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  1. Baltimore Orioles @Orioles The next generation inspiring the next generation. @RutschmanAdley was in Portland, Oregon over the weekend, where he teamed up with @USABaseball to host a free youth baseball clinic!
  2. Wow ... The guy has went through a lot.
  3. I was going to say fool…but didn’t want the infraction
  4. Yeah I posted in my follow up post 10 hours before your response. Roch is the equivalent to a Kings Court Jester.
  5. He the gives A better but probably unpopular answer I’m expecting dumpster diving even though I think a couple smart signings would be better. Alas we are still trying to finish dead last.
  6. Stupid Roch answer…… this is why he gets little respect. Either say we are nearing that point, I don’t know, or they just aren’t ready to inflate the payroll yet.
  7. Hopefully Elias will actually start trying to improve the team this offseason Stroman and Taylor with the rookies should help push the team in the right direction.
  8. I thought Mountcastle was one of a few bright spots this year. You guys sure ruined that 😡
  9. Hopefully Mountcastle hits for way more long ball power than Nick. Nick hit 23 in his 2nd season and never eclipsed that. In fact, he never got close to 20 again after hitting 18 in his 4th season.
  10. FWIW….Roch will swear he is not told what he can and can’t say. I’ve never believed it of course … But, he has acted downright insulted by the implication.
  11. If you expect them to be active in free agency you obviously have been paying attention. The Orioles business is done in the bargain bin. Don’t expect anything to chain. I don’t expect them to try to win this coming season.
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