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  1. If anyone has inside info please post!
  2. Just emailed Lyle Spencer (MLB.com writer, he covers the Angels.) he said he is checking about a possible trade for Bedard.
  3. No one has said that is what the Mariners are offering. It is pure speculation.
  4. That just tells you Reagins is smart!
  5. If anyone has inside info please post. Also i sent an email to Tim, hopefully he replies.
  6. Thats the same thing that was said on the angelswin.com board. check it out. if this is true, Great job sonny
  7. Someone on the Angelswin message board is saying that Tim Dierks the guy from MLBtraderumors.com is saying that the Halos landed Bedard. Any inside info??
  8. Halos08


    nope...i'm just a guy who wants to know a little more, LOL I wish I was an insider.
  9. Halos08


    No, why do u ask?
  10. Halos08


    yes...i wanted to know who his sources are about the whole Angels getting Bedard thing. Very interesting!
  11. Halos08


    Hey Sonny... Who are your sources?
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