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  1. Ravens Bring Back Veteran Safety Bennett Jackson https://www.baltimoreravens.com/news/ravens-bring-back-veteran-safety-bennett-jackson
  2. Whatever I guess ...but the injury happened in December 2013. He was indeed scrambling when the hit happened. So blaming their Oline, or preseason hits is something you can do but probably not relevant.
  3. I’m not so sure that Tony and I agree on Lamar avoiding hits. I estimate he’s taking 2 such hits per game. Diving to the pylon after scrambling to the right comes to mind. I believe he was hit on that play by 2 defenders
  4. So I realize getting the names right is difficult. IMO we could use a Stud MLB, a now Pass Rusher, and a #1/#2 caliber WR. i don't see us getting all three and if I had to pass on 1 it would be the WR. We will get Jimmy Smith back soon to help the secondary but this team needs a difference maker at MLB. The Steelers moved up 10 slots for Devin Bush and he looked like a beast last night! We also need a DE that is good now and a 1/2 season rental would be good enough. My Targets ..... Ryan Kerrigan from the Skins. What would it take? They are already done and obviously need to reset. Can you get it done for a 2nd or 3rd? MLB ....Ogletree (Giants) or Myles Jack.....what would it take?
  5. I don't think it's in that calculation. Between running heavy and the sacks that you could put on Lamar the time would be skewed pretty heavily.
  6. Yeah I agree that it's an ugly year for our division. Even the division winner is likely an early exit. Even if they lose to every good team they'd need wins against the Jets, Steelers, Bengals, and Browns to finish 8-8. Bills, 49ers, Texans, Rams, Patriots and Seahawks .....The Ravens have been in every game except the Browns game.. I have to think they can find 2 more wins out of those six. Conversely the Seahawks and Rams didn't look so good this week. I'm going with wins at home against the Texans and at Bills.
  7. No it's not complete BS ..... The difference between those guys and Lamar is that his greatest assets just like RG3 were/are his wheels. RG3s are gone or he would be starting somewhere in the NFL. The same will happen to Lamar. Wait and See!
  8. Sure ...Any player can get injured on any play. But when your thin QB starts forward he becomes a RB. When that happens smart QBs slide to give themselves up to avoid a serious hit and injury. Our guy doesn't do that.....wait and see!
  9. It's not about like or hate. It's reality! You guys will be in complete denial until someone does what Ngata did to RG3 to Lamar.
  10. Our QB needs to be a QB and not an RB. He's taking several chances per game and putting himself at risk. Sooner or later someone will hit home.
  11. Rea's 7-7 with a 4.69 of MLB experience is better than most of what we had pitching this past season.
  12. I know Mora became the everyday 3B ....but he's my choice hands down
  13. That would depend if they are ready for the team to trend up. If the goal is to pick at or near the top of the round they need to continue to lose at a high clip.
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