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  1. ...but why would situation / circumstances not ever dictate a team's willingness to overpay again? Machado is having an MVP year - there is no reason to settle on a deal unless you have to. We don't "have to" until the deadline.
  2. I'm a Cubs season ticket holder and disagree with this pretty strongly. I agree that Maddon loves Baez but to say that Cubs fans love him more than Rizzo and Bryant is insane. Baez is absolutely an electrifying player, but he is also prone to some Chris-Davis like slumps where he can't do anything. I think a good comp for Baez from an offensive perspective is Adam Jones. When he's hot, he will hit everything and when he's not, hell pull everything and strike out a lot. If this is the rumored deal, I am passing. I would much prefer Happ and candidly think you can get Almora. The Yankees got Torres for half a year of Chapman. Take the risk, wait until the break and solicit more offers.
  3. <p><p><p>Happy birthday</p></p></p>

  4. None of the bottom of the order has.
  5. It's amazing how awful we are in day games. Gotta imagine at some point you try something new like waking up earlier or less bp.
  6. Solid start by tilly. Hopefully the bp holds and we get out of there with a sweep.
  7. Davis has gotta come up with that one.
  8. Don't give this kid a fastball
  9. Where the hell was that?
  10. You gotta think at some point someone will come up with the big hit for them
  11. Can't beat yourself...c'mon tilly. Double play.
  12. Too many base runners. Inexcusable to let the 9 hitter walk when you have him 0-2.
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