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  1. Just because a quy switch hits doesnt mean that he's good at it. He probably started doing it at some point and against lesser competition was successful. He's clearly not been very successful doing it thus far in professional baseball. I don't understand why you'd even ask this question though! You can clearly look at his splits and get my point. Will he hit better from one side of the plate? maybe/maybe not .... I can't imagine it being worse.
  2. LeBlanc was obviously injured this season but I’ll bet that Eshelman never has a season as good as LeBlanc has 2 years ago in Seattle. 162 innings 3.72 ERA.
  3. How in the world did a thread about the 2021 draft turn into a conversation about Curt Flood?
  4. Could be :.. but he may be better just hitting LH. Alberto is a good example of that. If not you likely move on
  5. I really don’t want either:... personally I’d like them at 1B/DH and have a good defensive OF. I don’t think Nunez will hit for a high average/OBP. We need to move on from those types of guys especially when they are limited defensively BTW, I believe in the big minus. As I mentioned, watching him in the OF he never made plays look easy. He might not have committed errors which will make your fielding percentage looks fine. I urge you to go back and take a closer look at the fielding plays. He never seemed to be able to park under a ball. Always needed to reach out to grab a ball at the last second.
  6. Because he sucks at it. All you have to do is look at his splits to tell.
  7. Again, I think switch hitting is his problem And if not you need to trade for a CF also.
  8. Also ....Vavra is forecasted to be ready next year by MLB.com. I would suggest trying him or Bannon who is also projected to be ready.
  9. You failed to mention defense from above. The problem you are facing in RF is the neither Santander or Stewart have much range. I thought that Santander looked shaky in the OF many plays this year even though he recorded outs (always having to reach or extend his arm to make catches). Stewart misplayed the ball off the palm of his glove the other day. Is here more of a DH type or a guy where you consider a move to 1B? Mullins has defensive value and has potential UBER value if he proves he can hit and have a high OBP over the course of a season. I thought he might stop switch hitting at some point because he’s just not good at it based on his minor league splits. Hays can’t be counted on to stay healthy. Personally my starting OF next year is Hayes, Mancini, and Mountcastle. I would use 1B and DH to make room and at bats for Stewart and Santander Hoping Davis retires and if he refuses you cut him. The player I hope to trade for a 3B is Núñez whom I think is a poor fielder. Also I trade or release Ruiz as he’s a AAAA ball player
  10. If he can’t work behind the plate he shouldn’t be doing MLB games. As a football official I can tell you that sports officiating is very in the click type work. The best officials don’t always get the most or best work. The officers of the organizations often think they are much better than they really are. Promotion to a higher lever , better games , or more games often requires what I’m mentioning. I have officiated in Maryland and Georgia for 25 years. I’m a good official but don’t buy into the click stuff. It usually costs me games, especially playoff assignments as the season winds down.
  11. I guess it’s okay to blame the small strike zone .... But I have to assume that it was the same for both.
  12. Destroyed in a double header against the Yankees....None of the offense, defense, or pitching decided to show up for the games.
  13. Mason Williams designated again after the 2nd game of the Friday Doubleheader per Roch
  14. That assumes the starting pitching holds up. I like what’ve I’ve seen from Kremer and Akin. You can expect a quality start from Cobb when he’s healthy. But, to pencil in 3 of 5 with this rotation is a risky proposition at best. Speaking of Cobb....Did they ever announce his injury? If he failed a COVID test, I don’t think it hinders his trade value in the offseason. I think it does tremendously if it was almost anything else.
  15. I think it’s safe to say he’s going to be a plus bat based on his minor league track record. If he can be average or better defensively we will have a potential perennial all star type. I recall one of the announcers mention his arm the other day. Seems to me if he had enough arm to play SS he ought to be able to manage in LF.
  16. I like the Bauer idea but why on earth would he want to sign here especially on a 1 year deal? Plus, he’s telling teams he wants to pitch every 4 days. So we check a box with the technology and they may be willing to pitch him every four days. I’d imagine they can make him “feel respected” Dont know we can guarantee him the opportunity to win yet. https://www.cincinnati.com/story/sports/mlb/reds/2020/02/27/cincinnati-reds-trevor-bauer-wants-when-he-reaches-free-agency/4891745002/
  17. True.... but Núñez can be kept around due to DH. But I agree with Ruiz, the occasional big homerun isn’t enough.
  18. Yes ....it’s called Orioles Anonymous
  19. I’m sure that your assumption that they will spend the saved money later is no less of an assumption I don’t believe they lost money on the 160 million payroll years. in this article they claimed that the loss of the 6 games due to the riot costs the team $6 million in gate revenue based on $30 avg ticket price and an estimated $1.5 million for concessions, hats, programs etc, The interesting thing is they were using an average of $6.00 spent on these things by fans? They used $200,000 as the lost revenue for parking. I have been to many games since 1987 when I was old enough to drive. I don’t think I’ve ever got through a game spending only $6.00 back then . https://mashable.com/2015/05/04/the-cost-of-baltimores-safety-7-million-for-the-orioles/ I think that number is probably quite low.... A hot dog, fries, and a soda probably put the number closer to $15. I’m betting the beer drinking group pushes the number up considerably at $8 average beer costs. In a season where they are good and the fans are coming they should be able to gross about $2 million per game.
  20. If you believe that money will be spent later! Sorry but I dont! Also ..... The National TV money in a normal year is $130 Million https://www.usatoday.com/story/sports/nfl/2020/06/13/tv-money-gives-nfl-leg-up-if-fans-cant-fill-teams-coffers/111957448/ The only article I could find for MASN revenue said the O's got $54M while the Gnats got $77M ???? So thats 185 million before any MASN Profits, Memorabilia, tickets, concessions etc This article claims that the net revenue in 2019 was $256 million https://www.statista.com/statistics/196638/revenue-of-the-baltimore-orioles-since-2006/ So a $160 million annual payroll is still doable..... Next years payroll has an adjusted salary with deferrals of $39 million. Are you suggesting that they will stuff $100 million away for later? Based on that Idea .... How much has already been stuffed away by your estimate?
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