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  1. I've been many times and even in the club box and private seat areas. I enjoyed the stadium experience just not at the marked up prices.
  2. I was on ticket exchange and vivid seats there was nothing under $75.00 and that was before they add the surcharges at checkout.
  3. I wanted to go ... but the scalp prices were ridiculous. Something needs to be done to get these back in the hands of fans who want to go to the games.
  4. Lamar has Deshaun Watson's vote! https://www.baltimoreravens.com/news/deshaun-watson-says-lamar-jackson-should-be-the-mvp
  5. The Patriots have the Cowboys, Texans, Chiefs, and Bills. I don't see how they sweep all four.
  6. I have to be honest and admit that I hated the Jackson pick. I didnt think Jackson was or could be a good passer. I am really impressed with his growth as a player. I also thought he was predisposed to running 1st. I am impressed with where we are as a team and much of that is because of the elite athletic ability of Lamar. I still think he's exposed to a cheap shot by a defensive player too often and think a leg injury will end his career. but I am enjoying where we are and the way the team is playing!
  7. Our defense was key in this victory! Great game by the team and Mr Jackson and his offense. Our defense will be a top 5 before the season is over
  8. They have Eagles, Cowboys, Texans, and Chiefs.....I would be surprised if they win more than 2
  9. Wow ...Great play by Edwards ....Excellent blocking by Boykin
  10. Yeah ...but you might need RG3 at some point. He needs reps!
  11. I agree ....But they just don't overturn them plays
  12. Yeah ...got soft! But the roughing the passer was complete BS!
  13. Nice ST play by Board ....Since he was just mentioned
  14. I like having big tough backs and he is that! Hes more elusive than I thought!
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