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  1. His other post said that he didn’t think he looked good in the OF and that he watched him a lot. So it doesn’t appear that he’s doing a 180 or anything
  2. Interesting .... Looking at the scouting report he has graded 50 Arm, field, & Speed. Seems like he'd have average tools out there at best. Hayes had a 60 Arm, 55 Run, and 50 field.
  3. Yeah .... I agree and think Pop could be within a 1/2 season of sticking. Hopefully the Tommy John and a year of inactivity are a deterrent. I just don’t see the point of taking the chance as the guys stuff is obviously plus and he might even throw harder. I heard a podcast online a few years back where certain guys are plucked from other teams based on an unwritten gentleman’s agreement. As I remember, recovering from a serious injury was one of the reasons mentioned. But, I have no idea if that info is accurate or if I was just misunderstanding the conversation.
  4. Well he was right about Sedlock and you'd assume that a year off didn't help his chances anyway. Pop is the one I'm more concerned about and I guess he's hoping the TJS will be a deterrent. But my point is ....Why take the chance? I know they guys haven't been cut yet but if he's going to dump the expensive guys (I know...Expensive is a relative term) why not ensure the borderline guys are not taken.
  5. So I don’t pretend to know the Orioles plan. But, they have exposed some interesting players to the rule 5 draft. If they were going to nontender any combination of Alberto, Sanchez, Valaika, and or Armstrong it seems like they hold each protected another guy or two from the rule 5 by doing it for the protection date last week.
  6. Yeah ... he had a 4.58 ERA n the equivalent of AA ball. Nice winning the championship
  7. This article misleads by pointing out his 157 innings pitched. They failed to mention his pedestrian 4.68 ERA https://www.camdenchat.com/2020/11/27/21721827/orioles-news-links
  8. Honestly a pretty sad list after #5 ....Really most think that Wieters underachieved , Britton was called a TOR that ended up in the pen because of durability, and Arrieta was god awful while he was here. Really, this list describes the drafting and developing failures of the Baltimore Orioles in the 21st century!
  9. Honestly, I think Kramer is the best bet.I don’t think taking a player like Diaz or a player like Santana who hasn’t played above Short season A. Being forced to keep Davis again leaves the Os short already and taking another player who’s not ready and will likely struggle mightily at the plate doesn’t make sense. According to MLB.com Santana ranks 45/45/45 in run field and arm. He over performed with the bat early but hit .267 /.337 /.329 in 2019. I can’t see how he would stick. As for Diaz, he hit .264/.307/.430 ....He’d likely be worse than Ruiz.
  10. Nice pickup .l..Lots of success with the bat in the minors 275/337/816. He was nearly an automatic out in 72 ABs this season.
  11. Nice catch ....wow Did the writer edit the article or did I really make 2 errors in 1 OP? It’s probably me 😜
  12. Thanks for pointing it out! I have corrected the error in the OP
  13. I thought I'd earn a little credit for scrubbing the list.
  14. I WOULD BE KEYING ON SS, 2B, AND 3B IF I MADE A PICK AS THE ORIOLES GM. PLAYERS I FIND INTERESTING LOOK LIKE THEY COULD BE READY AND LESS LIKE A PROJECT. I LIKE THE PIRATES KEVIN KRAMER HE WAS A .280ISH HITTER / .350 OBP/ .460 SLG. Thanks @BohKnowsBmore for the correction! https://www.mlb.com/news/rule-5-draft-eligible-prospects-2020
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