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  1. ...but why would situation / circumstances not ever dictate a team's willingness to overpay again? Machado is having an MVP year - there is no reason to settle on a deal unless you have to. We don't "have to" until the deadline.
  2. I'm a Cubs season ticket holder and disagree with this pretty strongly. I agree that Maddon loves Baez but to say that Cubs fans love him more than Rizzo and Bryant is insane. Baez is absolutely an electrifying player, but he is also prone to some Chris-Davis like slumps where he can't do anything. I think a good comp for Baez from an offensive perspective is Adam Jones. When he's hot, he will hit everything and when he's not, hell pull everything and strike out a lot. If this is the rumored deal, I am passing. I would much prefer Happ and candidly think you can get Almora. The Yankees got Torres for half a year of Chapman. Take the risk, wait until the break and solicit more offers.
  3. None of the bottom of the order has.
  4. It's amazing how awful we are in day games. Gotta imagine at some point you try something new like waking up earlier or less bp.
  5. Solid start by tilly. Hopefully the bp holds and we get out of there with a sweep.
  6. Davis has gotta come up with that one.
  7. Don't give this kid a fastball
  8. Where the hell was that?
  9. You gotta think at some point someone will come up with the big hit for them
  10. Can't beat yourself...c'mon tilly. Double play.
  11. Too many base runners. Inexcusable to let the 9 hitter walk when you have him 0-2.
  12. This had me going for a minute.
  13. Please warm up McFarland. We still can win this.
  14. Guys, just watch the Masters. You'll be a lot happier.
  15. Well if only Buck had done this when I posted this 10 minutes ago. sigh
  16. I'm assuming that Buck has Gausman up in the pen right now. He has seen Gonzo implode too many times in the 5th/6th to not have someone up.
  17. The only starter we have that I don't change the channel for if he's still pitching into the 6th. This is hands down his best start of the year, if my his career. I think we see him go out for the 9th.
  18. I wish I could share your opinion, but unfortunately he has affected many people with his lies. He challenged the the integrity of a man and got him fired because of a stupid technicality. And then he CONTINUED to cheat. I don't know him personally like you apparently do, but that right there is enough for me to form my own opinion. As far as I'm concerned, he hasn't been punished harshly enough. And his apology was exactly what I would expect from a man of his perceived character.
  19. If you are going the iPhone route, wait on the next iPhone to be released, which is usually in September. As someone who has had an iphone for about 4 years, the iphone5 left a lot to be desired, and I can't imagine the 5s being much better. Based on what you identified as uses for your phone, I would go with the Galaxy s4. Bigger screen, just a much more tech savvy phone in my opinion. You do seem pretty intertwined into the apple ecosystem, however, so that is something to consider. All things considered, I wish I had gone with the galaxy S over my current iPhone 5.
  20. I really think he does. At least till he gets to 120.
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