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  1. Hard to show when your not starting. And you can’t point to the rain game he played. The weather was similar to the game Lamar had against the 49ers both in regards to weather and stats. Its not love for RG for me. I just know he wants a chance to compete and start and without a serious injury here it’s not happening
  2. A new offseason brings new opportunities. Big Ben could be done, Brady , opportunity in some places that have new coaches, Better than Fitz in Miami. I assume it’s not very likely but still possible
  3. I’m not convinced he would be behind Young!
  4. I think he wants to try to be a starter. I think he will seek and get permission to seek a trade. in which case you still get the 2 million.
  5. https://www.baltimoreravens.com/news/full-preview-guide-to-ravens-2020-offseason
  6. Lots of big cap numbers https://overthecap.com/salary-cap/baltimore-ravens/ I think they easiest cap decision are cutting Carr and RG3 (+8,000,000)
  7. Judon will be tagged if they can't extend him without it (count on it). Smith will have a limited market due to age/injury concerns. I would be all over him for a reduced salary and think the Ravens will be also. Tavon cant be counted for anything at this point Pierce- I like him but as mentioned, they can draft another DT and the cost will be a fraction Onwausor .... Pass (They need to draft a Stud MLB and keep Fort IMO) Bynes - Pass (They need to draft a Stud MLB and keep Fort IMO) McPhee - Pass Levine - He's a special teamer and if you can pay him as such you do it Edwards -You have to choose between him and Ingram. Skura - YOU LET HIM WALK Yanda is under contract and I expect him to play! Carr ..... I agree that cut him as he's lost several steps this season
  8. Ravens Sign Nine Players to Reserve/Future Contracts https://www.baltimoreravens.com/news/ravens-sign-nine-players-to-reserve-future-contracts
  9. I agree ...What a wasted opportunity! Harbaugh's presser was just BS! He claimed they didn't abandon the run until they were down 21-6.
  10. The call happens all the time in High School and recreation level ball. I have been a referee for 24 years. The call commonly happens on reverse or swing plays.
  11. Though Moran was Surhoff’s nephew. Does he have more than one playing professional baseball?
  12. Packers lost at 49ers earlier in the season 38-9. I don’t see it being much different. The referees would have to help an awful lot to close that gap.
  13. I said long ago that Jackson is a run first guy. I said that his arm strength is limited, which is a fact. I suspect part of his problems are mechanics. I didn’t say he couldn’t make every throw. I didn’t say every pass was short, behind the runner, over his head, a wobbler, etc. Youve pointed to his pass to Brown in triple coverage which was a nice pass, but also reckless and ill advised since throwing into triple coverage is a recipe for disaster. Posting a few clips doesn’t prove your point or make you right. For example, he threw 59 passes in the loss. Go back and tally the ones that fall into the other category. I know there were some good passes and some of them were dropped. But there were plenty every game that go the other way. As I said in my other post that went without reply, Go look at Brees, Rodgers, etc and show me the how many wobblers they throw per season as opposed to Lamar. Lamar is a great athlete and the He’s able to do some impressive stuff. But, he will never be a plus passer no matter how much you will it.
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