as I had imagined so don't let that deter you. I literally felt and remembered nothing. This concludes my public service announcement.
  2. I saw an unconfirmed source saying they were planning a slow roll out (limited games) around April 6th. So about a two week delay. If they cancel spring training that sounds overly ambitious to me.
  3. Scratch that. How 'bout Blister on the Mound When I'm out pitching I scrape my thumb And I'm so bummed out And even the sight Of a baseball Makes my hands break out Let me go on like a Blister on the mound Let me go on (on on) Soft hands, I know I'm the one
  4. If this thread had a soundtrack it would be the Violent Femmes "Blister in the Sun"
  5. ..or really ANY Oriole for that matter (now that Mancin's on the shelve). In shallow fantasy leagues no one on this team should be owned.
  6. Nope, not one bit. So Givens turns 30 on May 13th. How 'bout we make the Orioles t-shirt giveaway (planned for the 12th) a cartoon of Givens walking with a cane, wearing high black socks, orthopedic shoes, and readers (with a chain) with our young prospects (Rutschman, Mouncastle, Diaz, Rodriguez, etc.) in the background shouting "OKBoomer!"
  7. I feel like we need a "Dirty Thirty" night at the yard. In all seriousness everyone you listed is just a placeholder so I'm sorry, but there's nothing to read in the tea leaves.
  8. It's a shame you don't get paid every time you use the word "cancer". You'd be a millionaire.
  9. What part of stop speculating did you not understand. Seriously @Tony-OH i second what @interloper said about locking this thread. It's not even worth leaving it open for well wishes because it's not like Trey will see them.
  10. You were so so close to staying in character, but don't worry. I fixed it for you but adding in a few "prettys".
  11. This 1,000 times over. Stop speculating and send Trey and his family positive thoughts (or prayers if that's your thing). And respect the man's privacy.
  12. If Davis keeps this up MLB is going to have to go back to distinguishing between Chris Davis with a C and Khris Davis with a K
  13. Me too. The Natural is just a good movie, not just a good baseball movie. The only other one I'd lump into that category is Bull Durham. Field of Dreams was great when I was a young teen, but nowadays it just seems a bit too sappy and over the top with the sentimentality. To each their own though.
  14. Maybe we need to let Chris Davis give him some tips since he's raking! 😆
  15. I believe it's called the PED hail mary.
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