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  1. Very sorry for your loss Cal & Billy! RIP Mrs Ripken
  2. I think his arms look small also...but I’m hopeful it’s me.
  3. Saw pictures of Trey today on Twitter ....He looks small IMO
  4. Saw he had a disease that resulted in removing a rib. He hasn’t been the same since the surgery. I don’t know if the advanced stuff will help him or not even though he’s interested in the Orioles because of it. Seems to me something in his motion and delivery changed due to having one less rib. If his velocity is still there it’s the only thing that makes any sense.
  5. Funny story ....Good to see that so many are committed to being ready that they showed up in great shape! https://sports.theonion.com/orioles-concerned-after-multiple-players-arrive-at-spri-1846281292
  6. I’d never root for a back to back unless it’s the Ravens 😊.
  7. I think it was the matchup....Chiefs second year in a row and Tampa with Brady. I honestly didn’t want either to win!
  8. I think a lot of that in the NFL has to do with fantasy football as well. One of my wife’s best friends early twenties sons is big into Esports. I remember visiting and watching the kid viewing a game on his computer screen. I asked if he preferred playing and he said he did but watching was fun also. I just don’t get it!
  9. I saw a report somewhere else ...6:30 for weekday home games. It’s more likely that I’ll go to a game during the week as it gets done earlier
  10. I agree ...But we are now playing in that market and our talent level is still the same regardless of origin. So because it lacks international players the talent isnt as good? Thats just stupid!
  11. So .... Because our system is full of quality National talent and a lesser amount of International makes it lower ranked? What a stupid take by Mr. Law. Talent is talent and we can all agree that the Orioles have started to implement the International market into their game plan under what is essentially new ownership and decision making with Peter Angelos out of the picture. I don't care that These things don't mean that the players are any less talent the players in others systems. You really need to judge the Orioles and their system on where it stands now and through the rebuild. The prior stuff means nothing Mr. Law, I am not reading your stupid article! I don't care if you are trying to get readers, responses, or clearly have a vendetta against the Baltimore Orioles! Your article Your idiotic approach is a reason for me to decide not to buy the Athletic's content! Hopefully they understand the repercussions and lost of credibility due to the spooge you are writing!
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