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  1. So lets look at the Blue Jays, who actually picked the player we should have. They've developed a pretty robust farm system over the last few years so why is Elias "chess play" considered to any better than their GM? I've said it before, but you don't get cute when you have the no. 2 pick. Sometimes I think Elias thinks he's too smart for his own good.
  2. So not shelling out money for one high end prospect is really going to have a significant effect on their resources for development/infrastructure? I'm sorry, but that's complete BS?
  3. Wow, so now we're projecting Kjerstad to be better defensively than Martin? I feel like you're on an island of one with that argument. And I hope the goal is to improve the team not make Elias look like a genius. And yes, they two can be mutually exclusive. The fastest way between two points is a straight line. Martin was that straight line, and Elias opted to take the scenic route.
  4. So DH is a more valuable position? Because that's where I imagine he'll spend the majority of his career.
  5. I gave it a D. I can't forgive not drafting Martin with the second pick. Advanced metrics and playing draft day chess are great, but I'm a big proponent of the Keep It Simple Stupid methodology when you have a pick that high. Draft the best available player, especially when he's a very athletic player.
  6. Well that's not really a very high bar. Trumbo was borderline unplayable in the field.
  7. It's really not for the true stars...which is what you should be looking for when you have the no. 2 pick.
  8. We have MULTIPLE Trumbo 2.0s...therein lies the problem.
  9. Kjerstad will be our Mark Trumbo 2.0...because focusing on limited defensive players with little or no speed has worked out so well for us in the past.
  10. Agree 100%. Even if they had just swapped picks with the Blue Jays (and gotten something else) I would have been much happier. As it stands, the Orioles don't seem like a team that has the luxury of passing on the consensus best player available.
  11. For me, it boils down to athleticism. Even if he doesn't stick at SS I think he has the potential to be a gold glove CF.
  12. I think that's what frustrates me. If the ability to open the wallet and sign Martin was what kept them from signing him then I'm VERY discouraged by the pick. This teams has been completing pinching pennies for years, there's zero excuse for them not being able to open their wallet to sign the best available player.
  13. I mean, shouldn't the #2 pick be a sexy pick? Especially for an organization in desperate need of future potential superstars. If it was me, I'd want to draft a potentially great player with a pick that high, not someone who projects to be average and who will probably be a part time DH by the time he's 30. The thing that has really handcuffed the Orioles in recent years is that they haven't had overly athletic players. It's tied their hands quite a bit in terms of lineup and roster flexibility and hindered their defense. If it was me, athleticism would probably be one of the top traits I looked for in young players. Martin seems like he would have checked the athletic quite a bit more than Kjerstad.
  14. Helton's swing seems MUCH more fluid to me. Kjerstad's seem "hitchy" to me and not nearly as fluid / natural.
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