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  1. Not sure about Jung ... but Solak is their #14 ranked player according to MLB.com. I think you could get him plus for Mancini. If you couldn’t then you don’t deal Trea.
  2. Yeah what’s up with the spelling. Especially when saying it was a man’s game back then.
  3. They need a stud MLB more than another WR. I’ve said all along, Play Andrews, Snead, and Brown at WR. Start Hayden at TE and add Boyle when you need two. Draft Murray
  4. Hopefully he’s tired of embarrassing himself and is considering retirement
  5. My buddies son played/plays for a Turkish National team. He played here his Pre 18 year old youth career here. I
  6. No swing changes ... some added bulk. A few more lazy fly balls clear the wall to go with another sub 200 batting average Oh Joy! https://www.masnsports.com/steve-melewski/2020/01/chris-davis-adds-strength-but-no-swing-overhaul-heading-into-season.html
  7. So a 1 hour event in Westminster in the cold at the McDaniel football stadium? What am I missing? I love the Orioles but it doesn’t sound very enticing.
  8. Don’t forget Tennessee’s AJ Brown who was among the best. Can you imagine if we had selected Metcalf in round 2? We would’ve been set at TE and WR for the foreseeable future.
  9. As usual the combine will change things as players climb and slide.
  10. As I said earlier but with an error. I’d move up as needed to get Oklahoma’s LB Kenneth Murray (said Ohio Stateby mistake). I think you can replace Pierce for a quarter on the dollar. That’s why I’d let him walk . Clowney can line up anywhere along the line and would fit right in with our defense. Suh’s the guy with the bad reputation that I don’t see the Ravens signing
  11. Don’t care about that! He puts pressure on the QB nearly every play. If we were able to get a second DE that can produce 7 sacks and have Clowney, I bet you could get 12 plus from Judon
  12. Right ... I think we need a DE beyond Judon and then a DL that is an effect pass rusher.
  13. We will have two extra 4th. We should be moving up to get the Ohio State MLB. Tag Judon, and keep Smith at 2-3 years at $7 million-ish. They can add a Pierce clone in rounds 2-4. The free agent I would target is Clowney as he makes an impact wherever he lines up. They can look for a stop gap DE.
  14. But they were stuffing Henry around the LOS often. Something we couldn’t do with the 5th ranked defense.
  15. So KC had no trouble shutting Henry down. I’d say the defense and Martindale can take some blame for not taking away their biggest weapon
  16. I’m going to wait for the weather report. I expect it to be mild but Rain and Wind could play a factor.
  17. The final week will be worth 5 points as previously mentioned. For the sake of any ties we will go with point total. In the case of a tie still please pick the score. RESULTS TO BE ADDED HERE 1) Pick the Winner = 5 POINTS 2) Pick the point total (point total will be used to break any ties and determined by 1 point for each point away from the point total) 3) Pick the exact score (same as above Example: Chiefs 14 - 49ers 10, versus actual of 24-13. The guesser would get 13 points an the lower that score the better. So for any ties after #1 the second calculation is based on lowest score and then repeated in #3.
  18. Looks like offsides by the defense by the photo. Although I don’t remember the play.
  19. Hard to show when your not starting. And you can’t point to the rain game he played. The weather was similar to the game Lamar had against the 49ers both in regards to weather and stats. Its not love for RG for me. I just know he wants a chance to compete and start and without a serious injury here it’s not happening
  20. A new offseason brings new opportunities. Big Ben could be done, Brady , opportunity in some places that have new coaches, Better than Fitz in Miami. I assume it’s not very likely but still possible
  21. I’m not convinced he would be behind Young!
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